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20 Oct 2017

U.S. Mint 50 State Quarters Program; Alabama, Missouri

Coins-United States | LillianDubuque

When I opened my 50 state quarters 2003 proof set for 2003, I was mesmerized by the artwork and history behind each coin. Out of the five coins that I received, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri and Arkansas, I was really struck by the reverse of the Alabama coin and the picture of Helen Keller. Coins represent so much history. No, this was not an investment (unless you bought the silver proof set) but I am really enjoying taking in the art and history behind each commemorative coin.

19 Oct 2017

Palladium and perfect

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Great trip downtown today, including a trip to the coin shop. I spent some time there, browsing, chatting, and the conversation turned to the new palladium coin with the Mercury dime design. I saw one and held it.

14 Oct 2017

Coin perfect. Show not!

Coins-United States | CoinLady

I do not remember when the first Kennedy half dollars were released, but I do remember that the public loved these coins and saved them. This pretty much ended the circulation of the half dollar.

13 Oct 2017

1922 MS-63 VAM-7.1 DDR TOP 50

Coins-United States | Longstrider

This coin features two of my favorite things: Peace Dollars and VAM's. This particular VAM is in the Top 50. That is simply a list of 50 Peace Dollar varieties that are worth collecting and create a worthwhile set to acquire and own. It helps collectors of Peace Dollar varieties focus. The 1922 Peace Dollar has a mintage of 51,737,000. This makes it one of the most common. There is also a 1922 High-Relief and Satin Finish but they are so rare as to be non-existent for a normal collector. Anthony de Francisci was the designer with his wife Theresa posing as Miss Liberty. My coin is a MS-63. Graded by ANACS, which is probably the most common TPG for VAM's as they do the varieties the other graders will not. This VAM is a 7.1 which means , on the reverse, there is strong doubling on the eagle's right wing edge down the legwith slight doubling of the right leg. There is also fine diagonal polish lines above TRV on the obverse. These facts mean it was minted with the earliest die state, Die State 1. There is a bit of toning starting to appear on both sides of this coin. This VAM was discovered in 1993 by Joseph Feld. Anyone can discover a new VAMvariety. Keep looking and send it into the people at Vamworld. I hope you enjoy this coin as much as I do and learned something. Keep those comments coming. Thanks for looking.

10 Oct 2017

Ideas, please!

Coins-United States | CoinLady

I was inspired by the recent blog on modern US coin designs. I commented that the old designs have been in use for decades, and it's definitely time for a change. Check the figures...Lincoln on the cent since 1909, 108 years. Jefferson nickel, nearly 80 years. Roosevelt dime, 71 years, without any changes in design at all. Washington quarter, 85 years. Kennedy half dollar, 53 years.

08 Oct 2017

Quality of newer coins

Coins-United States | user_9894

Okay, I have been looking at some of the newer coins being produce in the U. S. and to tell you the truth, they are disappointing. The designs are terrible, flat and uninspiring. The Lincoln cent reverse is flat, the Jefferson Nickel is flat on the obverse and reverse and the state quarters are the same. They resemble toy tokens at best. The coins have none of the sculpturing of the past. Yes, I said past, are we to be dumbed down like the students coming out of high school? Quality doesn't count for anything? Script writing is old fashioned? No one left behind? These are the coming generations of "leaders" we will have to put up with? Are the universities turning out the type of people who can carry on the traditions of those who came before? Just look at the cars we drive today, they change the body style to attract the specific demographic that spends the most. The style of the cars being sold today has a lot to do with the computer games these kids are playing. Are our coins going to go the same way? This rant will be continued...

06 Oct 2017

The coin appraisal that wasn't

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Some time ago, a co-worker mentioned that she had a box full of "old Lincoln pennies." They were all wheat back cents. She said she had owned the coins for years and wondered what they were worth. She didn't want to take the coins to a coin shop, as she feared they wouldn't give her a fair price. I offered to look at the coins and give her some idea of their worth, if there were any scarce coins. She said OK.

02 Oct 2017

Sunday coin show

Coins-United States | user_9894

Visited the Cleveland coin show held 1st Sunday of each month at the American Legion hall, by the Cleveland airport. Spent a couple of hours browsing the many coins available. Came home with a nice bu 1955D quarter to fill a slot. Great weather and great day.


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