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30 Jan 2016

How To Make A Medal

Medals | Mike Burn

I'm writing this blog to let all the young collector's and those who don't know,you can design and make a medal! I was lucky enough to have this task bestrode on me. I belong to a group which was started in europe and spread to the U.S.. We were meeting one day when the topic of our 175 the anniversary in the U.S. was quickly arriving. I was volunteered to design and make a medal commeorating this event.

22 Jan 2016

King Edward VIII pattern Medals / Coins/ Tokens

Medals | Morganthebrave

King Edward VIII coinage is very rare.This king fell in love with an American women and gave up his Kingship in order to be with the women he loved. For many this was perhaps an act of betrayal to the country but, his act may be seen as an inspiration by many to be a noble and just cause in pursuit of happiness. As with all things, obtaining any known mintage coinage of Edward VIII has now became most sought after. I started becoming interested a few years back in collecting some 'pattern' coinage that would probably be described as modern medals. These medals (often referred to as fantasy coinage) was first minted by a London coin Dealer, Geoffrey Hearn. A close friend of his, Richard Lobel then purchased the dies from him and commenced making a redesigned series that included sovereigns and crowns in different metals. Several other dealers then also obtained a few of these dies (now worn down) , touched the dies up and minted additional medals / fantasy coins. Although these fantasy pattern coins are modern issues re ranging from 1954 to say 2000, they tend to hold a fair market value, especially the coins minted by Hearn and Pobjoy mint. My book on South Africa Numismatic Pocket Guide (pic attached) lists only the South Africa Edward VIII coinage but Giordano's book (pic attached) covers the majority of issues. You can also view my coin collection on Edward VIII pattern collection on the NGC website at: https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/WCM/CoinCustomSetView.aspx?s=13429In relative to numismatists, further information on these coins was part of the Patina collection action in 2001. Other than that, not much is really known on exact mintage figures etc. In terms of collecting I welcome other ANA members to list any Edward VIII memorabilia or coins, tokens etc of Edward VIII to share on the blog and provide comments for discussion.

11 Dec 2015

I Finally Found What I was Looking For

Medals | coinsbygary

A few years ago I bought a three medal set of ANA convention medals enclosed in a plexiglass holder. The 1969 medals struck in bronze and silver commemorate the 78th annual convention of the ANA held in Philadelphia, Pa.

12 Nov 2015

Mystery lighthouse die

Medals | wdhyder

I have a soft spot for mystery pieces in my token and medal collections. I recently helped catalog items for an auction including the die pictured here. I had no luck finding it myself and I bought it when it failed to draw bids in the auction. It was just too cool to pass up.I reversed the image so you see it as it would appear struck. I suspect the die is ca. 1900 or there about, so the skyline would not exactly match a modern view of the skyline.One suggestion is Venice and I do believe the medal is from the Mediterranean region. An actual medal struck from the die would be quite distinctive with its scalloped edge and descending ribbon and clam shell device.If anyone recognizes the medal, I would appreciate more information.

26 Oct 2015

Mexico medal silver size 47 given to benito juarez after franch intervention

Medals | user_1469

hello i am looking for information on this medal how many where made is there a photo of it anywhere?

09 Oct 2015

Found Presidential Medal Reinforces My Numismatic Research

Medals | DrDarryl

During the writing of my book,Authoritative Numismatic Reference:Presidential Medal of AppreciationTMAward Medals 1958 - 1963, ISBN: 1511786744, I contacted the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library & Museum for images of a bronze medal that was awarded from President Eisenhower to then Vice-President Nixon.I felt that is was appropriate to email a working draft Chapter 7 to assist the library in locating this medal. It provided the physical traits and historical information based on previously sequestered White House records.I also created a rendition of the medal based on these White House Records.

04 Sep 2015

Kingdom of Hawaii - King Kalakaua Coronation Medal

Medals | DrDarryl

This specimen is in my Hawaiiana collection.

21 Aug 2015

Happy Statehood Day Hawai'i ! August 21, 1958

Medals | DrDarryl

This is 1 of 30 known Official Hawai'i Statehood Medal Progression Sets (source: Hawaii Money Standard Catalog Second Edition by Medcalf & Russell).

30 Jul 2015

Presidential Medal of Appreciation™ Award Medals.

Medals | DrDarryl

United States Mint® numismatic discoveries has been limited to the physical identification of a new error, new variety, or newly found hoard. The discovery of an entirely undocumented United States Mint® series is virtually unheard of in U.S. numismatics; however this seemingly impossible feat has been achieved. An entire United States Mint® series has been discovered and cataloged for the very first time.