ANA notifies dealers of consequences for early departure from Jacksonville

April 16, 2002 By ekr

ANA notifies dealers of consequences for early departure from Jacksonville

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) has notified dealers who left before the close of its show in Jacksonville without prior approval or whose business presence there was substantially reduced that they will lose their tables at the ANA’s next two shows unless they pay an early departure fee.

After considering the issue, the ANA Board of Governors voted to notify those dealers who violated the bourse rules that they can either pay a $1,000 early departure fee for each bourse table they had in Jacksonville or lose the tables they have selected for the World’s Fair of MoneySM in New York City, July 31 to August 4, 2002, and at the National Money ShowSM in Charlotte, North Carolina, March 21-23, 2003. The dealers affected were notified by Certified Mail.

“The Board met to review the early departure situation, including feedback received from some dealers who were notified they had violated the bourse rules,” ANA Executive Director Edward C. Rochette says. “The Board agreed the rules must be enforced. However, since the tables for the next two ANA conventions were selected prior to the close of the Jacksonville bourse on Saturday, March 9, the Board decided to offer the option of paying a $1,000-per-table early departure fee.”

Dealers who received the notice have until April 30 to pay the fee or lose their tables. This summer’s ANA convention is being held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square, site of the Association’s 1997 show in New York. The bourse space again is extremely limited – 275 tables – so the show already is sold out and a waiting list has been established.Rochette says, “The ANA spends a great deal of time and money on advertising and promoting its conventions and went to great lengths to advise table holders of the consequences for early departure from Jacksonville.”

The loss of tables for early departure was approved by the Board of Governors at its meetings in Philadelphia in 2000 and was implemented for the first time in Jacksonville. According to the “General Bourse Rules” agreed to by all dealers holding tables in Jacksonville, “It is expected that this year, as in the past, you will continue to operate your table in the bourse room until that hour [6 p.m. on Saturday, March 9] unless, by reason of an emergency situation, you have secured written approval from the ANA Convention Manager for earlier departure.”

Dealers also were notified in the bourse rules that those who departed “prior to the published close of the bourse floor without permission” would be in “violation of the bourse contract and not permitted to have a bourse table at the next two ANA conventions.”Rochette says the Board recognizes that dealers “are important to the success of the event, but to be fair to everyone, including those dealers who did not depart early, the ANA must enforce its bourse rules. We are all obligated to make the event the best it can be to insure overall success for collectors, dealers and visitors.”

Originally Release Date: April 16, 2002
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