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30 Nov 2017

Collectors vs Investors

Coins | iccoins

I have been busy lately and haven't been able to write many articles, but finally, here is another one :)

30 Nov 2017

Comments About Blog's

Coins | Mike Burns

Hi everyone. Today I will have to find my book. I would like to talk about comments on blog's. Now we all know why there there. To thank the writer for there research and work. That's always appreciated. To comment on the blog itself. This is important to tell  the writer you learned something from their work that's what blogs are for. Yes I read comments to see if I can pick something else up and believe me I have. To let them know that's a coin you never saw before and the history was great. After all history makes the coin. History in a blog is very important. Myself I can't get enough of it. Sometimes it's used to add to the blog. Maybe the writer left something important out,  look were not professional writers it happens. The writer should thank that person for adding to it. It's not meant to criticize although some will take it that way. Anyone who adds to my blogs I'm thankful for. After all we don't know everything about the coin. And it's a blog not a book. So comments are very important. One word answers I don't understand. Here is a person who spends time and effort to write about a coin,token, or medal and they read great. Why bother? At least thank the person for their hard work and research. How would you feel if you worked on a blog and received nothing but great, thanks, nice. Not to good would you. The person writing the blog is for your benefit. Sharing their knowledge of coins and the history of them if there is history. Your benefit not there's. That's why we're here. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with a statement in a blog. It gets conversation going more back and forth it's nothing personnel it a discussion. If everyone was right about about everything this would be a boring world wouldn't it? I have questioned some things in blogs what's wrong with that? Your just looking to clarify what they were saying that's all. But some people would take all this and see it as an attack. Bingo the magic block button. Know it's not to stop you from being hacked. It's used to cut you of from sharing any info with that person. Probably the worse thing on this site. Over a disagreement. Now two people will never share again for what? For nothing. All the knowledge lost. That's not why we're here. Back to the  comments. So next time you read a good blog let them know! If you picked something up let them know. If someone finishes a set or picks up a new coin let them know. That's what comments are for. To show appreciation for the writer's work and pictures. Pictures are a great tool also. If you can put the coin up. We appreciate that also. So when you go to comment on a blog take a minute to let them know your grateful they took time or found time to share with you there knowledge about coinage or currency. It encourages the writer to maybe write another. The more blogs the more we learn. That's why we're here. Take care be well keep collecting keep writing. Thanks Mike.

29 Nov 2017

What Do You Do if You Want a Coin For Christmas?

Coins | Mike Burns

Hi my friends. Well some of you know I misplaced my blog book. That book has all my written blogs that I write ahead of time because it takes me longer to write. Used to write one in forty minutes. Now more than  two days. So the holidays are coming and everyone is asking you what do you want for Christmas? And you say in your mind a two thousand dollar gold coin of course. Well they mean well by asking but if they don't collect coins they won't know what you want. The worse part even if you told them you would have to tell them where to go what to ask for they won't know what condition so what can you do. Well you can always say guys you know I collect coins I would like one,so just a card and a few bucks. Sound tacky well what about gift cards basically it's the same thing. Well it might,  but this way everyone is happy. They don't have to worry about buying you the wrong coin and shopping for it. This way their happy and you can pick out what you want. Or you can tell them supplies or a book. That's always welcome and can only help you. Or if your starting a set the book you need to put the coins in. There not expensive and very enjoyable. It's not easy. I know what I'm getting. Socks and tee shirts. You see I save all year so I can buy myself what I want and there is no pressure on anyone. Maybe you all can go to a coin shop and look around. It's not the surprise but the thought. How about a subscription to a good hobby magazine. That would be great. Think about it there are many things we can get. I would ask for a book on coins I was collecting. By the book before the coins. Now we covered a few things but let's not forget the real reason. Many of us are of different faiths and celebrate differently. That's fine also. But it's the season of giving. We have lost the real meaning. Starting in October the adds start for Christmas. But we say holidays what ever your comfortable with. It's still a very special event world wide. Yes I mentioned we want this and that but it's really not about what we want. It's what can I give. In my religion it's about a time of celebration the birth of a Child. Now it's all material. That's the bad side. I'm 64 years old and I always will celebrate with Joy in my heart and new socks on my feet. I think of those who don't have socks. Don't have a gift or a tree or even a hot meal. That's what the season is about. Not a two thousand dollar coin. But others less fortunate than us. We might not get what we want. But think of those who will get nothing. I hope everyone enjoys the Holidays and Christmas and I also hope and pray for peace,  give it a chance. Merry Christmas and  Holidays. Mike.

27 Nov 2017

Club coin show this Dec 3rd

Coins | user_9894

This coming weekend, December 3rd is the club coin show in Brookpark , OH. my spouse and I are planning to attend. She is going to find some proof or mint state coins to give as gifts for Christmas. This may get those youths interested in numismatics.

25 Nov 2017

Must be doing something right

Coins | user_7180

I have been working with my grandson using a zip scope to view Lincoln Cents for the last year.  So it was very gratifying to receive feedback from his parents that he had a tough time picking a Birthday card for me until he found the one pictured.  They said "he knew it was the perfect card".  The image of the Lincoln cent on the inside of the card springs out from the card upon opening.  Now that is cool!

22 Nov 2017

graded silver dollar

Coins | user_1040

hello people,need info on my 1904 morgan silver dollar  it is graded by ncg (numismatic coin gaurantee) ms66 ncg#1238 05604  and a 1923D peace dollar ms66 ncg#1238 05610     i am also a member of NGC  where i have  a NGC Registry, that registry prices my coin at $15k... well i am trying to sell and they told me that the grading company was fake .  does anybody know about ncg ? any info what i should do would be appreciated.. thanks

22 Nov 2017


Coins | Longstrider

Today I would like to show everyone another of my VAM's. Today it is a 1922 Peace Dollar-VAM-5A Scar Cheek LDS. This coin is graded MS 63 by NGC. It is also a TOP 50 by Vamworld.com.  That just makes it a bit more collectible and obtainable. The 5A is named after the large break on Miss Liberty's cheek. There are 5 stages in the degree of die break. This coin is a LDS meaning Later Die State. I am going to copy the official description of the die break stages and let the reader decide for her or himself what this coin is:


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