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Rarities worth millions of dollars from the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum will be on display in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 9-11, 2014, when the American Numismatic Association Road Show makes its debut at the annual FUN Show.


“The ANA’s Museum Showcase is a wonderful addition to our event,” said FUN Convention Coordinator Cindy Wibker. “FUN is a proud ANA member organization, and we’re thrilled to add these amazing exhibits to our bourse.”  


FUN donated $5,000 to the ANA Road Show in support of its educational mission.


“We’d like to thank Florida United Numismatists for their generous contribution to our educational mission,” said ANA Executive Director Kimberly Kiick. “The FUN Show will be a fantastic opportunity for collectors to see some of the ANA’s most priceless specimens.”


On display at the 59th annual FUN Show are some of the ANA’s most well-known numismatic treasures: the 1913 Liberty Head nickel, the 1804 Silver Dollar and the Bebee Silver Certificates. The exhibit will also include the ever-popular Famous Errors collection. The ANA Road Show can be found at booth 221.


“The Money Museum is excited to bring the 1804 Dollar and 1913 Nickel to the FUN show for the first time,” said Douglas Mudd, the curator for the Money Museum. “With the selection of rare silver certificates from the Bebee collection as well as the exhibit on Famous Errors, we should have something that every collector can enjoy.”


1913nickellores1913 Liberty Head Nickel- The McDermott/Bebee specimen is one of five 1913 “V” nickels that were struck under mysterious circumstances at the Philadelphia Mint. The coins were unknown until 1920 when all five were displayed at an ANA convention, creating a sensation. This piece is from the ANA Money Museum collection and ranks as one of the most valuable of all U.S. coins.


1804Idlerslores1804 Dollar- Known as “The King of U.S. Coins,” the 1804 dollar is extremely rare, with only 15 known examples. No U.S. dollars dated 1804 actually were struck in that year; Class I specimens were struck in 1834-5 as diplomatic gifts (8 known), while Class II (unique) and III specimens (6 known) were struck during the 1850s for collectors. The Class III Idler/Bebee specimen was donated to the ANA by Aubrey and Adeline Bebee in 1991.


Silver -Certificate -Porthole -NoteBebee Silver Certificates – In accordance with an Act of Congress, dated February 28, 1878, the department of the Treasury issued the first U.S. Silver Certificates, which could be exchanged for silver dollars. Silver certificates continued to be exchangeable for silver until 1968.  This exhibit presents an array of rare early large-size silver certificates from the era when U.S. coin values were still based on their silver content and provided the backing for this interesting and historically important currency. Most large-size Silver Certificates include the obligation: THIS CERTIFIES THAT THERE HAS (HAVE) BEEN DEPOSITED IN THE TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (NUMBER) SILVER DOLLAR(S) PAYABLE TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND.

Even though Silver Certificates are no longer printed, those that remain outstanding are still legal tender and can be spent just like a Federal Reserve Note.


1937buffalo 3leggedrFamous Errors- This exhibit acts as a highlight reel of some of the most notable numismatic bloopers. Since the discovery of the 1955 doubled-die Lincoln cent, collecting error and die varieties has been an increasingly popular part of the hobby. The display features four famous American error and die varieties that have made headlines over the years: the classic 1937 D “three legged” buffalo nickel, the 1955 doubled-die Lincoln cent, the 2004 Wisconsin “extra leaf” quarter and the 2007-2009 “godless” dollars. All of these coins feature errors that are easily visible to the naked eye – no need for magnification to see these mistakes – making them popular collector items and curiosity pieces.


The ANA Road Show gives members and collectors around the country an opportunity to see items from the ANA’s Edward C. Rochette Money Museum. The ANA also offers educational programming from the Florence Schook School of Numismatics and exhibits from the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library as part of the Road Show.


For information on how to book an ANA Road Show appearance, contact coordinator Tiffanie Bueschel at 719-482-9816 or email To learn more about the ANA Road Show, go to

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