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16 Jun 2017

The Third Official Function of the Bureau of the Mint/United States Mint

Exonumia | DrDarryl

If you Google the term "special government medal" or "sGm" or "special medals for US government agencies" your search result relating to the Bureau of the Mint or United States Mint will be empty. However, if you search the term "POTUS sGm" you will get a hit to my website (discusses a particular type of "special government medal" of which I have ongoing research). This empty search result points out that these common terms are unused and uncommon term within the US numismatic community. However, if you review each of the Annual Reports of the Director of the Mint (if you have the time) you will see this term is used often to describe a function of the Bureau of the Mint/United States Mint. What is a "special government medal (sGm)"? The term "special medals for US government agencies" relates to the third official manufacturing function of the Bureau of the Mint/United States Mint. The three blog images provides an introduction to this third official manufacturing function of the Bureau of the Mint/United States Mint.The final image with the examples of "special government medals" drives the point of this blog entry. There is no numismatic work that identifies nor catalogs all results from the third official manufacturing function of the Bureau of the Mint (or United States Mint). The final images also provides evidence of the connection between the Bureau of the Mint and multiple United States Government agencies with Frank Gasparro as the common thread as the designer of these three represented "special Government medals".

11 Jun 2017

Research Knowledge Discovery - King Kalakaua 1 Coronation Medal

Exonumia | DrDarryl

I just submitted a US copyright on an article discussing a research find I made. For those who are familiar with my discovery models, this find adds a new piece of knowledge to the King Kalakaua 1 Coronation Medal knowledge domain.Background:The 1882 dated King Kalakaua 1 coronation medal has befuddled Hawaiian numismatics for decades due to its unknown mintage, designer and manufacturer. This medal is identified as:2RM-9 (Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog 1991 Second Edition by Donald Medcalf & Ronald Russell)RM-7 (Hawaiian Moeny Standard catalog 1978 First Edition by Donald Medcalf & Ronald Russell)108 (Hawaiian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money1961 Revised Second Edition by Maurice and Kenneth Bressett)9A (Hawaiian Money and Medals 1967 by Gordon Medcalf and Robert Fong)Research Find:My research has identified the designer and manufacturer, but not the mintage of the 1882 dated King Kalakaua 1 coronation medal. Hawaii specialist know that this medal is rare, especially in uncirculated grades.Attached are the first two pages of the copyrighted article. The key items of the research Intellectual Property (IP) has been redacted, but one partial image reveals an exact description of the 1882 dated King Kalakaua 1 coronation medal. This is the key piece of knowledge that is part of this "research discovery".One last thing, a new metal composition of 2RM-9 has been discovered !!!!.

01 Jun 2017


Exonumia | Longstrider

Here for you to enjoy, I hope, is a 1925 Norse American Medal-Thick. I have been lusting after this medal for quite a few years. I was never able to find an example that I liked and could afford at the same time. Well my luck held and I found this at my regular coin dealer this last weekend. Now I love my guy but he isn't cheap. That's O.K. 'cause I know it and he gives me tons of knowledge and advise and some other perks.. For some reason this medal was in my price range and grade a MS 64. Well above a grade I hoped to obtain. The medals were struck to commemorate the anniversary of the Restuaration, which brought Norwegian immigrants to the United States a century earlier. The medals came in different sized planchets, thick and thin. There were also some made in gold but most gold ones were melted down. The thick ones have a mintage of 33,750. The medal was designed by James Earle Fraser in .900 silver. My example also has a bit of toning that didn't come through on the photos. Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks for looking.

25 May 2017

Nazi “coin” sparks conspiracy theories of alleged Nazi-Jewish Zionist collaboration

Exonumia | Alexis-CYP

Dear friends,I wrote this article in order to demonstrate how a numismatic item can cause so much controversy and receive so much attention from the media even after 85 years sibce it was struck.Furthermore, it also demonstrates how numismatic items are used for propaganda.Our hobby is closely related to history and we should learn about the history of our coins. This is how people who do not understand that can reach false and dangerous conclusions.Please have a look at the article!Title: Nazi “coin” sparks theories of alleged Nazi-Jewish Zionist collaborationLink:http://us.blastingnews.com/news/2017/05/nazi-coin-sparks-theories-of-alleged-nazi-jewish-zionist-collaboration-001722689.htmlThank youA.P.Kitsios

15 Apr 2017

A Beautiful Medal for a Worthy Recipient

Exonumia | coinsbygary

The Buffalo Nickel since its release in 1913 is still a collector favorite. Today, the legacy of the Buffalo Nickel and its sculptor live on in the 2001 American Buffalo Silver Dollar and $50, .9999 fine, Gold Buffalo. As such, when collectors hear the name of James Earle Fraser they almost invariably think of the Buffalo Nickel.

24 Mar 2017

I Still Like Ike

Exonumia | DrDarryl

Most of you know that I have a keen interest in the medals awarded/issued by President Dwight D. Eisenhower based on my blog entries. Well, I kicked it up a notch by making a donation to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial that is to be built in Washington DC (see image of letter and "I Still Like Ike" buttons).The official Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial website is :http://eisenhowermemorial.gov/#memorial/design?p=0The Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial also has a youtube.com page. In one of their videos, if you look hard enough (starting at time 01:48) you will see a plaque that resembles Eisenhower's inaugural medal.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1gxhh0jUe4A great video ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0NytKxcgbc

19 Mar 2017

Eisenhower A Roma

Exonumia | DrDarryl

One of the fascinating aspects of researching the POTUS sGm is locating ephemera relating to President Eisenhower when he awarded/issued his medals. The booklet (in the image) was actually obtained from a book dealer located in Italy. It was published by the US Information Service in 1959 and is written in Italian. It depicts images of President Eisenhower during his visit in Italy from December 4 - 6, 1959. Italy was the first country of which President Eisenhower visited during his 11-Nation Goodwill Tour.An obverse view of President Eisenhower's 11-Nation Goodwill Tour medal (aka Gomez-C1-03) is also shown in the image.

19 Mar 2017

I'm Still a Numismatist !

Exonumia | DrDarryl

Really...a part-time numismatist !I got caught in the cross-fire between tasks in my active engineering career and an engineering symposium presentation. Hence, the lack of blog entries.Now that I have put these fires out, you will see additional blog entries .... I however did receive a few engineering challenge coins in the cross-fire. The image is one from the engineering symposium. It's 50 mm in diameter and bronze. The other is an engineer project/company specific challenge coin (prefer not share it at this time).


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