23 Mar 2018

New Additions to My Morgan Dollar Set

National Money Show | FortWorthCollector

This year the National Money Show was held at the Irving convention center in Irving, Texas. Since the National Money Show was being held in my neck of the woods I decided to take friday off and see how much trouble I could get into. I was able to add an 1878 7/8TF Weak VAM-41A, 1884, and 1890 to my collection. See the pictures below or visit my updated set on my profile.

23 Mar 2018

My National Money Show Trades

National Money Show | FortWorthCollector

As some of you may know I already had an 1882-S in an Ancas holder. I decided to clear all of my Ancas holders out except for the low end coins and Mint errors. I did this because I have seen how hard they are to try and get rid of in the future. Most dealers will sell you an Ancas holdered coin but won’t buy it back no matter how nice the coin is. So I had an opportunity at the National Money Show to trade My 1882-S in so I did and the pictures below show my new 1882-S in a PCGS holder. I think it is just as good a coin or even better than the old one.

19 Mar 2018

The Trip to Texas

National Money Show | HollyDay

We drove from Missouri to Irving Texas to visit the ANA hosted National Money Show there. The reason we went there was for my sister's presentation.She also did a display. I felt bad for my sister because she did not get a prize. It took eight hours to get to our hotel. And on the way there I watched Garfield. The hotel we stayed was a really good deal that my dad found. They served free breakfast and dinner. And the hotel was thirty minutes away from the coin show. When we got there I bought two things on the first day. A proof set from 1974 and a gold plated quarter. I also did the ANA trivia game and walked around asking the people at the booths for the answers to the questions. Some prizes that I got a Ronald Reagan one dollar coin in a really nice case I also got a foreign coin and a neither dollar coin. The next day I got a fake gold coin for ninety cents. And I spent six dollars and ninety cents over all. Which is 13 chores for me. I brought thirdly dollars and sixty cents to the coin show. The next day I got nothing. We went to the coin show every day and stay there two hours, then we got lunch, and then went back to the coin show .And then go to our hotel room and then every one watches TV for two hours and then dad sets a timer for thirty two minuets and when the timer went off we went to bed and almost every night we went to bed at nine O'clock.

19 Mar 2018

The National Money Show in Texas

National Money Show | The Paginator

This year my family went to Irving Texas for the National Money Show. The main reason we went there though was because I did a money talk on World War II Emergency currency and I put a display in on Kennedy half dollars. The three World War II currency's I talked about were the Victory Note, North African Yellow Seal Certificate and the Hawaii note. It was a new experience for me so it was a little scary. Although I earned 250 YN dollars for doing it so that was the best part! I didn't get any awards for my display but that was OK because it was my first time and a learning experience.

08 Mar 2017

Wish I was there

National Money Show | CoinLady

Oh, to be in Orlando, for the National Money Show! I traveled to many coin shows and conventions over the years. Every show was good and had lots to offer. A trip around the exhibit area is a great way to start. You could learn something new about a familiar series, be introduced to a new set, or see something in a different way. Exhibits featuring coin albums, the color of early coppers, and other items can show how collecting is not just filling holes in a book. Many collectors are creative.

09 Mar 2016

I Went to Dallas, Not Enough Others Did

National Money Show | VKurtB

I flew from Philly International out to "Big D" Wednesday the 2nd in the late afternoon/early evening time slot on Southwest. No special food on which to report, sorry. Flying into DAL for an Eagles fan just felt wrong, y'know? I may shower, but I may never again be clean. KIDDING! The official show hotels were impossibly expensive for a mere collector, so I had to rely on Bill Shatner and "knock, knock, knock, Penny?" to find me a room. (Priceline, for those who need help.) Cha-ching! The old classic hotel, The Adolphus, became my three nights' home for less than half the show hotel rate. Here's the best part - it was CLOSER to "our" end of the Hutchison Convention Center than the official hotel was. Hee, hee, hee. Either way, it was a three to four block walk. The weather was superb so what the heck, right? I waited at Love Field for the transfer to the DART light rail just long enough to say "enough", and took a cab to the Adolphus. I am a collector of not just coins, but Southwest Dining and/or Shopping Rewards deals wherever I can snag 'em, so I strolled over to The Press Box a few blocks away to grab some sustenance. Again, no food pictures, sorry. Had a great local brew and a "Brisket Burger" at the suggestion of the server. Excellent, and Southwest Dining Rewards points on the side. Then, me tired, must sleep. My room at The Adolphus was HUGE, Texas huge, but with no view. Standard with a cheap Priceline deal. Big deal, right? Sleep, bathe, dress, leave, come back, sleep, rinse, repeat. The room was also luxurious. Good enough for the Brit royals, Bessy n' Phil, good enough for the BellmanMeister, I always say. The show opened on Thursday morning for the dealers at 8, but I walked over to the hall with the Chief Counsel for Dillon Gage, who was headed to ICTA's meeting on counterfeits. I needed to say "howdy doo" to Kathy McFadden of ICTA anyway, because we've been working hard together on keeping coins untaxed in Pennsylvania. I stayed for the meeting, and ANA Executive Director Kim Kiick and Prez Jeff Garrett plopped down at the same table as me. The meeting was basically a gripe session about law enforcement doing everything they can to NOT get involved fighting Chinese (and other) counterfeit bullion. Then it was time to go over to the bourse hall and get my Day 1 assignment from the "Goddess of ANA Shows", Rhonda Scurek. It was registration line management, a specialty for which I am known at ANA.


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