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23 Feb 2017

Window shopping

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While shopping downtown the other day, I stopped at my favorite coin shop. Just looking at the window displays does a numismatist good! There are complete and partial sets, modern issues, commems, coins of the world.

22 Feb 2017

Happy Birthday, Washington!

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Today is the actual birthday, not day observed, of George Washington. Medals of Washington were the most popular numismatic collectable 150 years ago. Many medals and tokens featuring our first president were minted and continue to be available today. A beautiful reference book, Medallic Portraits of Washington, lists most of these medals and tokens.

16 Feb 2017

An underappreciated sculptor

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Isaac Scott Hathaway designed two US commemorative coins: the Booker T. Washington half dollar, minted from 1946-1951; and the Washington/Carver half dollar, minted from 1951-1954. He was an outstanding artist, sculptor, and educator.

13 Feb 2017

rarest coin

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

i recently acquired my rarest coins yet, by that i mean the coin with the lowest mintage. this coin is, as you can see in the picture, the 2009 satin proof cents (P and D mints). the total mintage for each of the 8 coins was 784,614. (the 2 2009 nickels from the 2 mints also have the same mintage). before these coins my 1996-W dime had the lowest mintage of about 1.5 million and my lowest circulated mintage coin is a buffalo nickel with the mintage of a little over 4 million. it is a great start and i am thinking on focusing on a small or short series soon and acquiring the best possible from that set (like V-nickels, silver roosevelts, or ikes)

12 Feb 2017

Happy birthday, Lincoln!

Coins-United States | CoinLady

On this day, Lincoln's birthday, it would be appropriate to mention one collector's experience in collecting Lincoln items.

05 Feb 2017

2018 National Park quarters

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

this past coin club meeting i managed to get my hands on some of the paper copies of the Numismatist and Coin World which are much better paper than digital but for now i can't get printed copies (in the future i plan to be a life member, which will be when i get a job, still in high school) but any way in the 2016 August Numismatist magazine they had a short article and pictures of the upcoming designs for the 2018 national park coins (page 25). the coins look really cool and i would say my favorite one is the Georgia, Cumberland Island national park that displays a turtle. the coin is absolutely gorgeous and really hope that they keep that design and don't switch it with another one.

04 Feb 2017

War nickels

Coins-United States | CoinLady

The Jefferson nickels struck in Wartime alloy (copper-silver-manganese) form a set-within-a-set that is interesting to the historian, the WWII buff, and the collector. Only eleven coins are in the set, 1942-1945, P-D-S.They can be collected in circulated condition or all in Mint State. And they are a special set, as the coins havea large mintmark on the reverse, above Monticello, including the Philadelphia Mint issues.

03 Feb 2017

Complete sets

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Many collectors believe the thrill is in the chase, to take time putting together a set of Lincoln cents, Morgan dollars, whatever your favorite series is. But buying a complete set of coins at once can be fun and lead to a good collecting experience.


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