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21 Mar 2017

RARE No strap Canada Pl coins

Coins | user_2428

Before 1953 Canada minted regular strike & specimen proof coins. A specimen proof is double struck but usually not as lusterous as an USA proof coin.

16 Mar 2017

What got me started in coin collecting

Coins | user_7361

I remember my friend and I went shopping at an antique shop, just to shop for antiques. My friend is not a coin collector but had a few old coins. While at the antique shop my friend bought me a walking liberty half dollar, nothing valuable and also gave me my first silver certificate. After receiving that coin and silver certificate I became hooked on coin and currency collecting. I love it. And to this day I'm still very active in collecting and love sharing my knowledge with others. I remember I was at an auction previewing coins and I had a young person ask me questions about coin collecting and what books I use. It felt great to be able to share knowledge to a young collector. I remember when I was in his shoes starting out in the hobby. This hobby has proven to be interesting, fun and rewarding at the same time. So to all my fellow collectors, I would love to hear what got you started in the coin collecting hobby?

12 Mar 2017

You Don't Know What Your Buying Part Two

Coins | Mike Burn

This is more for your information. It contains information I learned today. Remember the special mint sets. 1965,66,67. Well they never really took off. For some reason the price was right. I think about thirty dollars for all three when I bought them. Now I knew I would never get rich of them but I liked them and it kept the sets going. Now these were not he best quality but the Kennedy was still forty percent silver. The problem was buying the so called good sets. Well today while reading the Nemismatic News online I found an article that said the Kennedy use to go for two dollars and fifty cents is now in the 1967 set up to almost twenty dollars in M.S.65. Now I picked out three sets and sent them in. Believe it I was shocked all came back M.S. 67. So to continue on what I had written before you never know what's going to go up and why. Did I get rich. No. But it was something that caught my attention. So I bought them. And at least I got my money back. Now that you can't complain about. So if you see something out there with a good price and you like it buy it. Who knows what will happen. The last time in 2014 I bought the P and D Kennedy set. Wrote a blog on that. Very cheep. Now depending on the grade I have seen them seen for over two thousand a piece. Now that's my point. Know one has a crystal ball. Have a good one Mike. And keep shopping!

10 Mar 2017

Use your eyes, with help

Coins | CoinLady

Collectors use their eyes so much. Besides examining coins, there are magazines and newspapers to read, auction catalogs, research. Many collectors, especially older people, wear glasses or some type of corrective lenses.

07 Mar 2017

Coins We Like But Out Of Reach

Coins | Mike Burn

Hi everyone. How many times have you tried to complete a collection but that last coin is out of our budget. It's happened to me and I wonder if I will ever get it. We get many hobby magazines in the mail and the first page is always high priced coins. Either rare gold or silver. That can be depressing. I always wonder why everyone has to advertise there most expensive coins and not coins that we can collect. Just wish we could. Then there are the magazines that charge sometimes ten to Lord knows how much above spot. They really get to me. I have heard well they have overhead and this and that. That's true but to charge a hundred and seventy five dollars for silver selling at seventeen dollars I just don't understand. There are dealers who have been in the community and know you who are willing to work with you. Then there are shows. I have found over the years collectors will do what they can to get the highest price. This I don't understand. Let's face it. The coins we would like to collect are out of our budget. I have found by putting away extra money and this may take a while that you might be able to save for that coin you need. The mints around the world have been in this business for a while. It's called low mintages. They found out by making only lets say a thousand coins they will sell fast. They will because something inside us tells us we better buy it now.


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