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18 Aug 2017

Blue Ridge Numismatic Association Show

Coins | user_9073

Tomorrow I will be going to the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association Show in Dalton, GA.  I will be looking for two books that have recently been released,  shopping for some Barber quarters and halves and going to one education program on "African American Signers of US Currency."  Hoping for success on all three.

17 Aug 2017

CRAZY UNC WHEAT FOUND COIN ROLL HUNTING! It was as shiny as a sunbeam!

Coins | user_30307

So I recently searched through a box of pennies on the weekend that I got from a really good bank. I went to the same bank where I got the box of pennies that had the 1905 Indian head penny in it. I got back in the car, anxious to see what was inside. But when I checked to see if there were any enders, most of them were 2017's. My happiness faded away a little bit. When I FINALLY got home, i headed down to the basement to make a youtube video about the box of pennies(if you want to see my youtube channel, its riley the coin hunter!). I didn't think I would find anything cool. So far, I had found a few wheats, a stamped, and a couple other ones. I opened another roll that seemed to be another regular roll. Some of the edges looked shiny, but  I just thought they were some more 2017's. I poured them out, I skipped them through. and there it was. A beauty. It showed the obverse, so at first I thought it was a 1960's BU penny. But when I looked at the date... IT WAS 1953!!!!! I was flipping out about it. I thought I my eyes were playing tricks on me, but my eyes were perfectly fine. I recorded the incredible discovery on video. It was one of my best finds ever!

17 Aug 2017


Coins | Longstrider

Today I'd like to show you another one of my favorite VAM Morgan Dollars. It's a favorite because it has some toning and the O over S mintmark can be seen with the naked eye. This is a 1882 O/S VAM 3 Flush S. This VAM came about when, in 1882 the New Orleans mint prepared 3 different dies that were originally made for the San Francisco mint. This led to the repunched mintmark showing up. It also led to three different VAM numbers based on the amount of die wear at the doubling. They are VAM's 3, 4 and 5. Each one of these numbers is also broken down into whether it's a EDS, Early Die State or not. The key identifiers for this one is: Strong diagonal crossbar inside the "O" and flush with the mintmark, with tiny dots of metal from a rusted die on much of the reverse. Sounds complicated but it really isn't. The TOP 100 designation is simply a list of 100 different VAM varieties that are considered to be the most significant to collectors. I just gives VAM collectors a goal for a complete collection. This blog seems to be getting way more technical than I wanted. If you are interested in VAM's, go to the sources I have listed and you will get all the info you need.. As always, I hope you enjoy this blog and I look forward to your comments. Thanks for looking!

13 Aug 2017


Coins | user_30307

My first Indian head penny found coin roll hunting happened in the year of 2016. I was looking through one of the best boxes of pennies. I had already found a 1951 king George Canadian penny, a 1964 young head Canadian penny, and a couple of errors. The next morning, I started looking through the other half of the box. I wasn't finding anything. I started to get the idea that I had found everything in the box. But then this happened! I was looking through what looked like a regular roll of pennies. I was sliding them out of the roll, and that's when I saw a reverse of and Indian head penny. And old, brown ONE CENT was staring back at me! I gasped louder then I ever had. I was freaking out! when I flipped it over to see what the year, I was a little surprised! IT WAS A 1905!!!!

07 Aug 2017

Civil War and Kepi

Coins | Prospector

Collecting coins,  scripophily and military artifacts is quite extensive in our culture. There are probably numerous reasons for people collecting these collectibles.  There are many coin collector's who collect coins from various wars along with scripophily (Historical and collectible stocks and bonds) and military artifacts because of their historical significance. It isn't the war itself that attracts collectors of military items to be collected but the rich history associated with the numismatics or artifacts. A collector of military artifacts or numismatics isn't necessarily a warmonger which may be an assumption by naĂŻve individuals of history. The aspect of military collectibles that most interests me is the bravery and courage exhibited by our heroes who have served in the military. People have put their lives on the line for us to be able to live under the Bill of Rights in our U.S. Constitution. Even the Civil War, (1861-1865) a war which means and ends really was totally destructive to all interests involved can be described as a War where bravery and courage was displayed by both sides. What are your reasons for collecting Military numismatics or Military artifacts? Photo Credit: Copyright Alias, Prospector - 1860's KepiDo you find my Kepi interesting? I acquired the 1860's Kepi and uniform on Ebay in 2004. After much research I think it is a Confederate Navy Cadet uniform or a powder monkey's uniform. In a book "The Young Lions - Confederate Cadets at War" in the footnotes p.184 (15). It States, The Confederate States Naval Academy opened in July 1863 aboard the schoolship CSS Patrick Henry, anchored in the James River between Richmond and the Drewry"s Bluff fortifications. Its cadets manned the James River defenses while aboard the schoolship and served on Confederate warships as part of their education. The Naval Academy was the only Confederate States military academy.

05 Aug 2017

Image of a Coin on a Miniature Prop

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Yesterday, I was looking at some of the stamps that were in an estate that is being sold.  I ran across this odd little gem and bought it.  It is the image of the Indian Head cent on a U.S. stamp.  The stamp is mounted on a small piece of walnut.  This company, S & R Miniatures,  made items to be used in "miniature constructions" like architectural building models, model train layouts and doll houses.   I think it is kind of cool for the odd thing that it is.  What do you think?

29 Jul 2017


Coins | Longstrider

   Here I have a nice coin for everyone to see. It's a 1922 Peace Dollar in AU-55 Grade from ANACS. A lot of people don't care much for ANACS but you will find them dominating in grading different VAMs and other varieties. This particular coin is a VAM-12A or Moustache. It has a die break from the nose to the end of the upper lip. It's just the way I like VAMs. Ones that can be seen with the naked eye. This coin is also in the Top 50 Peace Dollar VAMs to collect. I won this coin after some spirited bidding on my favorite web auction site. It also is just starting to tone around the edges. I hope you enjoy looking at this coin. I understand the VAM coins are not for everyone. I look forward to your comments. Thanks for looking!


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