ANA Cancels Washington, D.C. Museum Plans

October 5, 2007 By ekr

ANA Cancels Washington, D.C. Museum Plans 

(Colorado Springs, Colorado) — The American Numismatic Association has halted plans for a previously proposed museum in Washington, D.C. 

“At this point in time we can’t make the financial commitment to raise over $20 million that would be needed for the Washington project. When the association’s finances allow us to do so, we may revisit this proposal in the future,” explained Barry Stuppler, ANA President. 

In a vote conducted by telephone on October 2, the ANA Board unanimously approved, 9-0, a motion by Vice President Patricia Jagger Finner and seconded by Governor Joseph E. Boling “to cancel plans to open a museum in Washington, D.C.” 

A colloquy to the motion stated: “Further evaluation and feasibility studies will be engaged regarding San Francisco and Colorado Springs.” 

At its upcoming October 15 and 16 meetings the ANA Board will consider whether to proceed with earlier announced plans for expanding the museum facilities at its Colorado Springs, Colorado headquarters and whether to continue the association’s participation in development of the American Money and Gold Rush Museum at the old mint building in San Francisco. 

Originally Release Date: October 5, 2007
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