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11 Apr 2016

Thank you South Shore Coin Club for ANA Table at your 52nd Annual Show

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The South Shore Coin Club (SSCC - www.ssccmke.org) hosted the Numismatists of Wisconsin (NOW – www.numismatistsofwisconsin.com), at their 52nd Annual Coin Show. It was held on March 31 – April 2, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, located in the area of 13th and College Avenue, in Milwaukee, WI.  The SSCC event is the largest coin show in Wisconsin.  The show had 40 dealer tables and an attendance of 725.  The dealers who left the show on Friday missed out on an excellent public attendance on Saturday.  We will mention that the weather on Saturday was snowing and cold.  Hard-working members of the SSCC handled the registration, sold raffle tickets and gave out special wooden nickels that were made for the show.  The convention had competitive exhibits, along with a Saturday Boy Scout Coin Collecting Merit Badge Clinic.  Darrell Luedtke was the exhibit chair.  The Numismatists of Wisconsin (NOW – www.numismatistsofwisconsin) President Thad Streeter, along with Cliff Mishler handled most of the duties behind the NOW club table.  NOW had a board meeting on Saturday afternoon.  The Crown Plaza is an excellent location for a coin show with its free airport shuttle and parking, a well-lit and carpeted convention hall, a very nice restaurant and the Interstate within blocks of the hotel.  Security was very good and nothing was reported lost or stolen.  The dealers we talked to said they had a good show and sales.