April NUMISMATIST Explores Heroism that Saved the San Francisco Mint During 1906 Earthquake

March 9, 2006 By ekr

April NUMISMATIST Explores Heroism that Saved the San Francisco Mint During 1906 Earthquake 

The U.S. Mint in San Francisco was an island of hope amid the rubble and ruin of the 1906 earthquake, but it could have just as easily been destroyed were it not for the heroic actions and determination of its superintendent, Frank Leach, and his employees. 

Leach’s tireless efforts are chronicled in the April issue of NUMISMATIST by Mike Moran, whose groundbreaking cover story, “Earthquake!.” tells a story that had been lost in history. 

Moran, who encountered U.S. Mint files for 1906 while conducting other research, wrote, “As I read, it became apparent that Frank Leach was an extraordinary man who went about his job in an understated way. It was time someone told his story of that fateful day in San Francisco.” 

Moran’s piece in NUMISMATIST describes a tragedy that could have resulted in the loss of the Mint. Instead, the Mint became San Francisco’s financial clearinghouse, a short-term central bank, and a temporary office for bullion operations. A week after the earthquake, President Theodore Roosevelt designated the Mint as a temporary depository for relief funds. 

Instead of melting into the desolation and smoking debris around it, the Mint played a critical role in helping San Francisco recover from one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. 

The April NUMISMATIST also features a story on the groundbreaking efforts of the Nebraska State Quarter Design Committee, and profiles on Pope John Paul II and San Francisco banker A.P. Giannini. 

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