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25 May 2018

1881 s Morgan Dollar

Coins | user_41846

I researching this one for as a possible vam variety. There are tons of vams, Have you seen this one?

25 May 2018

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

Coins | user_41846

1921 Morgan. Awesome DD piece; would you send to grade? I would like to but not sure if it is worth it. advise..

25 May 2018


Coins | Longstrider

My newest blog is on my new 1864 Civil War Token. This one is commonly called Liberty-Our Army for the features on it. It is graded MS 64 BN by NGC. According to NGC it was encapsulated and graded on 3/5/2018. That means it doesn't need to be resubmitted till 3/5/2028. It is a F-47/332 a. That means the dies used are Patriotic die 47 on the obverse. This features the date, 1864 on the bottom and Conical Hat Liberty Head in the middle. At the top is LIBERTY. There are 12 border stars, 6x6, along the sides. The dies are by Charles D. Horter. The reverse die is 332 a. It features a closed wreath surrounding a star OUR ARMY and another star. The "a" means it is made of copper, in this case, or brass. It is of a common rarity. The "F" stands for Dr. George Fuld who developed all the die numbers.

25 May 2018

2018 Coins - Where are they

Coins | user_62358

It is almost June and I have not found a 2018 coin in circulation yet. Has anyone else found any?

24 May 2018

The Government Services Hoard Morgan Silver Dollars

Coins | Mike Burns

Hi everyone. Today I will write about the famous G.S.A. hoard. These were Morgan Dollars that were found in bags of thousands.They each other scratched each other put dings in each other but many survived like the one below. Now click on the pictures they all are important especially the one with the mintages found. These were all Morgan Silver dollars I am writing about. Now in 1964 the silver certificate was stoped. Then the government realized they had all those Carson City Morgan's! So what to do. Some said melt them. Famous words of the mint. However President Richard Nixon decided to save these pieces of American history and decided to auction them off. Now your talking million coins in this board. So they also decided to sell them. No more than five hundred to a person. Now understand one hundred and twenty five thousand came from different mints. Those who bought these could be seen breaking them out of the mints holders. To heavy and bulky to carry from show to show. Now the two large grading companies decide to grade these in there holders. Now if you look at the picture of the mintage you will see why some went for very large prices. Now being in these bags you will find mostly MS 64 you will find XF. Even a few MS 66. Many of these and the mintage doesn't mean that much to me some of the coins are in terrific shape. No scratches no dings no marks like the coin below. Think about it were talking about a coin not where or how they were found. I think the only thing they know for sure is they are all uncirculated. The coin I purchased below is in better shape or the same as my MS 66. What can you do and it back? Why not. Some came in soft packagers I noticed these toned more than those in the holders. You can purchase these today at reasonable prices. That's because the new grade I believe for Morgan Dollars is MS 64 some MS 65. Whole collections of these grades are being put together. I think that's great. Nothing wrong collecting the coin that made the west. A coin of a beautiful design. Made by a great designer. How could you not want one from any mint. I am surprised that so many of these are available today. Remember most are from the famous Carson City mint. I'm very happy the President had the insight to save this part of our history. If I took one picture you could not read what he said. See the C.O.A. each one has a serial number. Compared to some packaging today these are plain and attractive I think a job was well done in saving these coins everyone can now own. I say that because I have seen sellers and dealers with hundreds of them. So if you can pick one up. I know Jesse James is upset he missed out on these! You don't have to. Enjoy the pictures and President Nixon's comment all part of our history. Enjoy . Mike. P.S anything you see on the reverse is reflection. But the original picture only had basically one wing with detail the reverse is blazing white no marks. .

20 May 2018

My First NGC Submission and Result

Coins | Mark Lovmo

Some coins that I submitted to NGC at the Central States show.

18 May 2018

About that 2003 25C

Coins | user_9894

Well today was a memorial day as it took this long to get that 25c piece back from the grader...IN A BODY BAG!

17 May 2018

Gobrecht, Seated Liberty, and Trade Dollars

Coins | Jonas's Coins

Here is an article I wrote on Gobrecht dollars, liberty seated dollars, and trade dollars. It is part of a book i'm writing.


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