2002 Numismatic Literary Awards presented at New York show

August 2, 2002 By ekr

2002 Numismatic Literary Awards presented at New York show

The American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) 2002 numismatic literary awards, recognizingn articles published in the 2001 volume of the ANA’s official journal – The Numismatist – were presented on Friday, August 2, during the Association’s 111th Anniversary Convention in
New York City.

The Heath Literary Award, introduced in 1949 and named for George Heath, ANA founder and the first editor of The Numismatist, recognizes outstanding articles published in the last year in the journal.

The first-place Heath Literary Award went to Jason F. Kuhl of St. Louis, Missouri, for “Lorenzo de’ Medici and the Pursuit of Numismatics,” featured in the September 2001 issue. For this distinction, he received an engraved silver medal, certificate and $250 cash prize. Michael E. Marotta of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was presented the second-place award – an engraved, bronze medal, a certificate and a $100 cash prize – for “Sir Isaac Newton: Warden and Master of the Mint” in the November 2001 issue.

Peter D. Jones of Windham, Connecticut, received third-place honors for his three-part series entitled “Inflation and Standards of Living, Past and Present,” published in the June- August 2001 issues. For this distinction, he received an engraved bronze medal and a certificate.

Jorge A. Proctor of San Clemente, California, received a certificate of honorable mention for “America’s First Official Coinage,” which appeared in the October 2001 issue. Sponsored by John J. Ford Jr., the Wayte and Olga Raymond Memorial Literary Award was presented to authors of articles in The Numismatist who displayed original and comprehensive research in United States numismatics.

Winning first place was Robert M. Lippman of Buffalo, New York, for “A Gift from the Governor,” published in August 2001. For this, he received a certificate and a $400 cash prize.

Eric P. Newman earned second-place honors for “An Unusual Alteration of a 1778 Virginia Bill” in the March 2001 issue. The author received a certificate and a check for $200. Funded by an anonymous donor, the Catherine Sheehan Literary Award is for U.S. Paper Money Studies published in The Numismatist. Funded by an anonymous donor, this award includes a plaque and $100.

The 2002 winner is Mark Rabinowitz of Melbourne Beach, Florida, for “The Remarkable Collections of Emmet and Myers,” appearing in the November 2001 issue. This is the second consecutive year he has earned this distinction.

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