16 May 2022


Coins | user_74766

I turn 70 last January and I'm just getting into coin collecting. I have watched a ton of YouTube videos. Im hungry to learn more. QUESTION: I bought a microscope for looking at coins but I don't know what the best software is to download. Any suggestions?

14 May 2022

My Wheat Penny Collection

Coins | user_79030

I am very proud of my wheat cent collection. It is very large, although not completed. I am missing some key dates, but I have all of the 1938-1958 cents. I am missing 1909-S VDB, 1912-P,D,and S, among others. I have around 700-800 wheaties, and I am very happy with that amount, especially as a twelve year-old. If anyone knows any place to get nice wheat pennies, let me know in the comments. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Bye!

13 May 2022

My First ANA "Money Talk"

Coins | Mark Lovmo

I will be presenting at the August World's Fair of Money this year! I was lucky enough to get selected for a spot in one of the "Money Talks."My Money Talk will be about the content of my new book, South Korean Coins in the Era of Development.For my Talk, I will give an overview of my book, and go over the different South Koreanearly issues (1959~1988) and the improvements in the capabilities of the Korean Mint that many of these coins represent.I am scheduled at 5pm on Thursday, August 18th.I will also be at the Journal of East Asian Numismatics (iAsure Group) booth for the debut of this new book~!

05 May 2022

Silver Shortage Not True

Coins | Mike

Hi ! We have herd all sorts of stories about a silver shortage. I have been investigating this for three months and now have the answer. I received my magazine Numismatic News. Was I shocked. There is no above ground silver shortage. But that's what every dealer on t.v. and elsewhere will tell you. The government years ago put four statues tying the hands of the mint. I believe the mint has told the 18 bulk sellers to say there is a silver shortage. With a glass and enlarging the article you will see the important four. One in particular. The Bill states that the mint can of buy silver a certain price over spot. Now we know about paper silver sold on Wall street.That has upped the spot almost 200%. The government will not lower this because the national debt is 30 trillion dollars. The other three are basically the same. No silver in any form. Planchets or bars. They will not even lower it. So what happens coins like the Morgan and Peace dollar have already been cancelled. The Purple Heart they have no idea when they will be shipped. Remember this was a pre-sale. Not cheep either. Almost 100.00 for one the other one I think I sells for 72.00. I see higher prices.Medals as you know are selling for 160.00. The choice of coins I believe will be limited.. There selling the Eagles made at different mints in sets of five from last year to this year. The end of last year. So as the heading says the government has tied the mints hands. I'm sorry you might not be able to read it but its there in black and white. I will try and get a better picture. They can't buy bar silver and make there own planchets. How long will this go on? No one knows. So the factors are the four statues ,Wall street driving up the spot. This leeds to more counterfeiting as you read in the last one. Please enlarge the picture. Use a magnifying glass but its there. Please try and read this. It affects us all! Remember Eagles were 49.00 went to 69.00 today 89.00. Were will it stop?

04 May 2022

YN Auction Review #5, May 2022

Coins | CheerioCoins

Welcome back to the fifth YN auction review I’ve done so far. I hope any YN who read this will consider bidding on one of the lots and knowing what they are bidding on. All of the lots this month were really good so let’s get to that review!

02 May 2022


Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. This will be my last blog for about two weeks. Surgery on cataracts. But it's very important. Just look at the add below. This showed up on the net and magazines. Yes its on the rise at an alarming rate. Why no silver. That's what they say. The truth is the government passed four statutes tying the mints hand from buying silver. One the important one statues they shall not buy silver a certain price over spot. This was driven up by paper silver sold on wall street. The fact were 30 trillion in debt has a direct bearing on this. You can enlarge the article about the add. Enlarge it. That's why programs have been cancelled. The two Morgan's for this year gone. There will be more. Now this has gone up because of the mints hands being tied. They are not allowed to buy silver a certain price over spot. This has gone up because of paper silver sold on Wall street. They will not relax this statue because we are30 trillion in debt. So for one action there is a reaction. Counterfeiting. It has gone up at an enormous rate. You can read part of the article if you blow it up.

27 Apr 2022

1883 “V” Nickle NO CENTS

Coins | user_18906

This 1883 V nickel were only made in one year and that year is 1883. There were 5,474,300 nickels made at the Philadelphia mint and surprisingly they are made out of 75% copper and 25% nickel. The maker of this coin is named Charles E. Barber

27 Apr 2022

1853 sitting liberty dime w/ arrows VAR III

Coins | user_18906

This dime was made in 1853 in Philadelphia. This year the Philadelphia mint only made 12,078,010 of them. The designers of this dime are Robert ball Hughes and Christian Gobrecht.

26 Apr 2022

Bank Dump Bin Score!!

Coins | CC

Hello coin collectors! this is my second post, and I wanted to give you this (hopefully) helpful coin collecting tip!I had watched a video about someone who had gone to the bank and asked them if he could go through their reject coins (coin that are damaged, oddly sized, magnetic, anything like that). He found a bunch of Ikes, and a silver eagle!! I thought to myself, why don't I try? So I went to the bank, and asked the lady if they had a "dump bin." She said that they didn't, but they have a big magnet in their coin counter to catch foreign coins. She let me look through those and keep whatever I wanted, because they throw it all away afterwards. So I did, and scored a lot of foreign coins! I haven't tried the other bank yet, but I want to soon. Ask your banks about their dump bins! Thanks for reading!!


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