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25 Jul 2016

How A California Bank Note Kept You Warm At Night

Odd & Curious Money | Pliny The Elder

You probably know there was a time in American history when a piece of paper currency was called a horse blanket. This is because the size of paper these bills were printed upon was larger than what we see today. For sure not horse blanket sized though, and it would be a bit of a stretch, if you'll pardon the pun, to get that bill over the back of your old gray mare. Still the nickname sticks, and today we now know that money indeed can be a horse blanket. But did you know that the horse blanket was also once money? Well, sort of. Out in the West, in 1830's California, it was a wild frontier except along the coastlines where a busy trade took place with ships bound for ports in Boston as well as other parts of the world. There was no established American monetary system because California was not in America at the time. And because of a War of Independence with Spain, Mexico was not a part of Spain either. This was Mexican California, once only a series of Spanish Missions and Rancherias, residents of all sorts now worked to profit off of a booming California cattle trade and the hides and tallow it produced. Inhabitants of what later becomes the Golden State relied upon the value within precious metals to conduct day to day business, mainly silver coins and bullion. Richard Henry Dana Junior in his book Two Years Before The Mast says that while he was surprised at the quantity of silver in circulation circa 1834 in northern California, it was not just silver being spent: "I certainly never saw so much silver at one time in my life, as during the week that we were at Monterey. The truth is, they have no credit system, no banks, and no way of investing money but in cattle. They have no circulating medium but silver and hides---which the sailors call California Bank Notes. Everything that they buy they must pay for in one or the other of these things. The hides they bring down dried and doubled, in clumsy ox-carts, or upon mules' backs, and the money they carry tied up in a handkerchief;--fifty, eighty, or an hundred dollars and half dollars." Now you know a little more about the relationship between a "horse blanket" and a horse blanket, and how a California Bank Note not only kept you warm but could also get you dinner and a bottle of rye. 

10 Jan 2016

Coolest Error Ever!

Odd & Curious Money | ShriekenGriffon

I visited the Heritage Auction website because of an ANA e-mail and I found this article. It is very cool, interesting, and rare. Hope you like it!!!http://www.ha.com/heritage-auctions-press-releases-and-news/dime-struck-on-a-nail-brings-42-300-at-auction.s?releaseId=2881&ic=ih-1984-Barber-Dime-titleLink-auction1231-010716

19 Sep 2015

The new ten dollar bill

Odd & Curious Money | Joebear

Though Jeb Bush would like to see Maggie Thatcher on the new double-sawbuck, other choices are more appropriate. I have to think his mother is not inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner this year, and Nancy Reagan might not either. How about Sojourner Truth or Harriet Tubman? Marilyn Monroe would cause a stir and a spate of collection I think. Jacqueline Kennedy is a good choice and another collector favorite. Eleanor Roosevelt would be an excellent choice as would Rosalyn Carter. Good choices abound, so I look forward to seeing who gets the nod for a change in the currency.I will collect a few or a whole bank strap.

25 Aug 2015

My very own " Hobo "..... Nickel that is!

Odd & Curious Money | Kepi

I'm so happy to be able to share this special coin with everyone!  My husband attended 2015 Summer Seminar session two and not only had a great time and learned alot but also met a very talented and wonderful person...Tiny   : )    I'm sure some of you who went to Summer Seminar are familiar with Tiny, quite the character and really helpful when it comes to the ANA.  Tiny is also an artist to say the least and to make a long story a bit shorter...My husband, John, commissioned Tiny to carve a Hobo Nickel special for me!  His artwork is amazing!   Having only seen pictures of Hobo Nickels, I was truly honored and so excited to have one of my very own for my collection.   Thank you John and Tiny!   : )

07 Jul 2015

Gold and Silver Upside Down Like Copper and Aluminum

Odd & Curious Money | Joebear

So Copper at 2.42 and Aluminum at 2.99 isn't exactly the upside down-edness of Gold and silver,. But is a good indication just how manipulated and played the current metals market is. Among others. I would imagine every major and minor commodities market in the country is corrupt to some extent.perhaps I am wrong. But I do think that one day there won't be anymore gold or silver coins. Just Copper and Aluminum.

04 Jan 2015

PCGS gets the Date Wrong!

Odd & Curious Money | Weiner Numismatics

Just acquired this one; seems I have taken an interest in Slab Errors by 3rd Party Graders. I enjoy using these pieces as educational tools for new collectors. What do you guys think?