ANA honors 60- and 50- year members and clubs in Philadelphia

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) honored individuals and clubs celebrating their 60th and 50th anniversaries of membership at the ANA Awards Banquet at the Association’s 109th Anniversary Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Members recognized for 60 years of membership in the ANA were Oliver M. Arnold, John Haldiman Jr., David D. Levy, Kurt Prober, A. Rottering, R.W. Searle, David Simons, and George Suzuki.

Clubs marking their 50th anniversaries with the ANA were Champaign-Urbana (Illinois) Coin Club and Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Coin Club.

Individual members celebrating their 50th anniversaries with the ANA were Clifford Benjamin, Robert Starr Benner, Drury Callahan, James E. Charlton, Howard Cohen, H.G. Corbin, Edmund DeLaurentis, Leonora Donald, Paul Simon Essof, Albert L. Hall, Deane Howard, Clyde Hubbard, Anton Jeppesen, Robert Kowalke, Beynon J. Lahr Jr., Charles F. Larkin, L.R.D. McKinney Jr., J.M. Miller, J.R. Raines, Robert M. Ramsay, Leon S. Rosenblum, Howard Schein, H. Kels Swan, Frederick B. Troxell, Charlie E. Wall, and Moe Weinschel.

Originally Release Date: August 12, 2000
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