Youth-Friendly Dealer Program

The Youth-Friendly Dealer Program was developed to recognize dealers who understand that the future of the hobby rests with the youngsters of today. Dealers can initially earn points to achieve Youth-Friendly Dealer status and then continue to earn points to maintain their status in the future.

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What does it mean to be a Youth-Friendly Dealer
Typically, a Youth-Friendly Dealer welcomes Young Numismatists (YN’s) to his/her business by creating a safe and welcoming environment in their store. This can be done by mentoring youngsters in the hobby and encouraging parents to get their children involved in numismatics. Often Youth-Friendly Dealers hire YN’s to work part-time in their store and look for ways to help children get the education they need to become advanced and thoughtful collectors.
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What are the benefits of a Youth-Friendly Dealer?
Dealers who are part of the program broaden their customer base by forming long-term relationships with an enthusiastic younger audience. Most importantly, you will be able to shape the future of the hobby by mentoring the next generation of collectors and instilling the values of integrity and scholarship that makes numismatics the hobby of a lifetime.

ANA Youth-Friendly Dealer Program


YN PROGRAM- Participating in Treasure Trivia3 points per convention
OUTREACH- Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor and holding Coin Collecting Merit Badge clinics4 per clinic held
2 for signing up as MBC
OUTREACH- Holding or sponsoring YN programs at clubs or shows3 per program
OUTREACH- Giving talks at schools4 per talk
RECRUITING- Having a YN as an intern or employee at the dealer's business5 per intern (Internship must last at least two months)
RECRUITING- Recruiting new YN members2 per YN recruited 
DONATIONS- Supporting Scout Programs1 per $100 donated 
DONATIONS- Donations for YourNewsletter or YN Dollar Auctions1 per $100 donated or 1 per item donated, whichever is more
DONATIONS- Making donations to the Florence Schook School of Numismatics 1 per $100 donated
SEMINAR- Sponsoring YN Scholarships to Summer Seminar7 per YN per session
SEMINAR- Summer Seminar YN Benefit Auction participation through donations or purchases1 per $50 minimum purchase or donated lot (at YN discretion) 
For more information on how to become an ANA Youth-Friendly Dealer, contact Rod Gillis by calling 719-482-9845 or emailing gillis@money.org 
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