23 Feb 2020

NEW MEMBER and Ancient Coins

Coins | user_90083

GREETINGS!I am a new ANA member as of today! I am not new to coin collecting however, as I start nearly 6 decades ago with my dad, who was a long time ANA member. Since his passing I have reconnected with this wonderful hobby to keep his memory alive. I have always been active with U.S. coins, however my collecting experience with ancient coins has been sporadic. I have a renewed interest in “older” coins, since that was my dads favorite area, and was wondering if anyone out there had any suggestions on good books (or websites) to identify the coins of the ancient world. Any suggestions or guidance is appreciated!Thanks -Craig

22 Feb 2020

Who Had The Curved Coin First Brazil Or The U.S.A. 2014

Coins | Mike B

Well the chicken or the egg. I was entering coins into my N.G.C. registry the private coins. And I came upon the two coins below. Now I knew we needed help from the French. So did FIfa! Now the American coin was popular. . I was watching t.v.the French has come out with the official coin of the World cup of soccer. The mintage was ten thousand. Mike Musick was able to get America's share five hundred +. Now this is the mintage for the world. Now I'm looking at it Brazil was Ten Euros. I liked it so I picked one up. Now honestly I don't remember when the cup was. I can tell you it's every four years just like the Olympics. The Olympics have many coins for the different events. I liked them but that was allot and didn't remember if the Olympics has an official coin. Now back to the good old U.S.A and the mint. They needed help from the French. So did Fifa they also went to the French. April 29,2014 the Monnaie de Paris released the first coin in honor of Brazil The host country. On August,27,2014 our famous baseball coin was released. Now I liked the American coin didn't care about the mintage. What I liked is I wanted a real autograph. So a company hired Nolan Ryan to sign some coins. Bingo I pulled the trigger and I got one. There were a few with real autographs most was Facsimile (fake) autographs. We buy the coin . I was lucky to get a real autograph of a baseball player that played in my home town, N.Y. Mets. He's also was also in the Base Ball of Fame. I hit two homeruns with that coin. I always wondered which country came up with the idea first. Fifa or the U.S.A.? Now we know that the coins were probably made the year before realse. I know the 2021 new coin I have no idea what it will be called is being pressed now.as.we speak. This way there ready for release. There probably in Fort Knox. At least something will be in there!! To me it didn't matter. We had to go thru Congress then it's released two years later. I do know that Fifa had to go thru the French. Does it matter no I just thought that two different countries came out with the same idea and we both needed the help of the French. Just a light blog for a Saturday.afternoon. One other thing both coins I bought were slabed by A.N.A.C.S. Strange how that happned. Two great sports two great coins and a big thank you to the French!! Hope you enjoyed it. By the way they were not allowed in the N.G.C registry. Politics and coins

18 Feb 2020

A Surprise In The Mail!!!

Coins | Mike B

Hi everyone. First I would like to thank the two collectors who were kind enough to send me this. It was a surprise I was shocked when I opened the box. It was for reaching 100,000 poins. Many of you know I'm not a fan of these. But it does show your activity. The yn's should take note of this. I picked the winners. The people who were active. Not those following thousands of people or haven't written a blog in five years or four years. This is how we learn. I learned allot from these two friends. It shows you what a friend i s and all the others. When I had a question about anything they were there. They inspired me to get going and share my coins with blogs that tell the story each coin ,Tokens, and medals did that . Collectors would tell me your coming up on 100,000 points I would answer that's nice. What are you going to get.? Well I wrote a blog on that I would suggest that the yns read that also. Is it a milestone I don't think so. I know I'm active. But I'm home all day and have allot of coins. I enjoy the research and looking for pictures.. I never expected anything. After all this is not a contest. It's a reason to get you active and pick out the dead wood floating around. I'm very grateful for this wonderful surprise. I will cary it everyday. Not as a reminder of 100,000 points but the friends that sent it. Were it says friends on your page sometimes it means friends. Anyone can reach this. It won't stand forever. This is one mark I hope someone breaks . I have come along way in this organization. And before i end this I want to thank you all for your help. All who sent messages. I don't want praise I just want to learn. After 27 years I'm still learning. Once you think you know it all,try stamps. Yeah I'm old but coins help me feel young . Just like all of you do. So again thank you from the bottom of my heart . That was very nice of both of you. And to the yns, I say find the active collectors. This is not a race to see how many people you can follow. If i can do it so can you. So stay active learn and you will wind up with a wonderful collection. Thanks Mike.

15 Feb 2020

John M. Reich | A Legend In US Coinage

Coins | YoloBagels

John Matthias Reich was the Assistant engraver for the US mint under Chief engraver Robert Scot. His works included some of the most highly-collected coins within the US coinage series. His most notable designs are the Capped Bust types, of which all silver denominations of US coinage took on at the time, and the series lasted from 1807 through 1839.

