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05 Dec 2017

*Cleopatra* Egyptian Gods Series

Exonumia | Kepi

Now who doesn't like Egyptian history and mythology... Gods, magic, pyramids, mummies, exotic women*** I love this stuff...all the way back to when "Abbott and Costello Met the Mummy"... haha With that said I had to have this collection! The first in the series is "Cleopatra" which is a 2 oz. High Relief Silver Round. The obverse of Cleopatra is sculpted in the style of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic carvings. Rising from the surface of the round, Cleopatra comes to life through subtle movement, indicated by the space intentionally left void behind her neck. Because her face is not incused, she appears to be moving forward. To her right is the cartouche of Cleopatra, a vertical oval featuring a horizontal line at the bottom, signifying that the inner text was a name of royal lineage. To the left of Cleopatra sits the Eye of Horus, sculpted by Heidi Wastweet. Below the Eye of Horus sits a bowl of figs, which Cleopatra's servants used to smuggle in a poisonous snake called an asp, which slithers down her shoulder and neck. It is widely believed that Cleopatra committed suicide through the lethal bite of an asp. The reverse features the Goddess Isis, of whom Cleopatra was said to be the reincarnation. The banner of the scarab beetle rests below. The scarab beetle was a symbol of great power in ancient Egyptian mythology, responsible for pushing the sun into the sky at dawn.The Hieroglyphics on the field were taken from ancient Egyptian papyri, featuring writings about Cleopatra. The pattern to the left and right of the weight-and-purity hallmark can be found on the outer wall of the Temple of Horus. They represent a bed of lotus reeds blooming in the Nile. This is a beautiful design and the weight of it in your hand really feels like you are holding a hunk of silver! Thanks for your comments!

26 Nov 2017

Part 2: The Manufacturing Triad of the Bureau of the Mint (circa. 1958 - 1962)

Exonumia | DrDarryl

In my previous blog entry it was not obviously mentioned, but the point needs to be made. The items manufactured (coins for commerce, national medals, and special medals for U.S. Government agencies) are official Bureau of the Mint issues. To put it simply, they are designed, struck, and issued by the U.S. Government itself. The manufacturing triad DOES NOT include any issues physically manufactured outside the U.S. Government.At the 2017 ANA World's Fair of Money, it was incorrectly pointed out that I missed the inclusion of the non-U.S. Government issued President Lyndon Johnson medals (manufactured by Medallic Art Company (MACO). To make it perfectly clear, the identifier sGm (acronym for special Government medal) was created based on the term "special medals for U.S. Government agencies" by rearranging and eliminating specific words. Therefore, when you encounter the acronym "sGm" or the term "special Government medal" it must be understood that the medal was physically manufactured and issued by the U.S. Government. There is a rather large knowledge gap in U.S. numismatics. Special medals for U.S. Government agencies, special Government medals, or simply sGms have not been cataloged nor documented properly in U.S. numismatics. I've seen many Eisenhower POTUS sGm specimens with remnants of acid testing , cleaning, and other mishandling. It can be said that the sGm knowledge gap aided in the decimation of remaining POTUS sGm population. Majority of collectors and dealers simply do not known what they are. However, there is another area that has fallen to into a bigger problem, part of our U.S. history is being lost. Many of the original recipients of the Eisenhower POTUS sGms have passed away resulting in their knowledge being lost forever.I brought up this subject (the lost history of sGms) to a retired U.S. history professor (lectured at a major west coast university and an ardent President Eisenhower admirer) and was totally amazed that I documented medals unknown to U.S. historians and are newly discovered/found presidential period artifacts. He pointed out that I was in uncharted waters of President Eisenhower history. This had me go into a deep dive to locate any mention of the Eisenhower POTUS sGms in published literature from 1958 through 1961. There is an empty sea of knowledge in this period literature. I added an image of text (prefer to keep the source unknown for the moment) that I found. It is totally inaccurate. This text makes reference to the Class 1 POTUS sGm (half-dollar size) of which images were added to this blog entry (this is the first ever picture of a Class 1 type set).The following information was documented for the first time in my 2014 book and updated with additional information in my 2015 book. Additional information to follow in my future 3rd book. It should be noted that my 2014 book was the first instance in U.S. numismatic history where a half-century old Bureau of the Mint medals was first organized into series, first release of actual mintage, first release of end of term destruction inventory, first identification of the designer, etc... , and was the first to document and share the discovery with the U.S. numismatic community. In the Class 1 type set images: The bottom medal is Gomez-C1-01b. The left medal is Gomez-C1-03. The right medal is Gomez-C1-02.C1=Class 1 (30.6mm diameter, 2.6875 thickness)-01b,- 03, and -02= reverse die identifierThere are three Class 1 die marriages. A common obverse die is paired with each of the three different reverse dies.Reverse die -01 is blank resulting in a uniface medal. The thickness of 2.6875 was made in order to remove die clashing on the blank side (as a result all Class 1 medals are this thickness). The blank side was inscribed with custom text by a commercial jeweler (located within the Pentagon). There are currently three known types of custom text. The "Newport, R.I. 1958" text designates it as a Summer White House issue, hence the letter identifier in -01b . Reverse die 03 depicts President Eisenhower's 11-nation tour route. The reverse design had a guide dimple to allow the commercial jeweler drill a hole and attach a keychain. Again, the commercial jeweler did the post-manufacture work. Reverse die 02 depicts the year 1959 of which President Eisenhower visited Europe . (To be discussed in my future book: A limited number of this medal is accompanied with a presidential card and envelope). This is a sampling of my on-going research. Extensive research findings are in my books. TO BE CONTINUED...

