ANA honors 75-, 60- and 50- year members and clubs in Baltimore

August 2, 2003 By ekr

ANA honors 75-, 60- and 50- year members and clubs in Baltimore

At its 112th Anniversary Convention in Baltimore, July 30-August 3, the American Numismatic Association (ANA) honored individuals and clubs celebrating their 75th, 60th and 50th anniversaries of membership. An asterisk donates those who were present to receive recognition.

75 years of club membership: Dallas Coin Club (TX)

60 years of individual membership: Kenneth Austin, William Brown, C. Jay Deeds, Earl Harris, Charles Musil, Alberto Saldana, H. Bert Worster

50 years of club membership: Corpus Christi Coin Club (TX), Inland Empire Coin Club (WA) and Long Island Coin Club (NY)

50 years of individual membership: Edwin Ackerman, Werner Amelingmeier, Catherine Bullowa, Charles Carpenter, H. Davis, Jay Dawley, Eugene Deems, George Demeroukas, William Merritt Dickerson, M. Diffenbaucher Jr., Michael Dolnick, Lawrence Falater, Roland Finner, John Forgac, Ralph Graves, Martell Grover, John Heckard, Melvin Hennisch, John Henry Herbert, Roger Hovden, Mead Kibbey, Chester Krause, Clifford Lopp, Fred Louis, Allan Lund, Robert Martin, John Martinkovic, Donald Mead, Rosemary Michener, Everett Miller, Donald Milligan, H. Ochs Jr., John Patin, Bruce Patton, James Carlton Porter, Robert Marr Roecker, Harvey Saligman, Joseph Scott Jr., George Siam, Murray Singer, Floyd Smith, Phillip Stuart, Burton Van Dyke, Paul Vanderstelt, Robert Walter, Thomas Wass III, Allan Watson, Russell Widner.

Originally Release Date: August 2, 2003
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