22 Mar 2019

Fanfare for the common coin

Coins-United States | CoinLady

If every coin was a rarity, what would we spend?If every coin was a key date, what would happen to collecting?Common coins are there. They are everywhere. Found in change, in piggy banks, tossed into a fountain to make a wish. Most people spend them without a second thought.Collectors check coins. They check their change. They get rolls of coins from the bank to look for varieties, errors, maybe a silver coin or two. Every collector started by picking out common coins from circulation or learning about coins given as gifts. They fill in holes in an album with many common coins. It's all part of building a set.A set of Lincoln cents, no matter the date span, will include quite a few common coins. The same goes for Roosevelt dimes, Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels, whatever the collector likes. Perhaps it can be said that every coin in certain sets is common.There would be no coin collecting without common coins. Every coin has a history. Most coins have passed through many hands.Appreciate those common coins too.

12 Mar 2019

2019 W Penny

Coins-United States | jsheng

The U.S. Mint recently revealed that they were selling 2019 W Pennies as a part of their 2019 proof set, which can be found here at their website:https://catalog.usmint.gov/proof-set-2019-19RG.html . These pennies produced from the West Point Mint are special because the West Point Mint is known for producing commemoratives, such as the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, or other special collector's coins, such as the American Eagles. They normally don't produce standard coinage such as pennies. Prior to 2019, West Point did not make pennies. They did, however, produce a commemorative 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt dime in 1996. In 2014, they produced a W Kennedy Half Dollar to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy half Dollar. In 2015, they produced more W dimes along with W dollars to commemorate the March of Dimes. This is the first time they are producing pennies.

12 Mar 2019

Why not more popular?

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Had a great day downtown today. Best lunch of the year, so far, served by my favorite waiter. Of course, a stop at the coin shop was on the agenda.

09 Mar 2019

First Coins of the Denver Mint

Coins-United States | Michael Marotta

The fact was revealed at a meeting of the ANA member Capital City Coin Club of Austin, Texas. Club member Kurt Baty spoke on "United States Coins and Mints." "It started with a rather simple question," Kurt Baty explained. "If I wanted to have a U.S. Mint mintmark set, what could it look like?" What would be the fewest coin types to meet the challenge? On the other hand, could you assemble eight different coins, one from each of the eight Mints? What if you wanted to show the first coin struck by each?

07 Mar 2019

In love again

Coins-United States | CoinLady

The first coin I bought was a well worn 1907 Indian cent, for 25c. I did not become that involved with that series, although I always liked Indian cents.

05 Mar 2019


Coins-United States | Longstrider

Well today I picked up my latest VAM, a 1923-VAM 1V-EXTRA HAIR. It is another Elite 30. It also is another in my sub-set collection of all the Top 50/Elite 30 Extra Hair varieties. I was able to purchase this directly from another member of Vam World 2.0 for a nice price. Thanks Aussie. I hope I'm not boring everyone with sharing my VAM collection coins. I'm very proud of them.

02 Mar 2019


Coins-United States | Longstrider

If you have been reading my blogs for a while you are probably aware that I am a collector of VAM silver dollars. Lately I am trying to concentrate on Peace Dollars. I am trying for what is called a Top 50 set and an Elite 30 set. These are just a made up number of nice VAM’s that are visible to the naked eye. I am even doing a more tightly done set of the VAMs that are sometimes called Extra Hair varieties. Sometimes, while on the hunt, I get VAM Fever. Yes there is such a thing and I have it bad. When that happens I end up with a specimen that may not be seen as easily. That is what happened here.

01 Mar 2019

It's March!

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Today is March 1, finally! Hopefully spring will make an appearance soon. It's also my lucky month. Something good happens in March.

28 Feb 2019

ANACS Washington, DC

Coins-United States | pennysworth

Is there anyone on here old enough to remember when you could get coins certified by ANACS in Washington, DC. They would send you a black and white photograph with information on reverse of photo.

26 Feb 2019

Numismatic Superlatives

Coins-United States | ANAStaff

Discussions about superlatives like “first,” “most” and “largest” are entertaining when used to describe any subject. They are especially interesting in a numismatic context because there isn’t always a consensus about which objects deserve superlative status.


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