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The American Numismatic Association Road Show will exhibit the McDermott/Bebee 1913 Liberty Head “V” Nickel and a collection of Famous Errors at the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association Ninth Annual Fall Convention, to be held October 5-6 at the DoubleTree Lloyd Center Hotel in Portland, Ore.


The ANA Road Show gives collectors around the country an opportunity to see some of the most impressive items from the ANA’s Edward C. Rochette Money Museum.


1913nickel“We’re very excited to bring the Road Show to Portland this October,” said ANA Executive Director Kim Kiick. “The PNNA is one of the most active clubs in the nation, and the members always put on a great show. It’s wonderful for the ANA to be part of such an energetic show.”


The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel is one of the most valuable of all U.S. coins. It was one of five such nickels struck under mysterious circumstances at the Philadelphia Mint. The coins were unknown until 1920 when Samuel Brown, a former U.S. Mint employee, displayed all five at an ANA convention, creating a sensation.


The McDermott/Beebe specimen is the only one of the five to carry circulation marks on it. Former owner James McDermott would carry the nickel in his pocket to show off to bar patrons and boast about its incredible value. Following McDermott’s death, the coin was purchased at auction by Aubrey Bebee in 1967 for $46,000. Bebee donated the coin to the ANA in 1989.


“The 1913 nickels are among the most famous U.S. coins,” said Douglas Mudd, curator at the Money Museum. ” Each of them has its own story to tell beyond their fascinating and controversial creation – this piece, the McDermott-Bebee specimen was a fixture at conventions in the 1950s and early 60s as its owner, James McDermott, loved to show his prized nickel to collectors of all ages.”


1937buffalo 3leggedrThe Famous Errors exhibit acts as a highlight reel of some of the most notable numismatic bloopers, including the 1955 doubled-die Lincoln cent, the classic 1937 D “three legged” buffalo nickel, the 2004 Wisconsin “extra leaf” quarter and the 2007-2009 “godless” dollars. All of these coins feature errors that are easily visible to the naked eye, making them popular collector items and curiosity pieces.


“The ANA Road Show adds an extra level of excitement to this year’s Fall Convention,” said Fall Convention General Chairman Larry Gaye. “It’s a rare opportunity for collectors in the area to see one of the most famous numismatic treasures ever produced.”


Show hours for the PNNA and Willamette Coin Club Ninth Annual Fall Convention and Coin Show are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, October 5, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 6. Admission is $2 with children 12 and under admitted free.

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