ANA Museum Showcase Finalized for Chicago, August 16-20

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ANA Museum Showcase Finalized for Chicago, August 16-20 

The American Numismatic Association’s Museum Showcase, featuring rare and historically significant numismatic treasures, will be on display at the 2011 ANA World’s Fair of MoneySM, Aug. 16-20 in Chicago. The showcase includes rarities from the Smithsonian Institution, Banco de México, the Field Museum, the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum and private collections.

Located on the bourse floor at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, the showcase will feature informative, museum-quality exhibits. Most exhibits will be accompanied by Money Talks, the ANA’s cell phone guided audio tours. Following is a list of showcase exhibits to be displayed in Chicago:

Columbian Exposition Half Dollar, the 1st United States Commemorative Struck
The World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 celebrated the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in the new world in 1492. It was also the occasion of the first in a famous series of U.S. commemorative coins: the Columbian Exposition half dollars of 1892 and 1893. The coin on display is the first struck of those commemoratives, a piece that was purchased for $10,000, an astounding figure for the time. Stunning 1892 and 1893 proofs will also be displayed, along with an 1893 proof Isabella commemorative quarter. Courtesy of the Field Museum.

MONEY TALKS AUDIO TOUR: ANA Executive Director Larry Shepherd recounts the creation of the first Columbian Exposition half dollar of 1892, which encountered a few mishaps along the way. Call 719-325-7608 and press 4#.

Good as Gold: America’s Double Eagles
This exhibit from the Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection explores the history of the U.S. $20 gold piece – one of America’s most storied coins. The display features the first (1849 pattern) and last (1933) double eagles ever produced, and a 1907 Saint-Gaudens ultra-high-relief $20 pattern coin that President Theodore Roosevelt gave his daughter Edith for Christmas.

The 1793 “Ameri.” Large Cent
Possibly the first cent ever produced by the United States, this coin is the finest known example of the “Ameri.” variety (“America” was abbreviated on the reverse legend). This coin was once part of the collection of Joseph Mickley, known as the “father of American coin collecting.” Courtesy of Bob R. Simpson.

MONEY TALKS AUDIO TOUR: ANA Money Museum Curator Douglas Mudd discusses this cent. Call 719-325-7608 and press 7#.

Nathanael Greene’s “Society of the Cincinnati” Medal
As the country’s oldest military society, the Society of the Cincinnati counted the likes of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox and 23 signers of the Constitution among its members. The society was founded in 1783 to preserve the ideals and fellowship of the Revolutionary War officers. A Society of the Cincinnati medal belonging to an original society member and war hero Nathanael Greene will be on display. Courtesy of Brian Hendelson.

MONEY TALKS AUDIO TOUR: Early American numismatics specialist John Kraljevich discusses the Society of Cincinnati’s formation and ideals and reveals insights into Col. Nathanael Greene, who owned the medal on display. Call 719-325-7608 and press 5#. 

The Eid Mar Denarius
One of the most historically significant ancient coins, this piece was struck by Marcus Junius Brutus to commemorate the murder of Julius Caesar. The obverse portrays Brutus while the reverse features a pileus (freedom cap) between two daggers, representing Brutus and Cassius, the leaders of the assassins, with the inscription “EID MAR” (Ides of March) below. Brutus and Cassius are portrayed as saviors of the Roman Republic. The exhibit will also feature a gold aureus minted by Brutus. Courtesy of Michael Gasvoda.

MONEY TALKS AUDIO TOUR: ANA Summer Seminar ancient coinage instructor Scott Rottinghaus tells listeners about events behind the Eid Mar Denarius’ creation and the power struggles in the Roman Republic. Call 719-325-7608 and press 6#.

The Financial and Banking History of Chicago as Told Through its National Bank Notes This 50-case exhibit will feature hundreds of National Bank notes from Chicago produced by every issuing bank and all charter periods. It illustrates the fascinating history of Chicago through the notes issued by local banks. Also included is a survey of National Bank notes from each county in Illinois.

MONEY TALKS AUDIO TOUR: Paper money expert James Simek presents an overview of Illinois bank notes, along with highlights of this 50-case exhibit. Call 719-325-7608 and press 3#.

