Collectors who may have bought stolen coins encouraged to contact the ANA



The American Numismatic Association has recovered a coin that was stolen in 2007 from the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum: an 1863 U.S. Indian Cent Pattern.


The 1863 U.S. Indian Cent Pattern Judd 302 is graded Pr-66CA. It was returned to the ANA by a collector who wishes to remain anonymous.




“We are thrilled to have this coin back where it belongs – in the Money Museum’s collection,” said ANA Executive Director Kimberly Kiick. “We encourage collectors who may have purchased coins that are missing from the museum collection to be a part of the ANA’s recovery process.”



The recent recovery stems from the ANA’s collaboration with various law enforcement agencies and specifically targeted recovery efforts. As part of the ongoing recovery efforts, the ANA has released reorganized lists of missing and recovered coins from the Money Museum Collectors who believe they may be in possession of a stolen coin are encouraged to contact the ANA. The ANA may, at its discretion, offer reimbursement for stolen artifacts, which will not exceed the purchase price of the coin.


“Our goal has always been to recover all of the artifacts missing from the Money Museum, but we also want to be fair to the collectors who unknowingly purchased stolen coins,” said ANA Vice President Jeff Garrett. “We don’t want to victimize those collectors who purchased a coin in good faith. We want to work with them to come to an agreeable solution to all parties. We hope that our reorganized lists will enable the numismatic community to more easily review their collection and determine whether they are in possession of the ANA’s missing coins.”


The ANA has received insurance funds to help with recovery efforts.


Anyone with information about the stolen coins from the Money Museum is encouraged to call 719-482-9841 or email Garrett at


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Originally Release Date: May 1, 2014

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