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14 Jun 2019

LWH "Insider" Tips

Collecting Tips | Liberty Walking Half

Welcome, again, back to the "LWH 'Insider' Tips"! While perusing through blogs on the ANA member blog, you may have noticed you can leave comments on them. Leaving comments is an aspect of the ANA website member blog you should employ. Now to the 'tips'!

11 Jun 2019

Collecting used mint sets

Collecting Tips | Liberty Numismatics

When collecting older mint sets, it is easy to overestimate or underestimate the value of a particular set. Keep a guide book with you when buying or selling coins. (Also, make sure your book is up to date. You wouldn't walk into a coin shop with a 1984 Red Book and ask to buy a $100 coin for $17.) Small local coin shops are great places to buy the cheaper proof sets and such. Often you can score a $8-$10 set for $3-$6. Don't forget the rare sets. For example, make sure to examine all 1981 proof sets closely. A type one is worth $5, while a type two is worth over $270! Some dealers may forget to double check for such rarities, so you could really get some bang for your buck!

30 May 2019

Numismatic Economics

Collecting Tips | ANAStaff

Coins are special in many ways: as reflections of history, as miniature works of art and, of course, as popular collectibles. But there’s one way in which coins are perfectly ordinary—their prices are determined by the interaction of supply and demand. In the context of numismatics, supply refers to a coin’s scarcity or availability, while demand is determined by the level of collector interest.

17 May 2019

LWH "Insider" Tips; ANA Member Blog, Part One

Collecting Tips | Liberty Walking Half

Before proceeding to the blog, let me say, sorry that this blog is appearing a day after my last; however, I originally planned yesterday's blog to appear earlier this week, but conflicting events meant I was unable to do so. I am publishing this today, it's regularly planned date, in a hope to get back on schedule. Part two will probably appear either Sunday-Monday, or possibly next Friday, it depends, and my other blog series will continue it's once a week installments. So sorry if it seems a little much, but it should cool down soon.

16 May 2019

Getting Started: Books Every Beginning Collector Should Read

Collecting Tips | ANAStaff

A basic library of numismatic references is an outstanding resource for the beginning collector. Books can teach you about the coins you are pursuing, guide you as you build your collection and introduce you to new collecting areas. Here are some suggestions for your home library. I think you' ll find these books informative, helpful and fun.

19 Mar 2019

Something for Everyone

Collecting Tips | ANAStaff

Numismatists are sure to find an organization that supports their lifestyles and interests.

27 Feb 2019

Hello World!

Collecting Tips | user_67788

This is my first blog post. Please ask me questions about determining precious metal content of an object or anything about Alaska.


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