22 Sep 2020

God Of War

Coins-World | Doug S.

Hi All,I bought this thing a few years ago. I don't normally buy coins that aren't US collectible. But this one jumped out at me. Only a Mintage of 500.2 OZ. silver made by the Polish Mint. Opinions?? Nuie Islands which I understand is a Commonwealth country affiliated with Great Britain.RegardsDougPS couldn't get the photo to not appear sideways.

13 Sep 2020

The Rarest Canadian

Coins-World | Mokie

There are many U.S. coins that have sold for over 1 million dollars and in fact, some of them have sold for at least that amount on several occasions. When I speak of million dollar coins the 1913 nickel, the 1933 Double Eagle, the 1804 Dollar, the 1894-S dime, and the 1794 Dollar come readily to mind. One reason for this is their obvious scarcity but another less obvious reason is the overall U.S. collector base which is arguably the largest in the world. Most of these collectors are of relatively modest means but some of them are fabulously wealthy and can afford a million-dollar coin as easily as I can afford a hundred-dollar coin.

11 Sep 2020

Modern Japanese Commemoratives - Okinawa

Coins-World | Mokie

I was born on the island of Okinawa while it was still under the administration of the U.S. Military, but I have no memory of it since I left the island at the age of 5 months. I have lived on the main Japanese island of Honshu and have also visited there since leaving for the United States. But despite my very short and very forgotten memories of Okinawa, I still have a real feeling of kinship with the people of that island.

09 Sep 2020

Third Reich Coin Project

Coins-World | user_55494

Hello, my name is Ellis Landauer and I am a 15 year old member of the ANA and the Youth Numismatist program. I am a Jew and much of my family history lays in Germany and parts of Europe. Being that I am Jewish and of European descent, my family unfortunately had a run in with the Nazi's and their Third Reich regime. My project is to use the money I acquired from my Bar-Mitzvah a few years ago to buy Third Reich coins off of auction sites and donate them to Holocaust Museums and memorials instead of letting the coins going into the hands of Nazi sympathizers and other anti-Semites. My first and most recent set of coins I acquired was a group of 2 and 5 Reichsmark coins dating from 1935 to 1939, all years the Nazi party was in power, and all years the Jews were being discriminated against and killed from the Nuremberg laws set during late 1935. I have already messaged a few Holocaust Museums regarding loaning the coins for an exhibit. In addition, I found many coins from the German Empire, specifically 1/2 Marks, and 1 Mark coins which museums also enjoy to present because of the "life before" aspect of the coins history. Throughout the 30+ coins from my recent purchase from a police auction site, over 5 of them were rated Almost Circulated or better, which in my opinion is outstanding considering they range from 1875-1939. In addition to purchasing Nazi artifacts (specifically coins), I have also searched the internet looking for coins and artifacts from private sellers asking them to please either take down the artifacts (as to not profit from the torture of millions of people), or to send them to me so I can add it to my donation project. Not to my surprise, all of the private companies either ignored me or hung up from my calls almost immediately after mentioning donations. I just could not understand how people would want to profit from the demise of millions and the continuing suffering from anti-Semitic acts, to this day. If anybody has any sort of Nazi memorabilia of any type, or artifacts of any type in addition to Jewish artifacts from the concentration camps and ghettos(many military members who helped liberate the camps and ghettos kept photographs or memorabilia, and many people still have them today) , I would very much appreciate it if you would consider lending them to your local Holocaust Museum or Memorial or even large museums such as ones in Washington DC, New York, Germany, or even Israel. If you know of any auction sites, or private sellers that sell items that meet the criteria I mentioned, please email me atellislandauer@gmail.com or message or call me at 786-403-8418 Thank you for reading this :)-Ellis Landauer

04 Sep 2020

Brit-Asia: My personal collection of Hong Kong coins

Coins-World | CoinsInHK

Hello fellow numismatists!In my last blog post, I talked about the history of Hong Kong's coins. Today I would like to share some of the older coins from my personal collection with you. Most of the coins have a young Queen Elizabeth II on them, but one has King George V portrayed on the reverse. I've also placed the coins next to some modern coinage so you can see the differences clearer. Other than that, "That's all, folks!"

28 Aug 2020

A New Challenge

Coins-World | Mokie

During the 19th and early 20th Century it was said The Sun Never Set on the British Empire. Of course, World War I bled the British Empire almost dry, troops from Canada, India, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand joining British Troops in the blood baths of Yrpes, Gallipoli, and the Somme. World War II, with it equally titanic battles signaled the death knell of the Empire with former colonial holdings gaining their independence and joining the Commonwealth, a mostly economic coalition of former British Colonies in the years since World War II.

23 Aug 2020

French Protectorate Coinage

Coins-World | Stumpy

My Dad was in North Africa and Italy with a B-24 Bomb Group during WWII, he found and sent a few things home to his Dad in Alabama. Growing up, my Dad and Granddad would sometimes pull out the “ole stuff” and tell some interesting story behind it. This coin is and always has been one of my favorites. Memories alone make this coin priceless to me. This is my first attempt to share some of my love for older US and World coins, I hope I do it justice.

24 Jul 2020


Coins-World | Longstrider

I picked up an interesting coin the other day I want to share here. It is a 2020 Samoa Silver 2 Tala. It is a one ounce of 99.999 silver, non-circulating but legal tender coin. It caught my eye for a few reasons. First it has an antique silver finish. I always wanted to see one of these in my hand. Next and most important it features a dragon-like reptile on it. I'm a dragon freak.

21 Jul 2020

Where Does Your Passion Lie?

Coins-World | Mokie

One of the quandaries of our hobby is what to collect next. I recently purchased a Franklin Half Album but I have no passion for Franklins and only bought the album because I thought it would be cheap as there are know keys in the regular PDS series. I also bought another Peace Dollar Album, so I would have a second set in an album, I filled up about a third of the album with extra unslabbed dollars but again, I have no real will to continue.

20 Jul 2020

What started your interest in collecting coins?

Coins-World | Vailen

I am always curious about how people became interested in collecting coins. My first experience was during my childhood. My father traveled often to other countries and oftentimes brought me currency, both coins and paper currency, as a gift when he returned home. He then purchased my first commemorative coin in 1982. I have been collecting coins on and off ever since.


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