ANA Vice President resigns

July 11, 2000 By ekr

ANA Vice President resigns

American Numismatic Association (ANA) Vice President Helen Carmody-Lebo announced her resignation today from the ANA Board of Governors. Citing “health problems,” Carmody-Lebo’s resignation will be effective before the first Board meeting at the ANA World’s Fair of Money 2000 in Philadelphia this August.

“In all fairness to the ANA and other members of the governing board, I feel I should step aside and make room for somebody who is able to attend the Board meetings and tend to the Association’s business,” Lebo states in a letter to ANA President H. Robert Campbell and the Board of Governors. “Fortunately, none of my problems appear to be life-threatening. They have, however, prevented my active participation at Board meetings . . .”

Carmody-Lebo did not attend meetings of the ANA Board of Governors at the Association’s National Money Show in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, last March.

ANA President H. Robert Campbell says, “The Board will accept Helen’s resignation with the deepest regrets. She has been an important and vital resource to the Board since she was first elected in 1993. On behalf of the entire membership, we wish her a speedy recovery and continued success in numismatics.”

ANA Bylaws stipulate that the Board of Governors will elect a new vice president from eligible Board members. That person will complete Carmody-Lebo’s term (ending in August 2001). To be eligible for the office, a Board member must have served one full term and not already have served as President. Eligible Board members are Governors Thomas Hallenbeck, Kay Edgerton Lenker, Gary E. Lewis and John Wilson.

Also according to the Bylaws, the vacancy created on the Board by Carmody-Lebo’s resignation will be filled by Barry Stuppler of Woodland Hills, California, the candidate who came the closest to being elected in last year’s election. Stuppler received 3,134 votes, 139 less than those cast for the next most successful candidate, who was among the seven elected. He was one of 17 Board candidates in an election that drew 8,681 ballots..

Following receipt of Carmody-Lebo’s resignation letter, Campbell contacted Stuppler, who says he is able and pleased to serve on the ANA Board of Governors. Carmody-Lebo says that once her health problems are behind her, she will “consider seeking another term on the Board . . . In the meantime, I wish the ANA all the best. It’s a wonderful organization.”

Originally Release Date: July 11, 2000
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