2003 Medal of Merit Awards

July 16, 2003 By ekr

2003 Medal of Merit Awards

Each year, the American Numismatic Association (ANA) awards its Medal of Merit in recognition of numerous years of dedicated, outstanding service to the Association.

At the ANA’s 112th Anniversary Convention Membership Reception in Baltimore, the prestigious award–including a certificate and an engraved, silver medal–was bestowed on four long-time supporters: Lee H. Gong of Santa Rosa, California; Thomas G. Hallenbeck of Colorado springs, Colorado; Jerry Morgan of St. Louis, Missouri; and David M. Sundman of Littleton, New Hampshire.

Lee H. Gong has served the California numismatic community on behalf of young numismatists for more than a decade, motivating, educating and instilling leadership qualities in young collectors of all ages. During that time, he chaired the Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America (CONECA) Youth Activities Committee, developing strategies to attract and retain young collectors of all levels of interest and leadership.

In 1990, Gong organized and now provides guidance for the young numismatist (YN) branch of the Redwood Coin Club of Santa Rosa. He has worked in YN activities at a number of local coin shows, including those in Fairfield, Vallejo, Sacramento Valley, Redwood and Santa Rosa; and at the ANA’s 1999 National Money Show in Sacramento. Recognized for his efforts by many organizations, he is the recipient of the ANA Outstanding Adult Advisor Award and Glenn Smedley Memorial Award.

Thomas G. Hallenbeck entered the numismatic hobby under the influence of his father, Kenneth Hallenbeck, who is an ANA past president and recipient of the Association’s Farran Zerbe Memorial Award for Distinguished Service. When only 12 years old, Tom Hallenbeck served as editor for the Ft. Wayne (Indiana) Coin Club newsletter. After moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his family, he continued his involvement in local clubs. He has served as president of local and state numismatic organizations and has revived the Colorado Professional Numismatic Association. He was a member of the ANA Board of Governors from 1997 to 2001.

Hallenbeck served as general chairman of the ANA’s 1996 convention in Denver, Colorado, and led the successful fight to repeal the state’s sales tax on the sale of collectible coins. An ANA Summer Seminar instructor and Numismatic Theatre presenter, he operates Hallenbeck Coin Gallery in Colorado Springs.

Jerry L. Morgan has been a great friend of the ANA and the numismatic hobby for many years, promoting both with great enthusiasm. He was especially supportive of the ANA’s 
building fund campaign, giving time and effort, and he worked diligently to repeal the Missouri sales tax on collectible coins.A life member of the ANA, Morgan is president of the Missouri Numismatic Society. He received the ANA’s Presidential Award (2001) and Glenn Smedley Memorial Award (2002), and was named National Silver Dollar Man of the Year (2001).

David M. Sundman followed in the numismatic footsteps of his father, Maynard Sundman, who started a small stamp and coin mail-order business in 1945 in Littleton, New Hampshire, after service in World War II. As the business grew, the stamp and coin operations separated, and David Sundman took over as president of the company in 1987. Today, the firm reaches more than 100,000 collectors across the country. In the interest of educating his employees about numismatics, he has arranged for ANA grading seminars on Littleton Coin Company’s premises.

Sundman, a great supporter of the ANA, repeatedly has been recognized as the top membership recruiter, signing up nearly 1,300 people in one year. A regular student at the ANA’s annual Summer Seminar, he has volunteered his time as a Numismatic Theatre presenter and has contributed material for the Association’s young numismatist Treasure Trivia Game and supported other educational and promotional efforts at ANA conventions.

In bestowing its Medal of Merit on Lee H. Gong, Thomas G. Hallenbeck, Jerry Morgan and David M. Sundman, the American Numismatic Association expresses the sincere appreciation of its members for their service to the hobby.

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