ANA Money Museum experience…WOW!

September 24, 2014 By ekr


Kim, Walt, Jeff, and the ANA Team,


I made my first visit to the ANA’s Money Museum this week, and was absolutely in awe of the quality and attention to detail that made each exhibit an immersive learning experience.


As I entered, I was first impressed with the large Morgan & Orr coin press  and the Numismatic Hall of Fame just outside the entrance.


When I entered, I was greeted with a smile, and went straight into the Harry Bass Collection.  I have read and written about this exhibit, but seeing it first hand for the first time was breath-taking.   The coins were remarkable, but I really loved seeing his personal items, like his glasses and hand written notes… WOW!  The written documentation and interactive displays brought it alive.


As I exited the Bass Collection, I was intrigued by the Treasure of the Deep exhibit… the subtle introduction with the lights and sounds above the water surface, progressing underwater, to the technology was masterfully done.


Each display, brought me deeper into the story, with the actual artifacts blended with relevant items to bring this story alive, combined with the “Learn More” case cards that detail each item in the cases.


When I went downstairs to see the “History of Money” exhibit, it just kept getting better… the progression of the story with the actual items and documentation, was much more than I ever expected.


I could write pages in this email to detail my excellent experience at the ANA Money Museum… but let me just say that Douglas Mudd and his team, have taken Numismatic education to an entire new level, and brought learning alive in Colorado Springs.  Doug is a true visionary who has executed that vision for the public to enjoy and learn from for years to come… Excellent Work Doug!


The Numismatic Library was like “Disneyland”  for me as a Numismatic Researcher and Curriculum developer. The library staff have archived numismatic treasures in a intuitive, easy to locate system, that helps me find just the information I need to know, when I need to know it, or what I call “Knowledge Now.” Thank you library staff!


I will continue to promote the ANA Education and Money Museum to all of my clients and to the general public, to share this magnificent numismatic resource.


Thank You


Karl Newman

University of Rare Coins

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