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21 May 2018


Coins-World | Longstrider

Today I would like to share a unique auction win that just about finishes off my tax refund splurge. I have some difficulty in getting info on this coin but I will do my best. Below are the photos of my new 2013 New Zealand $1. It is part of New Zealand's tribute to Maori art in the form of a Koru. I am going to touch lightly on the significance of this legend in the Maori religion. It is very rich and I recommend anyone interested to research it further. This coin represents the Koru as the unfurling of the silver fern fond. The Koru is a symbol used to represent creation and an ever changing life that somehow remains the same. The Tane-Mahuta, also shown on the reverse, is the god of man forests. Creating the world of light. I apologize to any mistakes I wrote here. The obverse of the coin depicts Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by here name and the date and "NEW ZEALAND'. The specs of this coin are as follows. It is one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. It is about the same diameter of a Morgan Dollar, 38 mm.. The mintage was only 2000 pieces. This particular coin is a beautiful PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO. NGC has only graded three of these coins. One higher and one lower than mine. With such a low mintage I feel lucky to have won it. Personally I never saw one before and enjoy gazing into all the patterns of curls and swirls. Thanks for looking. Please feel free to comment.

17 May 2018


Coins-World | Longstrider

   I’m going to take a break from my Civil War collection and show you a coin from one of my other interests, old Mexican Silver coins. This blog also kind of ties in with Mike’s blog of May 15th. On improperly cleaned coins. Below I have an example of a 1932 silver Un Peso. It has a “M’ mintmark meaning it was made at the Mexico City mint. This coin falls into what is called the Cap and Rays variety. This variety is one of my favorites. As you can see the  coin was graded by PCGS as Genuine with Surface Damage. The damage is on the obverse with a gouge above the snakes head and through the word Unidos. This caused the coin to sell below melt. Personally, I don’t see much difference between this and a Morgan with heavy coin contact marks on it. Just me. The coin has plenty of original mint luster on it. Someone took good care of it except for that gouge. It’s a personal choice of whether you can live with a “damaged” coin or not. Now to the coin design. The obverse has the Mexican national coat of arms above a spray of oak and laurel with the legend ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS near the top. Translated United States of Mexico. Divided by the eagles head is the silver purity, 0.7 and 20. The reverse is an open oak and laurel wreath below with the date 1932 above, then UN PESO then the mintmark “M”. Above all that is the Cap with LIBERTAD written on it and all the rays. Across the edge is the lettering INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD meaning Independence and Liberty. The coin is a nice 34 mm and weighs 16.6 grams. This one peso coin is known as a type 3. There are two varieties in this date. The open or closed 9. This one being a open 9. It has a KM number of 455. I hope you enjoy this piece of Mexican history. Please feel free to comment. Thanks for your time! 

12 May 2018

A Numismatic Tribute to the Mothers in My Life

Coins-World | coinsbygary

This blog is a numismatic tribute to mothers and motherhood. The first segment of this blog focuses on the motherhood aspect of my 2008 Latvia 20 LATI gold coin and describes the coin’s design using copied narratives from other sources. The second will tell of my mother and my wife and is a grateful acknowledgment of them and their self-sacrifice for the sake of their children.

10 May 2018

South Korean Coin Database

Coins-World | Mark Lovmo

I have completed my South Korean Coin Database, a compendium of data on every one of  South Korea's circulation coins, eighteen in total.It is here:http://dokdo-research.com/southkoreancoindata.htmlI have written about these coins before in narrative format at my main page, but it seems that many people are just looking for quick facts about world coins in this  kind of "database" format.    I just finished adding the "Hwan" coins at the top of the page, these being South Korea's very first circulation coins, and that were made at the Philadelphia Mint.    Cheers.

07 May 2018


Coins-World | Longstrider

   Today I just received my new Libertad for this year. A bright and shiny 2018 Silver Libertad almost directly from Mexico. I’m a big fan of the silver Libertad. I wish I could afford the gold ones but maybe someday. This series of coins is very similar to our Silver American Eagles, SAE’s. They are one ounce of silver. They come out every year and they are the same design each year. Mexico does do them in some fractional weights of 1/20, 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, 1 oz, 2 oz., 5 oz and 1 kilogram. This example has the modern diameter of 40 mm’s.. It is a Brilliant Uncirculated and is also available in proof. They have been smaller in diameter in some of the earlier dates. They first came out in 1986 and were 36 mm..It is minted in the Casa de Moneda , the Mexican National Mint, located in Mexico City. It is the oldest mint in all the Americas. Opening in 1535, by Spanish decree. This coin is made of 0.999 pure silver. The obverse features the modern national coat of arms at center with the eagle facing left. It is encircled by the legend ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS above and a half wreath of oak and laurel below. Surrounding that centered design is a ring of 10 Mexican coats of arms. The reverse has Mexico’s Winged Liberty on a stand in three quarter profile facing left. A wreath of laurel is in her right hand, a broken chain in her left. In the background is the Valley of Mexico. In the far distance are the mountains Ixtaccihuatl and Popocatepetl. Reading clockwise from the left is the legend 1 ONZA/PLATA PURA/2018/LEY.999.. In the field to the right is the mintmark. I am unable to type it but it is a M with a small o on top of it. If you are unfamiliar with the story of the mountains, I encourage you to look it up. It’s one of Mexico’s greatest love stories. It has a reeded edge. Since the coin has no national value it is a bullion coin. I find these Libertad’s a nice, lower priced coin to collect. There are a few varieties out there so it is worth checking out. Thanks for your time. Please feel free to leave comments.

29 Apr 2018

Fake Chinese Pandas (What To Look For)

Coins-World | FortWorthCollector

So recently I was at a local show talking to a dealer friend of mine. He let me know that he had picked up some pandas out of a large collection he had bought and asked me if I would be interested in buying some. I said sure and started taking a look through what he had, after a few coins I came across the ungraded coin pictured. Something about it caught my eye as unusual. I told him that there was something not right about it and luckily he had a coin of the same year in an NGC holder so we compared the two. After looking at them both I determined for sure that it was a fake and confirmed it with some online research. This coin series is not my friends specialty so it is understandable how it slipped through the cracks. I am just glad that it got spotted and removed before someone got burned. Below I will give some of the difference between the fake and real versions. The first two photos are of the fake, the slabbed coin is real, and the last picture is a stock photo of the real thing.

29 Apr 2018

Panda Collection added to my Profile

Coins-World | FortWorthCollector

Within the last couple of weeks I have been busy reshooting my photos of my Panda Collection. I am happy to say that all the photos are now retaken and they turned out nicely for amateur shots. Come by my profile and take a look at this latest collection I have added for your viewing pleasure.

14 Feb 2018


Coins-World | Longstrider

   Today I would like to share a coin I was very lucky to find at this late date. It is a Canadian Gold 2013 Ruby Throated Hummingbird. This coin is a 25 cent denomination. It is ½ a gram of .9999 gold. Not a lot of gold but pretty pure. I should say it is 11 mm in diameter. This coin is part of the Canadian Wildlife Series, which I have a few. They may be small but every detail is present. The reverse was designed by Claudio D'Angelo. His depiction is of the hummingbird in full flight. That means 50 wing beats per second.

09 Feb 2018

German Notgeld

Coins-World | World_Coin_Nut

Notgeld is German for emergency money or necessity money. These were non-government sanctioned monies issued by private institutions, mostly in Germany and Austria, during and after WWI. There was not sufficient government produced money at time so banks, towns and other firms worked to fill in the gaps.


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