ANA launches new branding image

June 10, 2003 By ekr

ANA launches new branding image

The American Numismatic Association is stepping forward with a new, unified approach to make the ANA name and logo instantly recognizable.

“We were seeking a memorable, unique and timeless image that speaks to today’s audience,” says Executive Director Christopher Cipoletti. “After months of research and study, we have developed a simple, yet eye-catching brand for the ANA that will effectively convey the nature of the organization.

“Those of us in the hobby are familiar with the ANA, and know who and what we are,” Cipoletti adds. “Even our Internet address says we’re about money ( However, in today’s fast-paced world, we must be instantly recognizable to the general public, so we can attract and retain new members.”

The ANA was looking for an exclusive identity, says branding consultant Dave Kottler of APEX Communications Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“The ANA brand represents the credibility, leadership, education and material nature of the organization,” Kottler says. “It suggests the historical, life-enriching, informative services and resources that are available through the ANA, yet it is flexible and versatile enough for the ANA’s needs.”

For the past 20 years, Apex has helped companies and organizations identify and develop easily recognizable images. Among its clients are the United States Olympic Committee, U.S. Figuring Skating Association, USA Hockey, Honeywell Inc., Agilent Technologies and JanSport.

“Most of us don’t think about the brand images we see everyday, yet we know that certain phrases and designs immediately identify a product or service,” Cipoletti says. “With our new logo and brand, people will begin to immediately identify the ANA with the many quality services and programs we provide.”

All of the uses of the ANA brand have a similar appearance, created around the 1921 Peace dollar. (Issued after World War I at the urging of the ANA, the Peace dollar was designed by noted medalist Anthony De Francisci.) Each logo refers to the 1891 founding date of the Association, and one has been created specifically for use on medals and other three-dimensional items.

The ANA member logo, for use by any member in advertisements and printed material, will be available from the ANA Membership Department. The Association’s Bylaws (Article III, Section 9) require that companies using the member logo for advertising or promotional purposes must also include the name or names and membership numbers of one or more principal officers of the firm. Use of all previous ANA member logos must be discontinued by August 1, 2003.

Originally Release Date: June 10, 2003
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9872
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