25 Mar 2020

Elizabeth ll Hong Kong 10 cent coin

Coins | user_17215

My name is Drake. I am New here and I was wondering why does a 1959 Hong Kong ten cents coin has a poirtrit of Queen Elizibeth the second Thank you.

25 Mar 2020

The Man Behind The U.S. Mint

Coins | Long Beard

When one thinks of how The United States Mint came to be visions of Thomas Jefferson are surely at the forefront of those thoughts. While indeed he had played a pivotalrole in the establishment, credit for it's true creator has become shadowed. An English born Philadelphian of wealth and integrity dedicated not only to the cause of American Independence but a financial stability which must coexist. Enjoy!

24 Mar 2020

Should I Collect or Sell Bullion during the period of COVID-19?

Coins | user_77959

With the lowering cost of bullion lately because of COVID-19, many people are flocking to the US Mint and dealer to collect tons of bullion. As of 3/24/2020, the price of silver is$13.69, and the price of gold is$1,567.55. These are some lows for silver, and it is pretty low for gold. So, should I buy bullion during this time?PRO- Low CostJust like the stock market, the rule with precious metals is to buy low and sell at a profit. Now would be a great time to invest in some ASE's or Gold Eagles. Also, collectors for circulation coins like Morgan or Peace dollars could benefit from the low price of silver right now.CON- UncertaintyWhen COVID-19 deaths seemed to level off in late February, the prices seem to stabilize and rise a little. But after the huge spike of fatalities from COVID, the prices plunged even further. Now would not be a good time to sell Franklin Mint Medals, as they are only worth the cost of the silver contained inside of them. Sellers may want to be cautious selling, as another death spike (743 dead in Italy today) could set silver and gold prices down even further.WHATS THE CALL?If you are not worried about the fluctuations in the market, by all means, buy some bullion. But if you are a seller, DON"T DO IT. If you've already made a serious move to sell to someone, you're going to lose quite a bit of money.

24 Mar 2020

Ok. I Will Ask. How Has the Virus Hurt Your Collecting.?

Coins | Mike B

First my praters go with you all. Stay healthy. As far as every day collecting things i would be normally doing. I have becomed house broken. My doctor has put three weeks in house because i have a bad imune system. But they are not going to beat this killer in two three weeks. So i cant send my 24 tokens out to NGC. . They take time so im mising out. It took a long time to get some of these beauties. Second i was boxing two coins to Heritage the prices over all were not good. So i decided after packaging two hours if you ever sent anything they sent two pages of instructions. One box inside another, both taped heavenly. . So i cant go to the post office there paxkaged to go but there not going i watced an auction the peices they wanted they did not receive. So im not taking a loss. Im also not buying. I did hit an auction three items. Expensive. I got them for half. It has upset even ebay.. Most of you have dealers where you live. Some have closed those that are opening may be price goughing some have retained there honesty. That affects you not me . There is not one for miles and miles from me. Call first to make sure there open. Its not going to be along one. I wrote how it has affected me. Seems small. Well those two coins going to Heritage has hurt me at a time i could more than a few bucks. So many mom and pop stores closed. I am nit getting regular mail. So im not ordering anything. Thats another problem.. Those are a few things that keep me going.. Please list some of the things that has affected you. Were i live not one. Not a sigle case. I walk out that door my luck a few days i will have it. I dont believe it. Yes and staying in can get the better on you. Fidgety how many coins can you look over and ober your coins. I found my self watching Hogans Hero's for you yns this was a show before your time and histerical after that F.Troop. Who can forget that. Those are two shows i recomend. They had me laughing. So try something like np watching something besides the news. Stay healthy Do Not Become Complacent. Thats when it will get you. My prayers are with us all. I feel like prison with no bars and the chair at the end of the hall. Good nuck to everyone. Thanks Mike

23 Mar 2020

What am I saving up for?

Coins | Ty Guy

I looked on eBay last week and I saw a amazing PL 1882 CC and that is what I am will be saving up for! I am very excited to get that coin later in June when I am all finally saved up 222 dollars. It will be very exciting when I get that coin! YAY!!

23 Mar 2020


Coins | user_63621

Just dropping in to introduce myself. I'm Ricky, 25 y/o from Georgia. I was just recently introduced to coin collecting and I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone!

