ANA future convention sites revised

July 31, 2001 By ekr

ANA future convention sites revised

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) has announced changes in future anniversary convention sites to coincide with the issuance of several state quarters. The ANA’s 114th Anniversary Convention in 2005, originally scheduled for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will now be held in California to coincide with issuance of the Golden State’s commemorative quarter.

Pittsburgh will host the 113th Anniversary Convention in 2004, the year Denver, Colorado, was set to host the show. The “Mile High City” instead will be the site of the 115th Anniversary Convention in 2006 – the year the Colorado state quarter will be issued. As in 1996, when the ANA convention last was held in Denver, the 2006 show will close on Saturday, followed by a special “Day at the ANA” at the Association’s home and headquarters in Colorado Springs.

The change in dates for the Denver show caused the ANA Board of Governors to consider the show for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2007.

The ANA convention schedule is as follows:
  • 2001 – Atlanta, Georgia (August 8-12)
  • 2002 – Jacksonville, Florida (March 7-9)
  • 2002 – New York City, New York (July 31 – August 4)
  • 2003 – Charlotte, North Carolina (March)
  • 2003 – Baltimore, Maryland (July)
  • 2004 – Portland, Oregon (March)
  • 2004 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (date to be announced)
  • 2005 – Kansas City, Missouri (March)
  • 2005 – California (city and date to be announced)
  • 2006 – Denver, Colorado (date to be announced)
  • 2007 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (date to be announced)

These are the proposed convention sites and are subject to change by the Board of Governors. The ANA has high expectations for all of its future conventions and is excited to continue bringing 
quality events to member collectors and dealers alike. 

Originally Release Date: July 31, 2001
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