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15 Feb 2018

Feast or Famine

Medals | coinsbygary

For collectors, sometimes collectibles are added in bunches. Other times the wait for new pieces is unbearable. Well over the last couple of months, I have added three new pieces to my Laura Gardin Fraser collection. To top it off all my new acquisitions are fairly scarce. Of interest to me is that all three were referred to me by another collector who has been watching E-Bay with me. I just love how unselfish and helpful so many of the people in this hobby are towards me. It doesn't get much better than this, good people and new acquisitions. The following is a brief summary of my three new pieces.

14 Feb 2018

Presidential Medals

Medals | user_74467

Just yesterday my neighbor gave me a bunch of the medals made for the presidents. They go from George Washington to Ronald Reagan and includes The White House medal. He has developed liver cancer so this means a lot to me. I plan on getting the others to complete the collection.

17 Dec 2017


Medals | Longstrider

For my birthday Saturday I was lucky enough to get the Christmas crud so many people are getting around here. Poor me. I also received this outstanding medal from my wife. Lucky me. It is a bronze cast by the famous, I'll just call him artist, Enrico Manfrini. Signore Manfrini was born in 1917 in Lugo, Italy. There is a great deal of information on him for anyone that would like to learn more. He is know as "The sculptor of the Popes." He passed away in Milan during 2004. The totality of his work, mostly religious in nature, is huge. Now to my medal. On one side is a high-relief cast of a bee. Around the sides are the dates 1870 and 1970. There is a small hallmark at the bottom center. I am guessing that it is from the place that cast the large bronze medal. The other side features a hard working banker with a scale that he is weighing a sack of money. The other side has a large ledger book he is recording his findings in. Across the top are the words CREDITO ITALIANO, which is Italian for Italian Credit. The bottom center carries the signature E. Manfrini. The details of the medal are as follows: It is a bronze cast made in Italy during 1970. It's diameter is 70 mm with an average thickness of 16.02 mm. I can't tell you the weight as my scale won't go high enough. I would estimate it at a full pound! I really don't know much about this medal at this time. I will let everyone know when I learn the story behind it and more of it's history and meaning. It has great meaning to me as I happen to be Italian and a beekeeper. Bees are often portrade as industrious, and hard workers leading to wealth. Italian culture has the connection between a beekeeper and his or her bees as almost spiritual in nature.. A fitting back to a banker figuring credit. I hope you enjoy this blog and photos. Please feel free to comment. Thanks for looking.

13 Dec 2017

45 years ago today

Medals | Haney

On December 13, forty five years ago the last step taken by a man on the moon occurred. Yes that was 1972, the mission Apollo 17, and that lucky guy was Gene Cernan, and like so many of these childhood heroes he passed away on the 16th of this year at the age of 82. Of course as Numismatist we have many avenues to commemorate the Apollo missions. Some items come at a very modest entry fee like a 72 Ike Dollar, as the reverse is basically identical to the Apollo 11 mission patch. Should you want an item that has actually travel to the moon the provenance of any such numismatic item can add thousands to the price putting it as much out of the reach as the moon is to most of us. Then there is a small Franklin mint piece that gives you the opportunity to own something at the fraction of the price that may have went to the moon.

01 Dec 2017


Medals | World_Coin_Nut

Everybody knows that you don't clean your coins or other numismatic items. If you try the professionals will know. I wanted to let you know about a recent good experience with one of the third party graders.

27 Oct 2017

Waterloo Medal

Medals | World_Coin_Nut

Sir William Wellesley Pole, the first Duke of Wellington's brother, commissioned Pistrucci to create the medal 10 days after the Allied victory. They were intended to be produced in several formats. There were 2 be 4 gold medals for the heads of state of the countries that were involved in defeating Napoleon. Silver medals were to be produce for soldiers that fought with valor during the battle of Waterloo.

04 Sep 2017

Déjà Vu... ???

Medals | Kepi

You may remember back in August seeing a similar blog by me. You're probably thinking " Oh brother...Kepi's gone nuts! She already put this Medal up"... If you look closely though you'll see that this is a different "Life and Death" Medal. This one graded higher at PCGS SP 66. c.1950 by Cecil Howard, Sculptor. To date there are only 2 graded in existence and even though I wasn't looking for the second one, I found it at auction and won it far below what it should have gone for. So I must say I'm really excited to show you my 2 of 2 "Life and Death" Medal's. I like to check out the smaller coin auction sites...you never know when you might find a "sleeper", as I believe most bidders were looking at the larger coin auctions going on like The Money Show in Denver and the Pre-Long Beach Show among others.

04 Sep 2017

The National Geographic Society Hubbard Medallion

Medals | coinsbygary

The National Geographic Hubbard Medallion is named after the first president of the National Geographic Society, Gardiner Greene Hubbard. It is the National Geographic Society's highest award and is conferred on persons who distinguish themselves by a lifetime of achievement in research, discovery, and exploration. This prestigious award was first presented to Arctic explorer Robert E. Peary in 1906. [1] [2]

24 Aug 2017


Medals | Kepi

I was lucky enough to have had won this Medal during a heated auction! I was really drawn to the strong theme, "Peace is Life" obverse, "War is Death" reverse. The sculptor is Cecil Howard and was created c. 1950. The medal measures 72mm in diameter and was struck by the Medallic Art Company of New York. Its reported mintage is 842 pieces in silver-plated bronze. This medal was chosen as the 42nd issue of the prestigious Society of Medalists series in 1950. This one has been graded by PCGS as a SP63. There is only one graded higher and none graded lower at PCGS. I feel very honored to have this beautiful Medal in my collection!

20 Jul 2017

Remembering Apollo 11

Medals | CoinLady

Forty-eight years ago tonight, a Sunday evening, I was glued to the TV watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. I was inspired. I was moved. I was a teen but I still got tears. I was an avid fan of the space program and an amateur astronomer.


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