Colonial Proclamation Medals from “New Spain”
A display of some of the most beautiful pieces in Mexican numismatics. During the Renaissance medals were cast to honor princes and kings upon their coronations. This practice was adopted in New Spain, where medals celebrating the proclamation and oath of the Kings of Spain were struck and distributed in the central squares of important cities like Mexico City, Zacatecas and Guadalajara. Courtesy of Banco de México.

MONEY TALKS AUDIO TOUR: ANA Summer Seminar Mexican numismatics instructor Ricardo de Leon Tallavas delivers two talks (each presented in English and Spanish) on proclamation medals from Banco de Mexico. For a discussion of medals from Luis I and Carlos IV, call 719-325-7608 and press 8#. (Para escuchar el la explicaciòn en español, llame al 719-325-7608 y oprima el 9#.) To hear about medals from Fernando VII, call 719-325-7608 and press 10#. (Para escuchar el la explicaciòn en español, llame al 719-325-7608 y oprima el 11#.)

German Multiple Thalers
In the 17th and 18th centuries, rulers in Germany issued some of the largest and most interesting coinage ever produced. These multiple thalers were first issued by Duke Julius (1528-89) of BrunswickWolfenbüttel, who planned to create a permanent reserve fund for the defense of his duchy. He ordered each of his subjects that owned property to purchase one of his new multiple thalers. The highlight of the display will be an enormous 10-thaler piece. Courtesy of Jon Subak.

MONEY TALKS AUDIO TOUR: Ira Goldberg of Larry and Ira Goldberg Coins and Collectibles shows how German multiple thalers served as a source of civic pride and security. Call 719-325-7608 and press 12#.

The Historic Gobrecht Dollar
In 1835 Christian Gobrecht was asked to prepare a set of dies for a new pattern dollar. These coins were the first dollars to be issued by the U.S. Mint since 1804 and were struck in different design varieties and metals. Only 1,900 original Gobrecht dollars were struck dated 1836, 1837 or 1839. This display will have 22 Gobrecht dollars in stunning condition, the most complete set ever displayed by the ANA. Courtesy of Bob R. Simpson.

The Idler/Bebee Class III Specimen 1804 Dollar
Known as “The King of U.S. Coins,” the 1804 dollar is exceedingly rare, with only 15 known examples. No U.S. dollars dated 1804 actually were struck that year; Type I specimens were struck in 1834-35 as diplomatic gifts (8 known), while Type II (unique) and III specimens (6 known) were struck during the 1850s for collectors. The Idler/Bebee specimen was donated to the ANA by Aubrey and Adeline Bebee in 1991.

MONEY TALKS AUDIO TOUR: Kenneth E. Bressett, who co-authored “The Fantastic 1804 Dollar” with Eric Newman, discusses the lore, origins and history behind the 1804 Dollar. Call 719-325-7608 and press 1#. 

The McDermott/Bebee Specimen 1913 Liberty Head “V” Nickel
This famous coin is one of five 1913 “V” nickels that were struck under mysterious circumstances at the Philadelphia Mint. The coins were unknown until 1919 when all five were displayed at an ANA convention, creating a sensation. This piece is from the ANA Money Museum collection and ranks as one of the most valuable of all U.S. coins.

MONEY TALKS AUDIO TOUR: NGC Chairman Mark Salzberg has authenticated all five 1913 Liberty Head Nickels and has many insights on these coins. Call 719-325-7608 and press 2#.

The ANA Bebee Collection of United States Paper Money 
The Bebee Collection is among the finest collections of U.S. paper money and includes high-grade notes from virtually every state and territory. A wide range of rare National Bank notes will be on display in Chicago. The collection was donated to the ANA by Aubrey and Adeline Bebee in 1987.

The BEP’s Billion Dollar Display
The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is also participating in the Money Talks tours. Paper money expert and ANA Governor Wendell Wolka narrates a five-stop tour of the BEP’s Billion Dollar display. Call 719-325-7608, press 13#, 14#, 15#, 16# and 17#.

The World’s Fair of Money is the nation’s premier money show. Show hours are 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m., August 16-20. Admission is $6 for adults, and free for ANA members and children 12 and under. For more information on all of the show highlights, call 719-482-9857 or visit 

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