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09 Dec 2017

*1783 Nova Constellatio Pattern*

Coins-United States | Kepi

I added this unique piece to my collection a few months ago when I won it at auction! I think this coin is so cool! It is a 1783 Nova Constellatio Pattern Coin. Pointed Rays, Small US. This one is graded by PCGS as Genuine with Environmental Damage-VF Detail. I researched for more information on this piece, but didn't find out to much. What I did learn was that it represents one of the first patterns for coinage in the United States. It was designed by Benjamin Dudley for Gouverneur Morris to carry out his ideas for a decimal coinage system. These pattern pieces were the first attempt at a decimal ratio and were the forerunners of our present system of money values. Ultimately these coins never advanced beyond the pattern stage. These all had the date of 1783. That's it folks...and most of that came from the Red Book. All I know is that is beautiful and very old! If anyone can add more information about this coin please feel free to do so. Thanks for your comments!

09 Dec 2017

A complete gift

Coins-United States | CoinLady

When considering holiday gifts, there's nothing like a set of coins. No, I'm not thinking of a museum-quality collection, but a set of coins that a budding collector or history buff could find interesting.

06 Dec 2017

So many stories, so little time

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Recently I looked over my writing projects from the past year and thought of what I want to write about next year and beyond. There are always many ideas, besides keeping up with the latest news and discoveries. The coin hobby is never boring!

05 Dec 2017

Great Confusion

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

In the numismatic field there are numerous great and wondrous coins but then there are those that just dont even come close and make you question who thought it would be a good idea. if you haven't guessed it yet i am talking about the Susan B Anthony Dollar (SBA). this was the mints attempt on making a modern silver dollar and they made it a few millimeters larger than a quarter so as not to be confused (which it was confused and still is confused as one). also they were going to have the coin (like many Canadian coins) have a octagonal edge (maybe more flat sides) but instead of placing this characteristic on it they just made a design into the coin that made it look like it should have sides but still round (see pic).

04 Dec 2017

Year End Reflections

Coins-United States | Peace Silver

Hi this is favorite month of the year. Year is almost over so I could reflect the current year and get to start thinking about upcoming year. Here are few questions for you:1) What was your best numismatic purchases for this year?2) What are your numismatic goals for next year?Mine was being able to purchase Dansco 7070 album so I could start the US Type Set. I look forward to working on getting my Peace silver dollar collection going next year.

03 Dec 2017


Coins-United States | CoinLady

It's the end of the year, time to think about what was accomplished and not accomplished. The other day I went to lunch with a friend who owns a bookstore. He spoke of what he wants for his store in 2018. I mentioned a few book projects I was considering. As a bookseller, he had an opinion on what kind of novel project I should work on next. I got home and looked over my work in 2017 and thought of what to do in 2017.

30 Nov 2017

1888 VAM-11A MORGAN TOP 100

Coins-United States | Longstrider

Today I would like to share one of my Morgan dollar VAM's. Below I show aMorgan 1888 VAM-11A DBL EAR TOP 100. Now allow me to decipher. This is a Morgan dollar minted in 1888 in Philadelphia hence no mintmark. It is a VAM 11-A which means it has a doubled ear. It also has an incused "n" and a partial incused "I" of "in" next to the head/neck area of Liberty. There are also heavy incused die clash marks around her lips. All these incused marks were created when the top and bottom die "clash" together with no planchet between them. The Top 100 is a list of, in this case, 100 Morgan varieties. It was created in 1996 to help get VAM collectors refocused into collecting only the most popular and significant varieties. It was hoped to stop"micro-vamming" which is the search for lesser, insignificant varieties. It has been a huge success as there are tons and tons of VAM Morgan and Peace dollars. This AU 58 is enclosed in an ANACS holder. ANACS is very common for grading and encapsulating VAM varieties, that the other 2 major third party graders will not. I also chose this coin for the nice toning around the edges and rim of the coin. I like the grade, AU 58, as it is still almost mint state, yet I can imagine objects or services this Morgan may have purchased.. It still has quite a bit of luster and cartwheel on it.. Nice grade in my opinion. I won this particular coin at an auction for a very reasonable amount of money. I believe now is a good time to check out online auction, as many people are saving up for upcoming major shows like the FUN show in January. Thanks for looking. I hope you learned something new and enjoyed the photos. Please feel free to comment.

29 Nov 2017

What is rare?

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Collectors hear the term "rare" all the time. This coin is rare, that coin is rare. But what is the definition of rare?

28 Nov 2017

Worthwhile subject

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Two Moon was one of the three models for the Buffalo nickel. He was from the Territory of Montana, a Northern Cheyenne.

25 Nov 2017

Thoughts upon a proof set

Coins-United States | CoinLady

United States proof sets are beautiful and well-made. They represent the finest modern coinage art. Strong strikes, showing all details, with shimmering mirror-like fields and frosted devices, a proof set shows off coins at their best.


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