2007 National Money Show Moves to Charlotte, Sacramento will host spring show in 2011

May 26, 2006 By ekr

2007 National Money Show Moves to Charlotte, Sacramento will host spring show in 2011 

The American Numismatic Association will move its 2007 National Money Show from March 23-25 in Sacramento, Calif. to March 16-18 in Charlotte, N.C., and avoid a scheduling conflict with the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention. 

The Sacramento show was originally scheduled for March 23-25, and the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention was planned for the following weekend, March 30-April 1. Unfortunately, the Baltimore Convention Center booked another event for March 30-April 1, which left the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention with its event scheduled on the same weekend as the National Money Show. With both organizations contractually obligated to the same dates, collectors and dealers would be forced to choose between two important numismatic events. 

“Fortunately, management at the Sacramento Convention Center and Sheraton Grand Sacramento were willing to work with us to resolve this issue,” said ANA Executive Director Chris Cipoletti. “They allowed us to move in 2007 with a new commitment to Sacramento in 2011. We are pleased to return to Charlotte, which hosted a very successful show in 2003, and look forward to returning to Sacramento for our National Money Show in 2011.” 

Cipoletti said the ANA initially worked with Baltimore organizers in an effort to persuade the Baltimore Convention Center to provide them other dates for the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention. Unfortunately, the Baltimore Convention Center could not find suitable dates for the Baltimore show. “Once it became clear that the Baltimore dates were not going to be changed, we searched for other solutions,” Cipoletti said. “Our hotel and convention center partners in Sacramento are to be commended for their willingness to renegotiate our contracts, freeing us to move the 2007 show.” 

“We are most grateful that this conflict of dates was resolved,” said Gordon Berg, a principal of the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention. “We respect the ANA and everything they stand for and accomplish. We’re delighted and proud to support their educational mission, their goals and all of the wonderful things they do for the numismatic community.” 

The Charlotte Convention Center will once again be the site for the National Money Show, with support from the same North Carolina-based clubs as 2003. 

“We only have 10 months to prepare for this convention, so it’s very comforting to know we’ll have the same great organizing committee working with the same venue,” said Brenda Bishop, ANA meeting services director. “Charlotte is conveniently located for a large population of collectors and dealers. We anticipate a very successful show.” 

The National Money Show, sponsored each spring by the nonprofit American Numismatic Association, features three days of free educational programming, family events including the popular children’s treasure hunt, and displays by hundreds of professional numismatists and dealers. Admission is free and open to the public. 

The American Numismatic Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and encouraging people to study and collect money and related items. With nearly 33,000 members, the Association serves the collecting and academic communities and the general public with an interest in numismatics. The ANA helps people discover and explore the world of money through its vast array of programs including its education and outreach, museum, library, publications, conventions and seminars. 

For more information, visit www.money.org, or call 719-632-COIN. 

Originally Release Date: May 26, 2006
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