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1937 Roanoke Colonization 350th Anniversary Half Dollar


 1937 Roanoke Island Obverse       1937 Roanoke Island Reverse

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To commemorate the 350th anniversary of the English colony on Roanoke Island, North Carolina and the birth of Virginia Dare.


Maximum Number Authorized: 25,000 minimum authorized with no specified maximum.


Sale Price: $1.65




    Obverse – William Marks Simpson

Bust of Sir Walter Raleigh facing left. His name is below his image with the designer’s initials located just below Raleigh’s shoulder. The date is in the lower left field.


Online Resource: https://www.history.com/topics/exploration/walter-raleigh


    Reverse – William Marks Simpson

Eleanor Dare holding her daughter Virginia Dare in her arms. On both sides of Eleanor are sailing ships. Just inside the rim are the words “THE COLONIZATION OF ROANOKE ISLAND NORTH CAROLINA.” “THE BIRTH OF VIRGINIA DARE” is on each side of Eleanor with the anniversary dates 1587-1937 below.


Online Resource: https://window.brenau.edu/articles/dare-stones/




A total of 50,000 coins were minted for sale to the public. Of the total mintage, 29,000 examples were sold. The remaining 21,000 were returned to the Philadelphia Mint.


Roanoke Colonization Resource: https://www.britannica.com/story/the-lost-colony-of-roanoke




  • Virginia Dare is considered the first person born in North America of European heritage.

  • Sir Walter Raleigh actually spelled his last name “Ralegh.”

  • Raleigh was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I. Her successor James I felt threatened by Raleigh and eventually condemned him to death. 

  • When a supply ship returned to Roanoke, all of the colonists had disappeared. The word “CROATOAN” was carved in a tree at the settlement. 

  • The Virginia Dare was a famous upscale restaurant and bakery located in Baltimore.


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