ANA Summer Seminar catalog is now available on-line

October 6, 2000 By ekr

ANA Summer Seminar catalog is now available on-line

The course catalog for the American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) 33rd Annual Summer Seminar, June 30 to July 13, 2001, is available on the ANA’s web site, .

“Interest continues to grow in our two-week Summer Seminar here at ANA’s headquarters on The Colorado College (CC) campus in Colorado Springs,” Education Director Gail Baker says. “In order to reach renewing and prospective students, we decided to publish our entire 32-course catalog on the ANA’s web site, as well as mail it to our members. The online catalog offers easy access to course descriptions, instructors, special classes and events, and even a link to the CC campus, where most of our classes are held. Interested students also can download a registration form.

“We expect demand for classes to be high again this year, so the seminar is split into two, one-week sessions. Each session will offer 16 classes, covering every topic from ancient coins to designing web pages. Twelve new classes will be offered this year, with three classes geared to non-numismatists.”

ANA Summer Seminar students can attend one class from either session, or stay both weeks and select one class per session. Between the sessions, the ANA has planned:
  • – An overnight trip (July 6-7) to historic Taos, New Mexico, where Native American, European and cowboy influences provide an enchanting atmosphere. Participants will partake of a fabulous, five-course “chef’s tasting” dinner at the famous Doc Martin’s Restaurant. (Cost of the two-day trip, including lodging, is $95 per person for twosession students and $195 for students taking classes in one session only.)
  • – A full-day field trip (July 6) to the United States Air Force Academy, and Western Museum of Mining and Industry, including a picnic in the Garden of the Gods park. (The trip is free for students taking classes in both sessions; all others pay $65 per person.)

The ANA also will offer an optional numismatic field trip (July 13) to Denver, including a private floor tour of the United States Mint.

In addition to the courses, evening bull sessions and tours, the ANA Summer Seminar 2001 will offer six, hands-on, mini-seminars that will be taught in two or three evening-long sessions. These classes will allow students the opportunity to study more than one area of interest or survey a previously unexplored topic. They mini-seminars include:
  • -“Byzantine Coinage” with Chris Connell
  • -“Coins of the Ancient Roman Empire” with ANA Museum Curator Robert W. Hoge
  • -“Detection of Counterfeit and Altered Coins” with Mary Sauvain
  • -“Early American Copper Coinage” with Douglas F. Bird & Steve Carr
  • -“Grading Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, Walking Liberty Half Dollars and Morgan Dollars” with Bill Fivaz
  • -“World War II Numismatics” with Joe Boling

The cost of tuition, meals and dormitory accommodations at The Colorado College remains a bargain: $510 for double accommodations, or $610 for a private room. Off-campus housing packages also are available at reduced, group rates. The fee for mini-seminars is $35 per class. Scholarships and financial aid are available.

“Browse the list of classes and instructors for each session on our web site or contact the ANA Education Department for a brochure with complete details,” Baker says. “Classes fill quickly, so don’t be disappointed. Reserve your choice now!”

New Class; Sessions I and II
  • -“Adventures in Numismatics and the Sights of Colorado Springs” with Brian Fanton_designed for non-numismatists who want a quick understanding of the hobby. Classes will meet in the mornings and the afternoons will be filled with sight-seeing visits.

New Classes; Session I (June 30-July 6)
  • -“Ancient Roman, Greek and Byzantine Coinage” with ANA Museum Curator Robert W. Hoge & Chris Connell
  • -“Collecting U.S. Type Coins” with David Lange & J.T. Stanton
  • -“Detection of Counterfeit and Altered World Coins” with ANA Authenticator Brian Silliman
  • -“Numismatic Rarities from Shipwrecks (1550-1865)” with Thomas H. Sebring
  • -“The Silver Dollars of Mexico” with Richard Long
  • -“Military Numismatics since 1930” with Joseph Boling & Fred Schwan

New Classes; Session II (July 7-13)
  • -“The Coinage of Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Kingdom” with David Vagi & Kerry Wetterstrom
  • -“Colorado’s Numismatic Treasures and History” with Dave Jaeger
  • -“Early British Coinage_the First 1,000 Years” with Arthur M. Fitts III
  • – “East Asian Coinage up to the 20th Century” with George Fisher
  • -“Numismatic Web-Page Design” with Steve & Aimee McCabe

Returning Classes; Session I (June 30-July 6)
  • -“Advanced U.S. Coin Grading” with Ken Krah, Phil Hildenbrand, Dan Ratner, Bill Conroy, Mark Field & Ryan Carroll
  • -“Coinage, History & Personalities of the First U.S. Mint” with Mark Borckardt & John Kraljevich
  • -“The Compleat Numismatist” with Arthur M. Fitts III
  • -Detection of Counterfeit U.S. Paper Money” with Marc J. Surrency of the U.S. Secret Service
  • -“Intaglio Engraving” with Christopher Madden of the United States Bureau of Engraving & Printing
  • -“Modern Minting Process, Errors & Varieties” with James Wiles & Mike Ellis
  • -“Preparing a Competitive Exhibit” with John Eshbach & Gerald Kochel
  • -“U.S. Coin Grading” with Don Bonser, Michael Faraone, Leonard Albrecht, Lew Larson & others
  • -“U.S. National Bank Notes” with Peter Huntoon

Returning Classes; Session II (July 7-13)
  • -“Advanced U.S. Coin Grading” with Tom Hallenbeck, John Maben, Rick Montgomery, Bill Shamhart, Lew Larsen & Keith Love
  • -“Art of Engraving” with Virginia Janssen & Laura Stocklin
  • -“Coin Photography” with Astrid Gracy, Tom Mulvaney
  • -“Detection of Counterfeit & Altered Coins” with H. Robert Campbell & J.P. Martin
  • -“Early American Copper Coinage” with Stephen Carr & Douglas Bird
  • -“Numismatic Literature & Research” with Charles Davis
  • -“Obsolete Currency” with Roger Durand
  • -“U.S. Coin Grading” with Don Bonser, Mary Sauvain & others
  • -“U.S. Large-Size Paper Money” with Mark Hotz & Gene Hessler
  • -“United States Tokens” with David Schenkman

Originally Release Date: October 6, 2000
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