ANA Honors Ron Landis with Medallic Sculpture Award

August 2, 2003 By ekr

ANA Honors Ron Landis with Medallic Sculpture Award

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) confers its 2003 Numismatic Art Award for Excellence in Medallic Sculpture in recognition of contributions to numismatic art.

This year’s recipient is Ron Landis of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. With partner Joe Rust, he founded the Gallery Mint Museum in 1992 with the intention of building a working museum that demonstrates the evolution of coin-making technology, from Ancient Greece through the Industrial Revolution. As the Museum’s chief engraver and vice president, Landis currently specializes in the reproduction of rare, early U.S. coin types using traditional methods. He also is well-known in the field for creating hand-engraved coins known as “hobo nickels.”

Landis is a member of the American Medallic Sculpture Association, Token and Medal Society, Early American Coppers, Original Hobo Nickel Society and Arkansas Numismatic Society. He also has served as an instructor in the ANA Summer Seminar’s “Art of Engraving” class.

Says Thomas D. Rogers Sr., former U.S. Mint engraver and 2000 winner of this prestigious award, “Through his re-creations of American coinage and production processes, Ron Landis has created 
a portal to the past. He has brought to the public a hands-on explanation of how our early coinage was made. With his humorous, ‘it’s-in-there-somewhere’ style, he has revitalized interest in hobo-nickel carving,” Rogers adds. “Ron is a hard-working, honest and sincere artist and engraver, as well as a teacher.”

Landis’ artistic work and dedication to his craft have made him well-deserving of this award. Therefore, in appreciation of his commitment to excellence in medallic sculpture, the American Numismatic Association presents an engraved medal, designed by the late Gilroy Roberts, to Ron Landis and expresses the sincere appreciation of its members.

Originally Release Date: August 2, 2003
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