13 Feb 2020

Them Lincoln cents

Coins | user_74359

I started out my coin collecting like many others diving into them Lincoln cents. there is so many different rarities and varieties out there i dont think one person could collect every one. im hoping to raise awareness to them lincoln cents by giving telling you about some of my favorites. for starters im in love with the 2017 P penny I think that is a great way to slip some added value into numismatic by the mint. for those of you that dont know the Philadelphia mint added A P to the penny in 2017 for the first and only time in mint history and theres so many out there still your almost guaranteed to find them if you look in your pocket change. My next favorite would have to go to the 2009 series just for the meaning behind it and because the cent was vastly unchanged at this time. i love all the varieties from then back to the change in 1982 but the third and last on my list is copper cents, i think i personally value these more than the wheat cent probably for the sole purpose that i can still pick many of these out of change for no extra charge and am just waiting for those lincoln cents to go up value.

12 Feb 2020

Cents That Make Sence

Coins | Mike B

Hi everuone. I had a dealer I use to get wheat cents from. He was a part jeweler also. If you bought five or more rolls he would always put one that was different. I always looked for them. The ones below I found. Now I like the obverse of each cent. Actually only one is real that's my favorite. Why ? To me it's simple. The obverse has the outline of the map of the United States above the date. On the left side it has something we all stand for The Liberty Bell. I think people out there doing designs like this is great. I wound mine having a cent like that. And it's a real cent. The other two would be considered tokens.I mean if you were to reach in your pocket to spend it the store owner would taken it and pass it on to the next customer. He or she looks at it and sees the add for his store. If a collector they might call them or get in touch. So he's getting this advertisement passed on every day. The one with the map and the bell I would send that in it they had a contest. I know it sought win but maybe get them thinking. We have a big anniversary coming up. Coins and sets will be a premium. Think of this cent just change the date leave the reverse alone . You would have the union shield on the reverse and another wonderful part of our history. Well what do you yhink? In the cent of another coin. Leave your comments and ideas for the up coming anniversary. Thanks hope you enjoyed yhis. You never know what's out there.Mike.

07 Feb 2020

Canada Has a Burnished Coin With a W Mint Mark?

Coins | Mike B

Hi everyone. Well I broke down and bought a Canadian Coin. I do have some. This is a first for Canada. They made a burnished coin.. We have been making them since 2006. There was none in 2009 or 2010.. The coin has a soft matte finish to it. A little shinny.. Let me tell you this this coin is hard to take a picture of really through a slab. The mint started just calling them Uncirirculaded. The nunismatte communities the term burnished ..I always wondered how they made them. Now before we get started the Canadian mint did not call this burnished either in there C.O.A.. The blanks are weighed after they are punched through the slab. Then they clean them. Now I never knew the process was so detailed. There put in huge drums with polishing agents. At first in 2006 they used sand.. Today they use 6 mm balls to polish them and it gets the scratches out and the rough spots and if course any blemishes. This is done with all the precious metals. The gold platium and collectors say they last !onger. After the drum they are taken by hand and out in the press and struck once.. Now you can see the difference between bullion and burnished. They are a rarity in ways. There not anniversary coins or reverse proofs. But the mintages are very low. 2006-466,573 2007-621,333 2008-533,757 2011-409,766 2012-226,120 2013-221,98 2014-253,169 2015-223,879 2016-172,802 2017- 139,610 2018-130,996 2019 - 124,792 Now The mintage of the first Canadian Coin is 10,000. So as you see all the mintages are low and have a beautiful finish. And I'm praying They make one this year. It's not a large subset. Some like them some dont. I happen to like them very much along with a few others in this site. So I hope you enjoyed this small blog on a very special coin. I can also say I do like the canadian coins. But don't ask me to take a picture. It has a different finish and your shooting through a slab. The W mint mark is for there mint I believe in Winnipeg. Or as my friend says a play on ours!! Enjoy Mike.

07 Feb 2020

Valuable Coins

Coins | Conordon

There are some coins that are worth over a hundred thousand dollars. There are even some valuable coins that are worth millions of dollars. I am going to tell you about some rare and valuable coins coins. What makes a coin Valuable? There are many reasons coins are valuable Some are valuable because of the metal in them. Some are valuable because only a few were made and some are valuable because there was an error while it was being made. There are many reasons coins are valuable and there are many valuable coins and some can be found in pocket change. Valuable coins 1. 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle The 1933 double eagle is one of the rarest coins. In 1933 the president of the United States made it illegal to own gold coins and the country stopped making gold coins. most of these coins were melted but a few remain. One of them sold for over 7 million dollars at and auction.


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