10 Nov 2018

A Five Medal Salute to Veterans

Medals | coinsbygary

As a veteran myself I want to thank todays veterans for their selfless service and sacrifice to our country. I was fortunate to have joined the Navy in a time of peace (1976-1982) and have never fought in a war. I always told people that my war was the Cold War. Still we constantly trained for war. I likened my service to a person keeping watch on the wall of a city while those in the city rested in security. Todays veterans know the horrors of war and I thank them for fighting our wars while we in the city rest in peace. This 5-medal salute is my tribute to todays active and veteran service men and women.

27 Oct 2018

Joe Beeler / Eddie Basha Native American medals

Medals | wdhyder

A few years back, my wife and I were visiting her distant cousin in the Phoenix area. We had become good friends and enjoyed our visits. They suggested a visit to the Eddie Basha Collection at the headquaters of Basha's Markets in Chandler. Eddie Bauer had assembled an impressive collection of Native American and Cowboy art and believe that art was meant to be shared. In keeping with his beliefs, the family has much of his collection on display for public visits. I was impressed with the depth and quality of the collection and many of the artists had created works for Eddie as a friend.

21 Sep 2018

A Versailles Numismatic Connection

Medals | JimmyD

When traveling, I'm always looking for something numismatics-related to bring home with me. This spring, we visited the Versailles palace in France. It was one of our last stops, and I was beginning to give up finding something to add to my collection, when I found this medal. King Louis XVI is depicted on the obverse, while the reverse depicts Queen Marie-Antoinette. It is an exact replica of one of the medals produced in the 18th century to publicize the king's Cabinet of Medals, which themselves were copies of priceless originals in the cabinet (I think I got that right!). The "original" was engraved by Benjamin Duvivier, engraver of the currencies from 1774 to 1791. This particular medal is made of "silvered bronze" and measures 74mm. These pictures pretty much do it justice. The problem I'm having is finding an appropriate holder for this large, high relief beauty. Oh well, that's a high quality problem to have, I guess. If anyone has a cool numismatic story from one of their trips, near or far, I'd love to read about it. Thanks for reading. Jim

30 Jul 2018

First Medal Collected

Medals | Mrdavie

So how does one get started collecting medals? Here is a scenario (Mom is 93 years old): (Mother) "I'm getting rid of the stuff on the dining room table." (Me) "Can I have this?" She chuckles, "Sure." That's it!

29 Jun 2018

The Bide-A-Wee Medal

Medals | coinsbygary

Bide-A-Wee is Scottish for "Stay A While" and is the name of an animal rescue and adoption center in Manhattan founded byMrs. Flora D'Auby Jenkins Kibbe in 1903.Bide-A-Wee still exists today and has a policy of not euthanizing the animals in their care except for pain and suffering. As a result in 115 years of operation they have been able to place over a million dogs and cats into loving homes.

25 May 2018

Karl Goetz Medal

Medals | World_Coin_Nut

My collection of world medals increased by one a few weeks ago. Karl Goetz was a controversial man due to his political beliefs but his numismatic accomplishments shouldn't be over looked. In addition to his medal output he designed a number of German coins after WWI.

02 Mar 2018

Westminster Abbey by Jacques Wiener Medal

Medals | Mike 272

Hi everyone. Well I decided to get involved in an auction. I was searching through the items when I saw this absolutely beautiful medal of Westminster Abbey. It was done by the famous Jacques Wiener. A talented man along with his brothers Charles and Leopold. He mainly did cathedrals mosques and a Temple. He was born in 1815 and passed away in 1899.He started with ten medals at fifty millimeters then went to a set of fifty medals at fifty nine millimeters I measured this metal it's fifty nine millimeters.. Sadly the set was never finished. It ended after forty one because he was losing his sight. If you look at the detail you can understand why. This was a loss for all of us. I have seen his work. When I came across this medal no one was bidding. So I entered the minimum bid and to bad for the rest of them I won. Another one was sold. This one was just missed. It happens at auctions they want to see everything and they pass it buy. Thanks everyone! I have seen his medals in Coin World and other publications. These cathedrals in Europe were better known because of him.


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