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28 Jul 2018

JFK's Dublin, Ireland Presentation Piece

Exonumia | DrDarryl

I recently acquired this specimen from the family of a Department of State officer who served at the American Embassy in Dublin, Ireland in 1962. The presentation case, with presidential seal, is the first of its kind that I have seen that houses a Kennedy POTUS sGm.

07 Jul 2018

Modern token collecting

Exonumia | wdhyder

Modern tokens can be an inexpensive way to add positive memories to your collection for little money. An inexpensive item maybe just another junk box addition that hardly warrants a second look. But, don't forget modern tokens when you can tie them to your own diary of family events and activities.

06 Jul 2018


Exonumia | Longstrider

No one has done it so I will. This is my Fathers Day gift blog. “Destiny Is Not A Matter Of Chance, It Is A Matter Of Choice.” This is what is inscribed on my 2 ounce silver bullion coin. This is the second coin in the Destiny Knight Series of coins. It is aptly called The Dragon.

03 Jul 2018

Two degrees of Separation: Mary Gallagher POTUS sGm Specimen

Exonumia | DrDarryl

One of the not well-known characteristics of collecting the POTUS sGm series is the ability to establish the provenance (unbroken chain of legal ownership of acquired) of specimens.

02 Jul 2018

Historical Relevancy and Proper Regard - POTUS sGm

Exonumia | DrDarryl

First-ever numismatic cataloging (manufacturer (Bureau of the Mint), mintage, designer, usage, and other special numismatic information) of this U.S. Mint issue was in my 2014 book titled: The Dwight D. Eisenhower Appreciation Medals. This established the numismatic identity after a half-century of not being cataloged in numismatic resources.

01 Jul 2018

President Kennedy Appreciation Medal

Exonumia | DrDarryl

This is the specimen that I first acquired (have a total of 5). Part of the POTUS sGm research collection I'm getting NGC encapsulated/graded. I also added an image of the original 2014 ad of its pre-NGC certification state. The demand of this medal can be seen with its steep price increase from 2014 to 2017.

30 Jun 2018

Sharing A Wonderful Compliment

Exonumia | DrDarryl

An author/publisher/expert on the 2nd Manufacturing Function of the U.S. Mint (National Medals) gave me a wonderful compliment (on my first book). I was re-reading my 2017 emails looking for an image of a purchase I made and came upon this email once again. See Image.

25 Jun 2018

**Beautiful In Bronze**

Exonumia | Kepi

I want to share with everyone today a beautiful Medal that I found and purchased as a gift for my Stepdad who was in the Coast Guard. It's a "U.S. Coast Guard Bicentennial Bronze Medal". It's very heavy, fits great in the palm of your hand and measures 3 inches across. Made of bronze and minted at the Philadelphia Mint...although there is no mint mark on the Medal itself. I think the details are so clear and dramatic! The obverse was inspired by a painting named "To the Rescue" by Anton Otto Fischer. It depicts a 19th century Coast Guard rescue boat battling a storm at sea while trying to aid a disabled vessel. Now this is a cool fact... Mr. Fischer, who was also Lieutenant Commander Fischer painted this while on active duty in the Coast Guard Reserve! "Guardians Of The Sea" is inscribed on a flowing banner at the top and "200 Years Of Service" are at the bottom. The reverse is the official Coast Guard seal, the shield of the Coat of Arms of the United States, the motto "Semper Paratus," or "always ready," and "United States Coast Guard 1790" superimposed on two crossed anchors. This fit in a beautiful velvet case (purchased separately). Perfect for presentation and my Stepdad loved it! Thanks for reading my blog! Comments are always welcome.

08 Jun 2018

US/NK Peace Summit Commeratives

Exonumia | Well worn Copper

Sales of the US/North Korea Peace Summit commemorative "coin" appear pretty ho-hum. eBay is listing quite a few ranging from $49 to $999 (good luck, dude). Whoever designed this "coin" was obviously not a numismatist. American collectors don't like colorized coins, medals, or paper money, so that's strike one. The design isn't so good either, and at first glance looks like the inside of a bottle cap. eBay is also selling a knock-off medal for $138. It gives no information regarding size, or metal content, which isn't good either. Seems someone out there thinks coin collectors will buy just about anything. Probably have better luck selling them in the slick Sunday Paper adverts. I also wouldn't be surprised if someone starts a rumor the U.S. Mint will recall all copies of the 1991 Korean War Commemorative Silver Dollar if peace is established, and prices go thru the roof. Either way, good luck Don and Kim.


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