ANA assists Postal Service in hunt for missing coins

January 11, 2002 By ekr

ANA assists Postal Service in hunt for missing coins

United States Postal Service inspectors are investigating missing registered-mail parcels, including four from the American Numismatic Association (ANA).

The ANA is working with the postal inspectors, supplying descriptions of the missing coins. As part of its Stolen Coin Program, the Association also is offering a reward for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of those involved in a possible theft.Tim Korsick, a postal inspector in Denver, Colorado, says the packages were shipped in secured containers on January 5, 2002, from Denver International Airport to Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport. At this point, the items are missing and postal inspectors have initiated an investigation.

“The theft of U.S. Mail is a federal crime punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine up to $250,00 for each count,” Korsick says.

Postal inspectors have had similar cases in the past and have been successful in apprehending the responsible parties, Korsick adds.

ANA Museum Curator Lawrence J. Lee says the four packages with a total value of more than $50,000 contained 145 coins, of which 101 items were in one parcel, 42 in another, and one each in the remaining packages, with two packages containing one coin each. The ANA’s insurance carrier requires the Association to use registered mail for shipping coins.

“The two parcels containing individual pieces were being returned to members following authentication,” Lee says. “The other two packages were being sent to Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) for grading.” (NGC, based in Sarasota, Florida, is the official grading service of the ANA.)

Korsick says all customers who had missing parcels from the registered mail containers are being notified and insurance claims can be filed at any U.S. Post Office using Postal Service Form 1000. The ANA is filing the insurance claims for the material shipped from its offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Lee says the missing material includes:
U.S. 1908 Saint-Gaudens gold $20 
U.S. 1900 Coronet gold $5 
U.S. 1880 $4 Flowing Hair Stella 
U.S. 1929 Indian Head gold $2.50 
U.S. 1874-S Trade $1 
U.S. 1878 Morgan $1 
U.S. 1879-O Morgan $1 
U.S. 1880-S Morgan $1 (two) 
U.S. 1881-CC Morgan $1 
U.S. 1881-S Morgan $1 
U.S. 1883-O Morgan $1 
U.S. 1884 Morgan $1 
U.S. 1884-CC Morgan $1 
U.S. 1884-O Morgan $1 
U.S. 1886 Morgan $1 
U.S. 1886-S Morgan $1 
U.S. 1887 Morgan $1 
U.S. 1889 Morgan $1 (two) 
U.S. 1890 Morgan $1 
U.S. 1891 Morgan $1 
U.S. 1896 Morgan $1 
U.S. 1897 Morgan $1 
U.S. 1899-O Morgan $1 
U.S. 1900 Morgan $1 
U.S. 1934 Peace $1 
U.S. 1934-S Peace $1 (two) 
U.S. 1935 Peace $1 
U.S. 1935-S Peace $1 
U.S. 1971-S Eisenhower $1 
U.S. 1972-S Eisenhower $1 
U.S. 1973 Eisenhower $1 
U.S. 1973-S Eisenhower $1 
U.S. 1974-S Eisenhower $1 
U.S. 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower $1 
U.S. 1976-S Bicentennial Eisenhower $1 
U.S. 1999 Susan B. Anthony $1 
U.S. 1827 Capped Bust half dollar 
U.S. 1830 Capped Bust half dollar 
U.S. 1909 Barber half dollar 
U.S. 1942 Walking Liberty half dollar 
U.S. 1942-S Walking Liberty half dollar 
U.S. 1955 Franklin half dollar 
U.S. 1967 Kennedy half dollar 
U.S. 1976-S Bicentennial Kennedy half dollar 
U.S. 1982 Kennedy half dollar (two) 
U.S. 1988 Kennedy half dollar 
U.S. 1989 Kennedy half dollar 
U.S. 1861 Seated Liberty quarter 
U.S. 1875 Seated Liberty quarter 
U.S. 1881 Seated Liberty quarter 
U.S. 1916-D Barber quarter 
U.S. 1923 Standing Liberty quarter 
U.S. 1929 Standing Liberty quarter 
U.S. 1930 Standing Liberty quarter 
U.S. 1932 Washington quarter 
U.S. 1932-D Washington quarter 
U.S. 1932-S Washington quarter 
U.S. 1935 Washington quarter 
U.S. 1976 Bicentennial Washington quarter 
U.S. 1875 Seated Liberty 20 cents 
U.S. 1845 Seated Liberty dime 
U.S. 1862 Seated Liberty dime 
U.S. 1876 Seated Liberty dime 
U.S. 1887-S Barber dime 
U.S. 1854 Seated Liberty half dime 
U.S. 1854 Seated Liberty half dime 
U.S. 1868 Seated Liberty half dime 
U.S. 1885 Liberty Head nickel 
U.S. 1921-S Buffalo nickel 
U.S. 1924-S Buffalo nickel 
U.S. 1926-S Buffalo nickel 
U.S. 1927-D Buffalo nickel 
U.S. 1927-S Buffalo nickel 
U.S. 1937 Buffalo nickel 
U.S. 1937-D Buffalo nickel 
U.S. 1938-D Jefferson nickel (two) 
U.S. 1942 Jefferson nickel 
U.S. 1952 Jefferson nickel 
U.S. 1868 3-cent nickel 
U.S. 1857 Flying Eagle cent 
U.S. 1860 Indian Head cent 
U.S. 1877 Indian Head cent 
U.S. 1904 Indian Head cent 
U.S. 1909-S Lincoln cent 
U.S. 1794 Liberty Cap half cent 
U.S. 1853 Coronet half cent 
U.S. 1987-S United States Constitution Bicentennial commemorative $1 
U.S. 1996 Smithsonian Institution 150th Anniversary commemorative $1 
U.S. 1996-S National Community Service commemorative $1 
U.S. 1997-S Jackie Robinson commemorative $1 
U.S. 1999 Yellowstone National Park commemorative $1 
U.S. 1893 Columbia Exposition commemorative half dollar 
U.S. 1920 Maine Centennial commemorative half dollar 
U.S. 1934 Maryland Tercentenary commemorative half dollar 
U.S. 1986 American Eagle silver bullion $1 (six) 
U.S. 1990 American Eagle silver bullion $1 (13) 
U.S. 1997 American Eagle silver bullion $1 (two) 
U.S. 2000 American Eagle silver bullion $1 
Austria 1964 50 schillings 
Belgium 1914 50 cents 
Canada 1943 50 cents 
Cuba 1943 5 cents 
Egypt Year 6-H, 5-qirsh 
Egypt Year 6-H 1/10 qirsh 
Finland 1914 10 pennia 
Finland 1914 5 pennia 
France 1811-A 40 francs 
France 1857-A 50 francs 
Germany 1914-J 3 marks 
Guatemala 1943 cent 
Hungary 1914 20 korona 
Japan 1914 1 sen 
Mexico 1945 2 pesos 
Nicaragua 1943 5 cents Nicaragua 1943 cent 
Russia 1769 5 kopeks 
Russia 1771 5 kopeks 
Russia 1897 15 roubles 
Russia 1897 7 1/2 roubles 
South Africa 1982 10 krugerrands 
Spain 1890 20 pesetas 
Turkey Year 6 100 kurush

Originally Release Date: January 11, 2002
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9872
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