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23 Dec 2017

Pismo Beach Clam Money: the local scrip currency of 1933

Odd & Curious Money | Joshua

During the great depression of the 1930s most Americans had lost confidence in the US banking system as many saw their savings vanish when dozens of banks closed as a result of the wall street crash. When President Franklin Roosevelt was sworn into office on March 4th of 1933 he promised to rebuild the nations confidence in their banking system. Two days later on March 6th he ordered all banks to close for 3 days to allow the newly elected congress time to act. However, closures would continue on for longer than the allotted 3 days, and it would not be until a week later that American citizens were able access banking services once again.

05 Sep 2017

1863 2 cent coin, (This is not a real prototype)

Odd & Curious Money | user_32035

Can anyone help me out in identifying this coin??? It is a 1863 2 cent coin. Been to three different coin dealers and no one can tell me much about it. If you can help me I would appreciate it greatly. It is 1.5 inches wide. Copper plated with some type of alloy that is unknown. Weight is .94 oz. or 26.4 grams. It is too heavy to be aluminum. It is a mold or some type of stamped coin. I can email anyone more pictures if needed or for the curious ones. I'm new at this so please bare with me at posting my first time..

23 Aug 2017

pictures are back

Odd & Curious Money | Conan Barbarian

For the people that have consistently read my blogs i love posting a picture on every one of them. for the past few weeks i was unable to upload any pictures for my blogs due to some technical difficulties but thanks to the people at the ANA i am now able to post pictures but i will try and keep them no more than 2 per blog. these 2 pics were from the eclipse (the first if you look at the bottom of the glow to the left you can see the crescent of the sun) and the second i took through the solar eclipse glasses (even though they advised against it) it wouldn't hurt to take a couple . so i will try to post a picture here and there and maybe share some from Colorado and the WFM if possible in future blogs.

04 Nov 2016

The $1,000 Penny Treasure Hunt

Odd & Curious Money | Brian

Pennies, America's most worthless coin. When the initial Lincoln Cents were released in 1909, they were worth about as much as a modern quarter. However, after over a hundred years of inflation, the value of the penny has significantly dropped, it now costing 80% more of the face value just to make them. Half of all new pennies are removed from circulation each year, falling behind couch pillows, being left at the bottom of purses, falling into gutters, etc. Some countries have even eliminated their pennies altogether. Now that we have the backstory of the penny and it's decline, it's time to talk about this "treasure hunt" I mentioned in the title. As a numismatist, whenever I see a coin lying on the sidewalk, I pick it up to check the year, mintmark, and condition. But recently even I have stopped picking up pennies, bending down and picking them up isn't really worth it anymore, especially in major cities. However, Ally Bank is trying to change that. 100 fake pennies have been placed across 10 major US cities, and if you find one, you can redeem them for $1,000 on the Ally Lucky Penny website linked below in the sources. The part that really stuck out to me was that even if you redeem one, you get to keep the penny, and they may hold some numismatic value in the future since only 100 will be made. You can find them in Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Austin, Detroit, Charlotte, Washington DC, and where I'm keeping an eye out, New York City. Hints are being posted to Ally Banks social media accounts so if you want to find one, check those every one in a while. Happy hunting!

02 Nov 2016

Beginners: I Found Something Cool! Could this be Worth Money?

Odd & Curious Money | user_75893

Have you just taken up the hobby of metal detecting? Perhaps you have been out hunting a few times or you're still deciding which metal detector to buy. When you begin treasure hunting with your new metal detector, three big questions pop up:

10 Jan 2016

Coolest Error Ever!

Odd & Curious Money | ShriekenGriffon

I visited the Heritage Auction website because of an ANA e-mail and I found this article. It is very cool, interesting, and rare. Hope you like it!!!http://www.ha.com/heritage-auctions-press-releases-and-news/dime-struck-on-a-nail-brings-42-300-at-auction.s?releaseId=2881&ic=ih-1984-Barber-Dime-titleLink-auction1231-010716


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