American Numismatic Association Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a non-voting body of former board members that serves the ANA Board of Governors by providing feedback and recommendations based on their prior experience. By preserving the institutional memory of the board and its decisions, the Advisory Council protects and upholds the ANA and its educational mission.

Gary Adkins
Col. Joseph Boling
M. Remy Bourne
Q. David Bowers
Kenneth E. Bressett
H. Robert Campbell
Col. Steven K. Ellsworth
Brian E. Fanton
Michael S. Fey
Patricia A. Finner
Arthur M. Fitts, III
Prudence M. Fitts
Bill Fivaz
David L. Ganz
Jeff C. Garrett
Kenneth L. Hallenbeck
Thomas G. Hallenbeck
James L. Halperin
Brian Hendelson
John Highfill
William H. Horton, Jr.
Don Kagin
Kurt R. Krueger
Kay E. Lenker
Gary E. Lewis
Greg Lyon
J.P. Martin
Tom Mulvaney
Walter Ostromecki
Donn Pearlman
Will Rossman
Scott T. Rottinghaus
Laura Sperber
Barry S. Stuppler
Anthony Swiatek
Jeffrey G. Swindling
Scott A. Travers
 Michael S. Turrini
Thomas J. Uram
John W. Wilson
Nancy J. Wilson
Wendell A. Wolka
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