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16 Jan 2017

Collector ingredients

Coins | CoinLady

What ingredients make up a numismatist who truly enjoys the hobby?

12 Jan 2017

A Great Coin By A Great Man

Coins | Mike Burn

I recently bought this coin for a few reasons. First it's very attractive. Caught my eye right away. Second the history. The original sculpture of this coin was made by a very sick man.Augustus Saint-Gaudens'.He made this in his studio which was his apartment. He was dying of cancer. The sad part about this he never saw the coin made. While going over his possessions they found this sculpture. It was made in high relief by another great man. John Mercannti. Because of this we have this piece of history. The mintage was ten thousand silver and when I find the vintage in gold I will let you know. This is the type of coin that Mr. Gaudens knows was made. To see it in a picture does not give it justice. The reverse Has an eagle and seems conclave. But Miss Liberty never looked so good. If there was going to be two men who finally brought this coin basically to life then the two right men were involved. It came with a booklet and to write all the information seemed to be to much. I gave you what we needed to know. That today we have a great coin from a great man because they made the right decision. This sculpture had to be made. And I'm a very happy collector that I own this beautiful coin. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Mike.

11 Jan 2017

FUN show thoughts..

Coins | user_73274

Just wondering if anyone that attended the show found a majority of dealers to be just plain uninterested in being there? I hit every table and only found 20 dealers that would even acknowledge my presence at their booth. The majority had their noses stuck in their cell phones! I even counted one that was reading a book in booth. My favorite however are the countless dealers that were sharing their lunch choice with me  by eating at their booth tables! How disrespectful. I visited two club booths that I was looking to join and found the two gents at one to be engaged in such a deep conversation that they forgot the reason for being there (sign up new members) and never bothered to look up at  me as I stood in front of them. The other club was staffed by a gent so intent on his phone that he failed to see me thumbing through his club journal right in front of him. I expect to be the most important item on any dealer or club's menu and am astounded at the treatment I received at this show!

11 Jan 2017

1882-O Vam-29A Super CD Morgan

Coins | Longstrider

For your consideration I have a 1882-O Morgan Silver Dollar that is also a Super CD VAM 29-A. The Super CD simply means it is part of a collection of 25 VAM dollars that have "Clashed Dies". I'm not going to go anymore into the Super CD part. You can find out all about it on the site listed below. The 1882-O VAM 29-A means the coin has doubled date, clashed obverse G & first T and clashed reverse M. There is also the beginning of some toning starting to happen on both surfaces. I have included 2 pictures from the listed web site to help show the die crack and clashed G. It's is hard to see in the photos of my coin without the use of a loupe. The coin is graded AU 58 by ANACS. Some people shun non mint-state coins. Personally I find the an AU is often more pleasing to the eye. My eye anyway and that's the one I care about. I was lucky enough to win this coin on an internet auction. I can highly recommend these auctions as a good way to see and purchase coins. Some companies do have a high after auction premium so be careful and read the terms. Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoy this coin as much as I do.

11 Jan 2017

2017 Winter FUN: A Coin Odyssey

Coins | VKurtB

Well, my son and I now have our "epic road trip" under our belts. We left the State Capitol in Harrisburg at the end of swearing-in (at?) day on Tuesday January 3, and took an aging Ford Taurus as our trusty steed to Fort Lauderdale. Since Tuesday had been a whirlwind of activity, we were already kind of running on low, so we decided to ditch our "let's drive straight through the night" plan (for now) and figured we'd go as far as one full tank of gas would take us - which turned out to be Wilson, NC. So we grabbed a few, not nearly enough, hours of shuteye at a nice little Sleep Inn (my choice of hotel bonus plans is "Choice" so ...) there. Breakfast bar was nice enough, so on we trudged. My son had never had the "South of the Border" highway billboard experience, so he got it in full daylight southbound. We had no idea what delays would affect our southward progress, so we didn't know whether we'd make Fort Lauderdale Wednesday night or have to bail and sleep somewhere north of there and go straight to the convention center. As it turned out, we arrived at our Fort Lauderdale "home away from home" by 10PM Wednesday night, after making the obligatory stop at the Florida line for free OJ and brochures, and stopping to have a proper BBQ dinner at a old-school 1960's kitsch era roadside BBQ joint on U.S.1 south of Titusville in the space coast region. It was easy to imagine Alan Shepard, John Glenn, and Gus Grissom at the next table discussing their ideas for redesigning the Mercury capsule. My son likes to eat at non-chain sites that he finds online, and this one was a pure gem. This is Louis's BBQ Shack, 2191 N. US Hwy 1, Mims, FL 32754.