20 Mar 2020

Newfoundland to Hawaii? I guess so.

Coins | Mokester

So, I was at my local coin shop about two months ago, waiting to make a purchase when I noticed the pictured book, Hawaiian Money: Standard Catalog, 2nd Edition, sitting on the book rack. I leafed through it briefly but put it back, made my purchase and left the shop. About a week later, after thinking about the book quite incessantly, I went back to the coin shop, plunked down 25 bucks and walked away with my treasure. It sat on the bookshelf for a few weeks until I took it out and started reading it about two weeks ago. Bottom line, this is a fascinating book about all manner of Hawaiian money from the actual minted Cent through Dollar, to the patterns, to the medals, transportation tokens, plantation tokens, store tokens, and lots of other stuff too numerous to mention. A fun addition to your library whether you have a real interest or not.

19 Mar 2020

Eye appeal is always my first consideration

Coins | World_Coin_Nut

I am a big fan of 3rd Party grading but it can make us (including me) lazy at times. We are told constantly buy the coin, not the holder. It sounds good but we don't always listen.I really like perusing the better online auction sites because typically the main picture is viewed without the grade being obvious. If a coin isn't appealing, I keep on scrolling.The 2 coins below were both in the Heritage NY sale in January. It's a design I have been interested in but hadn't acquired yet. It's unusual for me to find 2 coins of the same variety in the same auction for me to compare side by side. Both of these were designated KM# A907. The first coin is dated 1741. The following one is dated 1742. They were consecutive lots in the auction. Below are the lot descriptions and pictures.Coin #1Saxony. Friedrich August II "Vicariat" 1/2 Taler 1741 MS63+ PCGS, KM-A907. Markedly sharp in the peripheral features with the slightest softness atop the highest points of the central devices, this charming 1/2 taler clearly owes its plus classification to radiant gold and cobalt tones as well as comparatively clean surfaces.Coin #2Saxony. Friedrich August II "Vicariat" 1/2 Taler 1742 MS64 NGC, Dresden mint, KM-A907. Vicariat issue, two year type. D G FRID AUG REX POL DUX SAX ARCHIMARESCHALL & ELECT Friedrich August II with sword in hand, on rearing horse right / IN PROVINCIIS IUR SAXON PROVISOR ET VICARIUS Empty throne on dias with symbols of office. Crisp legends and edge reeding, beautiful olive-gray toning with gold and red shades accenting, and very clean unmarked fields with a bit of weakness in center of coin strike.It's irrelevant but did 2 different people write the lot descriptions?Anyway, both coins sold for the exact same price. Coin #1 is now mine and I never seriously considered bidding on coin #2. Both coins have the same catalog value but it looks like the 1741 shows up in auctions more often which may be part of the reason the prices ended up the same. I myself only wanted an example of the type. It's possible somebody out there really "needed" a 1742.The statement "a bit of weakness in center of coin strike" is a bit inaccurate in my opinion.I have to mention that, in my mind, the grade on both would make one assume that neither piece was in circulation. Coin #1 does appear to have some rub on the high points. Maybe the grader considered it cabinet friction. I'm not good enough to distinguish between the two.I don't agree or disagree with the designated grades. I have sent enough similar material in that I think I have a good feel for what the graders are looking for. This is a good example of why the stated grade should only be one factor to consider when making a purchase. Use your head and make your own decision when making a purchase.

16 Mar 2020

Book Review - Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties The VAM Keys

Coins | JudeA

This book is called, Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties - The VAM Keys. It was written by Michael Fey and Jeff Oxman in 2009. This book focuses on the top 100 Morgan Dollar VAMs. It is a very informative book that explains everything great. It explains what exactly a VAM is, different ways to collect them, tools that you should have to collect them, and other helpful info. The book gives pictures and information on all of the Top 100 VAMs. The chapter has detailed die markers and tells exactly where to find the VAM. If you are a beginning VAM collector and want to know the ropes then this is a great book. The book is also good for advanced collectors who want a more in depth guide. The book is tiny and sturdy as well. It is a spiral bound book, so you can lay it open when searching for VAMs. Overall, this book is a real help for me and any serious or beginning VAM collector.


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