ANA unveils 2004 plans for collectors’ and clubs’ benefits

(Colorado Springs, CO) – The American Numismatic Association has announced a five-point plan to increase programs and services to collectors in the New Year. The program is part of an on-going restructuring launched in October by the ANA Executive Director and Board of Governors, and described as “A Vision for 2004.”

“The vision includes increasing the number of ANA members by providing new and enhanced services and benefits for both current and prospective members,” said Christopher Cipoletti, ANA Executive Director. “We’ve already grown in recent years from 27,000 members to now more than 31,500, but we will be doing more in the coming year to encourage and educate people to collect and study money and related items.”

The five Vision 2004 programs to be formally announced in the January 2004 issue of Numismatist, the ANA’s monthly magazine, are: Enhanced support for coin clubs; a new electronic newsletter; updating the association’s Internet site; improved membership insurance benefits for collectors and dealers; and improvements in the ANA Representative Program.

“In 2004, our focus will be on the members of this great, 113-year old association. We will make every attempt to respond to members’ requests for programming and services,” said ANA President Gary Lewis.

Cipoletti said as part of the strengthened commitment to clubs, the ANA will arrange for instructors to provide grading seminars or other educational programs in cooperation with local club and coin shows around the country. “The ANA will bring its vast array of experts to you to assist in your continued education as a numismatist.”

Beginning early next year, the ANA will launch an electronic newsletter, “ANA’s MoneyMail,” to bring current members up to date on membership news and other ANA-related events, such as information on local club meetings.

Also in the first quarter of 2004, the association will update its web site,“We’ll make it more user friendly to put numismatic information, literally, at your fingertips. We’ll also make it easier to join the ANA online, renew memberships online, register for Summer Seminar classes, pre-register for conventions, and purchase items from the ANA MoneyMarket through the web site,” said Cipoletti.

“Throughout the year, we’ll be looking to enhance our information technology resources to allow members to view the library catalog and checkout books online.”

The third portion of the Vision 2004 plan offers improved insurance for ANA members. Hugh Woods, Inc. is the new insurance broker for the association, and will bring a variety of insurance options for collectors and dealers.”The ANA also will be putting a renewed emphasis on invigorating the representative program. More information about the ANA, its programs and benefits will be provided to the volunteers in this important program to assist in sharing information nationwide and worldwide about the ANA,” said Cipoletti.

As part of the revitalization of the ANA Rep Program, the association will provide educational materials and access to traveling numismatic exhibits for the promotion of the hobby and to showcase some of the benefits of ANA membership.

“In 2004, we’ll put more resources toward our educational programs, museum library and communications tools so that every member will have more benefits from the ANA, and we can expand our important mission of numismatic education,” said Lewis.

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Originally Release Date: December 16, 2003
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