November 17, 2009 By ekr

“Beautiful Places: Landmarks and Mintmarks” Chosen as Theme for 2010 National Coin Week 

“Beautiful Places: Landmarks and Mintmarks” is the theme of 2010 National Coin Week, April 18-24. The theme celebrates the many landmarks and scenic places that have inspired the designs on coins and paper money. It was chosen by a panel of American Numismatic Association staff and club members active in the annual celebration. 

Clubs are invited to help the ANA celebrate the week by participating in a number of fun and educational events involving geography on coins. A scavenger hunt will be held in the form of a “road trip” visiting beautiful places that have inspired designs on currency, and a program will be available for clubs to hold at their April meetings. Prizes will be awarded for individuals and clubs. 

A wealth of resources will be available on, including a sample press release and proclamation, interactive flier, lesson plans for teachers, and online games for kids and adults. The Edward C. Rochette Money Museum will be creating a traveling exhibit available to clubs and offering fun activities and coins for youth who visit the museum. 

Each year during the third full week of April, collectors celebrate National Coin Week with exhibits, presentations and other activities promoting the fun of collecting and studying coins and other forms of money. To get involved in the 87th annual National Coin Week, call 719-482-9814, e-mail, or visit (select “National Coin Week” from the “Numismatic Events” dropdown menu). 

Originally Release Date: November 17, 2009
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9814
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