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1936 York County, Maine Tercentenary Half Dollar


  1936 York County Reverse      1936 York County Obverse

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To commemorate the 300th anniversary of the founding of York County, Maine and fund local celebrations.


Maximum Number Authorized: 30,000 pieces.


Sale Price: $1.50 for Maine residents and $1.65 for others.




    Obverse – Walter H. Rich

A stockade representing Brown’s Garrison. Four sentries located outside of the stockade with one sentry mounted on a horse. Behind the stockade is the rising sun complete with rays. Stars are located on each side of the denomination “HALF DOLLAR”. The designer’s initials are found below the “IBUS” in “PURIBUS.”


   Reverse – Walter H. Rich

Seal of York County, Maine. The seal consists of a cross that divides a shield into four quadrants. A pine tree is found in the upper left quadrant. The anniversary dates are on the sides of the seal. Inside of the rim is the inscription “YORK COUNTY FIRST COUNTY IN MAINE” with decorative stars.


Online Resource: https://fotw.info/flags/us-me-yo.html#des




While a maximum of 30,000 coins were authorized, only 25,000 coins were minted for sale. The coin had strong sales in Maine but did poorly outside of the state due to its obscure subject. No coins were returned to the Mint and eventually, the York County Tercentenary Commemorative Coin Commission exhausted their supply by selling the half dollars at a ten coin minimum in the 1950s.




  • York County is the oldest county in Maine.

  • The York National Bank was located where Brown’s Garrison once stood. It was the first established bank in Maine.

  • According to the 2000 census, 5 percent of the inhabitants of York County speak French as their first language.

  • Ralph Farnham, the last known survivor of the Battle of Bunker Hill, was a resident of York County at the time of his death in 1860.


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