08 Nov 2017


Exonumia | Longstrider

I would like to share some Libertad knowledge with everyone. First, as most people know, this bullion coin is made by Mexico. I call it bullion as even though it is produced by a country, it caries no monetary value on it's surfaces. The coins listed below are as follows: 1995 one ounce, 2017 1/2 ounce, 2017 1/4 ounce, 2017 1/10 ounce and 2017 1/20 ounce. These, I'm going to call them coins now because it just feels better and right to me, have gone through a lot of changes and varieties in their brief history. The most noticeable one is in the one ounce coins diameter. during 1982 -1995 the diameter was 36 mm. From 1996-2017 the diameter was changed to 40 mm. The obverse and reverse also went through several variety changes. It's important to know that the Obverse is, now, the side with the Mexican coat of arms. The reverse shows the famous statue Winged Victoria which can been found in Mexico City. These coins are also made in 2 ounce, 5 ounce and one kilo size. All minted in 999 silver as well as in 999 gold. I want to keep this blog short in the hopes that members will look up other facts themselves. It is a very interesting coin. I strongly recommend you read about the twin volcanoes behind the statue! It is quite a love story on par with Romeo and Juliet, in my opinion! I hope you enjoy this blog. I realize I put up quite a few blogs on Latin American coins and banknotes. After US money I find them some the most beautiful and affordable world money. I look forward to your comments. As always, thanks for looking.

05 Nov 2017

The Kennedy Five ... Not a rock group nor half-dollars !

Exonumia | DrDarryl

I recently completed a transaction to acquire my 5th Kennedy POTUS special Government medal. Only 295 left to go...(just kidding). The White House Office procured these medals from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia for President Kennedy's use. Several have provenance (documented and completed chain of ownership) from President Kennedy to my collection. I believed I discussed the subject of provenance vs. pedigree in my previous blogs....

31 Oct 2017

**Crazy Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt**

Exonumia | Kepi

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! I have a crazy story about my Mom, who sometimes makes up crazy things in her mind....Don't get me wrong I love her! : ) Well you see, my Mom and Dad divorced years ago...It's okay...I'm over it. But get this, my Mom thinks that Dad has, over the years, buried treasure in my Grandparent's place on 5 acres in the desert...and not just any old treasure, GOLD BARS! She's been out there digging around, sometimes my husband plows up dirt so it looks like a fresh dig... Ahhh What the heck as long as she has fun! Dad said he doesn't have any gold...or does he.... TRICK OR TREAT! How's your family doing lately?

23 Oct 2017


Exonumia | Longstrider

This is a nice example of a listed, with serial number, copy of a 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter. Not a counterfeit for a couple of reasons. First it's 2 ounces of pure .999 silver. Next it is stamped COPY on the reverse. A word about that. If I didn't know the guy, my coin dealer, that sold me this I wouldn't have bought it. Even though it is stamped, as per law, it doesn't say PURE .999 silver. I have seen, on eBay, coins that say .999 silver but it is only pure silver plated. One needs to be very careful. Anyway this 2 ounce copy makes a nice specimen to study. It seems to be pretty good at following the real coin. I put up a blog on October 22 describing my 1917 Type 1 which is basically the same design, I hope. If not, someone will let me know. Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you enjoy the photos.I look forward to your comments.

17 Oct 2017


Exonumia | Longstrider

Now I don't want to get on a rant here but I have noticed something that is bothering me and getting worse. Where are all the people and their blogs? The ANA states, at the time I am writing this, that there are 12,105 members to Money.org.. I signed up for this website before it was even published. I was a beta tester. Everybody worked hard to make a top notch site. I think we all succeeded. Every blog had at least a dozen comments. Many different people wrote blogs. There was tons of people on the Forums. People were asking questions and other members were answering them. People made friends and actually communicated with each other. Not just checking a box. As far as I can tell, we now have maybe 12 active members. It probably is closer to six but I don't want to start a war of numbers. I know, I know, everybody is busy. School and work. We had all that years ago and people still took the time to get involved. My gosh! Even the ANA staff has quit writing blogs, with some noteworthy exceptions. I miss the ANA history, Fallback Thursday and that kind of stuff. Come on people. I'm begging you. Get involved again. Make this site worth looking at again! Maybe everybody but me knows everything already. I could be wrong. Just my opinion!! Thanks for looking you loyal half-dozen! Prove me wrong. Leave a comment!

11 Oct 2017

Now that's a Dimple!

Exonumia | Kepi

This is one impressive NGC slab! Measuring 6"x 8" and holds a 2010 5 oz. Silver 25 cent piece. The design features one of America's National Treasures... Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. With Old Faithful and a Buffalo, two icons of Yellowstone on the reverse and George Washington on the obverse. This one has been graded a MS 69 DPL "Dimple'". Which means Deep Mirrored Proof-Like or you can clearly see 6 to 8 inches of a clear reflection in the field. This coin is perfect for my collection... I love Buffalo's, America and lots of Silver!


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