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29 Apr 2017

Kennedy Deluxe Set

Coins | Mike Burn

Hi everyone. I think one of the nicest sets you can put together is the Kennedy Deluxe Set. The coins themselves are attractive and have plenty of luster and cameos. The set when I decided to do it I made sure the coins came from sets. Mint set's,Proof sets,Silver sets and Proof silver sets. I am up to date and always continue to make sure the coins come from sealed sets. The other day I decided to look at it. Well I have to be honest the brightness of the set was blinding. From page one to book two. I inspected every coin looking for anything that might bring down the quality of the coin. To my surprise nothing! It was perfect. I was so happy. This is a set anyone would be proud of. I will tell you it looked so good I thought for a second to send in both books. However talk about a kink in your coin budget. Unless I made a deal with NGC it would of cost over three thousand dollars. But just think of a highly graded set slabed. Your talking about one hundred and eighty coins with this year. I'm sure there are collectors who have a complete slabed set. I would love to own one. But believe me when I tell you I'm happy with this set.

27 Apr 2017

Fake collectible coins became an epidemic: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Coins | Alexis-CYP

Dear friends,I have started writing articles about Numismatics on an online free nedws platform. My first articles has been publishedd!Title: Fake collectible coins became an epidemic: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Link: http://us.blastingnews.com/news/2017/04/fake-collectible-coins-became-an-epidemic-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-001652879.htmlI have tried to make it as simple and useful as possible to both beginners and more experienced collectors.As that website works by readership, please click and read the article in order to help me remain on the platforma and write more.Please also let me know if and how useful you found it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback!Thank you very much!Dr.A.P.Kitsios

25 Apr 2017

Favorite Bullion Coins?

Coins | Peace Silver

What are your favorite bullion coins minted currently ? Why?My favorite bullion coins are:1) Australian Lunar Series2) Chinese Panda Series3) Somalia Elephant SeriesAlso, I'm anxiously waiting to see the latest Canadian Nomadic Own series in person. It's 1oz silver coin with Rhodium coated coin.It's a interesting concept. Royal Canadian still had them on sale on their website and it was cheaper than any other US dealers.

21 Apr 2017

Put a Set Together!

Coins | Mike Burn

Hi everyone. You know there is nothing like putting a set together. No matter what kind of set denomination Dansco Harris, Whitman. It's up to you. You can put a type set together. A year set,a silver dollar set. Let's see a P and D set. There are so many different kinds. My fist set was Victory Nickels. It was years ago when there was a lot around quality was good prices were right. It's a circulated set but in great condition. I went to look at It the other day and saw a coin that was not up to the quality of the others. Out it came, I went shopping and a new one was in a week later. How about a slab set of proof coins. You can decided and set up a budget on what you want to do. Buy one at a time if you have to or get some out of change. Either way it's a lot of fun. Some of the coins are in MS and AU. It's been along time since I looked at it. I still need a 1885. That's a hard coin and a key date. I will get it there out there. I saw some prices and checked some books. When I do buy it the value of the set will go up. Why? Well it will be complete for one. Two they want a lot of money for it. That's ok though I put a little on the side and when I have enough my set will be complete. My son and I put a Jefferson Nickel set together. Took a while but we had a blast. It's the deluxe set so everything is in it. I even bought slabed nickels proofs and MS. Proof coins we bought one at a time because you won't find to many of those. Now it's a project but the fun part is in the hunt. It's even better when you put that last coin in. A lot of my friends here are currently putting sets together the way they like to. Isn't that great. That's part of this hobby we all can do and enjoy. By the way the Jefferson set came in under budget. That was great to. So think about it. I guarantee it will keep you busy but you will also enjoy it. I hope I gave you something to just think about. Thanks for taking the time to read this and keep collecting.Mike.

20 Apr 2017

Cataloging & Updating the Collection

Coins | SpartaCuse

Well, I have been avoiding this for a while now - I have used all the excuses & distractions I have in my arsenal - It is time to update, organize, & catalog the collection - This has not really happened in about 8 years -

18 Apr 2017

Interesting and Surprising Result of the “Coinage Act of 1965” #5

Coins | user_9073

This is the last "Interesting And Surprising Result of the 'Coinage Act of 1965" thatI will be blogging about. There are a few other interesting things but not surprising enough for a blog.

17 Apr 2017

Another New Varity

Coins | Mike Burn

Hi everyone. Well I have written blogs about coins we have purchased in the past. The thing about it is finding new varieties about these coins. Or why are they going up in price? Well I received my Numismatic News and to my surprise a coin made forty nine years ago has been found to have a variety. I am speaking of the 1968 proof Kennedy. It's a new mint mark variety. The coin was submitted by a Florida gentleman Mr. Bob Ryan, a coin dealer. The story is on page twenty in this weeks issue. N.G.C. couldn't place it with any other coin. They thought it might have been used on a foreign coin but no. They checked a worldwide data base and nothing showed up. This is happening more and more. I take out old coins and go over them. You know I went over my 1968 proofs. But not this time around.

17 Apr 2017

The Langbord Story is Over!

Coins | VKurtB

On Thursday, April 13, 2017, the United States Supreme Court met in conference to consider petitions before the Court. Among those petitions considered was the Petition of the Langbord Family appealing the en banc Opinion and Order of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit granting title of the 10 1933 St.Gaudens Double Eagles to the United States government. The Petition for Certiorari has been denied.


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