1936 wisconsin _territorial banner

1936 Wisconsin Territorial Centennial Half Dollar


 1936 Wisconsin Reverse      1936 Wisconsin Obverse

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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Territory of Wisconsin.


Maximum Number Authorized: 25,000 pieces.


Sale Price: $1.50




    Obverse – Benjamin Hawkins

A badger, facing left and standing on a log. Three arrows are behind the badger. The arrows represent the war between the settlers and Sauk Native Americans known as the Black Hawk War. An olive branch, representing peace, is also behind the badger. The designer’s initial is located below the log.


Online Resource: https://statesymbolsusa.org/symbol/wisconsin/state-mammal/badger


   Reverse – Benjamin Hawkins

A miner’s right forearm with his shirt sleeve rolled up to his elbow. The miner’s hand clasps a pickaxe. Lower in the field is a pile of lead ore and soil. Below the pile is the inscription “4th DAY OF JULY ANNO DOMINI 1836”. “WISCONSIN TERRITORIAL CENTENNIAL” is located just inside the rim. The date is found at the bottom of the coin, located between two stars.  




25,000 pieces were struck for sale to the public from the Philadelphia Mint. Since the coin commemorated a local event, sales were disappointing. Examples were available for sale from the Coinage Committee of the Wisconsin Centennial into the 1950s until the supply was exhausted.




  • The animal that appears on the obverse of the coin is a badger. The badger is Wisconsin’s official state animal. They are known for getting intoxicated after eating rotten fruit.

  • The reverse of the coin shows a pile of lead ore. At one time, Wisconsin mines produced more than half of the lead in the United States.

  • The Black Hawk War was named after Sauk leader Black Hawk. The conflict lasted for four months. Abraham Lincoln gained military experience by serving in the militia for a brief period during the war.

  • The 4th day of July, 1836 is in reference to Henry Dodge, the first Governor of the Wisconsin Territory, taking office.


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