12 Nov 2020

My favorite numismatic item - Club Show-N-Tell assignment

Library | Haney

When we closed our last club meeting it was requested that everyone bring a coin to share to the next meeting and I said with a smile are notes okay. Which then it was clarified a numismatic item for sharing. In thinking of what I would bring to the show-n-tell I was having a hard time deciding trying to deciding which coin or note I would want to share as I have many favorites in my collection with various stories that make them so. With so many to choose from, not that I am long lost relative of King Farouk, Garrett, or Green but still I am an only child, I decided instead of trying to narrow down my favorite I tackled the problem using a different approach. What item would I never want to part with? Well using this new filter a lot of coins and notes slipped away as I know at some point if necessary I would be able to release them back into the market place for others to enjoy.

28 Aug 2020

Review of "Coin Collecting for Dummies"

Library | user_39052

There are many coin collecting books collectors recommend to collectors. The Whitman guide to coin collecting, the red book, these books are well known. While they might be great for more experienced collectors, many times new collectors need a book that can introduce them to the basics of coin collecting. Coin Collecting For Dummies by Neil S. Berman and Ron Guth is that book. It features advice on how to buy and sell coins safely, how to focus your collection on a specific topic, and many other valuable pieces of advice for new and experienced collectors alike. The only gripe I have with the book is the fact that it is printed in black and white. It is not meant as a photo guide, but a color printed option would have been nice, even if it was at a higher price. I give Coin Collecting For Dummies 4 out of 5 stars.

20 Jun 2020

Mega Red 6th Edition !!

Library | Mike B

Well yesterday I received my copy of Mega Red.. I have them all since they started. I always find it fascinating the amount of articles they get into this book as well as the pictures and all our coinage. Now I have only a chance to glance at it for a few minutes. But I found out some prices on items that I'm glad I listened to a good friend of mine. He said Mike I will be able to buy the set of W quarters for 11.00. Well he wasn't far of. In a recent blog I said I had found three last year. I have to tell this. I was in the hospital last year and a young girl came by and asked if I would like a.danish. I said thank you how much she replied .75 cents. She put the change in the table. It was San Antonio W!!!! And it lit up the room. I did send it in and received a MS 67. A great price in the book. Now I said all along this program would fail. Not only finding them but prices. That was it. I sent one to my friend so I have a raw one and a slabed one. It's good to listen to friends. They were charging crazy prices for free coins.. I want to thank my friend for telling me to wait. I actually thought they would be higher. There are reasonable but only in ms 66 to 68. Very few 68. And the cost of sending them. In. But in also say if you want it go for it. We do buy what we like nothing wrong with that.. I'm not going over every price. This year the did the half dollar. I will be looking closely at them.I like the half dollar.. They have the so-called called.dollars. That looks interesting. But I was waiting for the half dollars all types and it looks like they didn't let me down.. There is nothing wrong with the regular Red book it has all the coins and references we need. You can take it to shows . I wouldn't recommend carrying the Mega Red anywhere. Both have there good points.. This years book has 1507 pages. That's allot. But I think it's worth it. I will compare last year's prices to this years. That's either fun or depressing. I hope for all its fun. I'm sure they will have some articles in looking for. I believe there are less this year simply because of the amount of half dollars that were made in the different series. I have enjoyed each one. Not because of prices but the information in it. Knowledge is power. Some of these coins I know some yns haven't seen them. Those who bought them will be surprised.

03 Jun 2020

Lightning Strikes Twice

Library | Haney

In Dade County Florida a cache of one million silver dollars were found all bearing the date 1804! This treasure recently recovered by the secret service was apparently part of a shipment lost in payment to France for the famous Louisiana Purchase transaction. The treasure was located using the information contained on the flyleaf of a prayer-book recently purchased in Havana. It is estimated the pieces today could bring $3,000.00 to $7,000.00 on the open market....................

17 Feb 2020

A Fount of Knowledge

Library | Mokie

Free stuff isn't always good, sometimes the old adage that "you get what you pay for" is true. But when you're speaking of the E-Sylum, you are talking about one of the most interesting Free publications available to the collector community. Wayne Homren, the editor of the E-Sylum, sends out a weekly newsletter packed full of interesting articles, annoucements, and book reviews. Always a fun read. Get yourself on Wayne's mailing list by writing him at whomren@gmail.com and let him know you want to be on his E-Sylum mailing list. Who knows, you may enjoy it so much that you end up joining the sponsor group, the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. Here is a brief excerpt from this week's issue, remember it's an E-Pub so no extra paper clogging up your recycling bin:

20 Sep 2019

D.Brent Pogue Collection catalogs

Library | Moneda1793

Just received catalogs of the D.Brent Pogue collection 1 -4 , and put in an order for 5. All I can say is WOW! A treasure of information on this outstanding auction of the late Brent Pogue. If you have a chance of looking through these catalogs, do so! Looking forward to browsing these catalogs this weekend!

23 Aug 2019

Catalog searching

Library | Taler 63

Help;Does anyone have access to a Ferdinand Friedensburg & Hans Seger Coin Catalog? ( circa 1901 publication )These books came out before John Davenport issued his chronicles of World Crowns.In particular, I am looking for pictorial references for the following F/S numbers.I have found the F/S #3410, but I need F/S #3413 - F/S # 3416 - and F/S # 3418, because there are at least 6 variations to the basic 1543 dated ( F/S # 3410 ) coinSadly, John Davenport has list all of these varieties as Dav. 8993ThanksKeith

26 May 2019

Building a Numismatic Library

Library | Ancient Collector

As I am having more free time, I thought I would start to write book reviews. But before I start, I thought I should put down my views of what constitutes a personal numismatic library, in general terms to make it appropriate for all collectors, but using the titles of actual books in my library to illustrate the different categories of books. I have over a thousand books in my library and more than 250 are numismatic or related to my numismatic areas of interest.


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