ANA announces creative writing contest for Young Numismatists

October 21, 2014 By ekr


Create an essay describing the “journey” of a favorite coin

The ANA is holding a contest for Young Numismatists with great creative writing skills! Prizes will be awarded for all submissions, and special prizes awarded for the best stories in the following age groups:

Group 1: Ages 4-7 – Minimum of one paragraph required 
Group 2: Ages 8-12 – Minimum of three paragraphs required 
Group 3: Ages 13-17 – Minimum of five paragraphs required 

Create a paper telling about a coin’s “life,” “adventures” and “experiences.” This story should be “historical fiction” (you get to make up the coin’s story, but keep it based on history and reality as much as possible). Use a favorite coin as the subject of the story. 

Papers should address these types of questions: What does the coin look like? What has this coin ‘seen?’ Where has it been – has it been in one place for a long time, or has it been on the move? Who has used it and what did they buy? Has anyone famous used it? What encounters will this coin have in the future? Be creative and use your imagination!

  • You may neatly write or type your coin’s story. Good writing and neatness help your chances for winning!
  • Hint for all writers: Proofread your paper. Does it make sense? Did you explain everything you wanted, the way you wanted? Try to put yourself in the place of your readers. 
  • Hint for older writers: Make sure you have a good “main idea” in your introductory paragraph, and use your other paragraphs to strengthen this idea.
  • Note to parents: While we want children to be the true authors of these stories, we encourage your involvement with the writing process and allow you to assist the author! Children do not have to be ANA members to participate.

All papers must be submitted to the ANA by Wednesday, Dec. 3 to Sam Gelberd, Numismatic Instructor, by e-mail at, fax at 719-634-4085, or mail at:

ANA Writing Contest
818 N. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO  80903 

Winners will be notified by the end of 2014. Winning papers will be posted to the ANA blog.

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