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20 Mar 2016

Presidential Candidates

Paper Money-U.S. | SpartaCuse

Which of our Presidential Candidates has the strongest possibility of re-attaching our currency back to a precious metal, if any, & help bring our monetary system back from the brink of collapse?

15 Sep 2015

Why did this happen?

Paper Money-U.S. | $guy

Curious - what happened - I am lookng at my blog postings and the one I had posted just days ago is gone - even all the comments already posted - I emailed one signer on the blog for his opinion -

18 Jun 2015


Paper Money-U.S. | user_9073

Well, this morning I saw US Treasurer Rosie Rios on the news. The big announcement is that a woman will be put on “The New Ten.” When asked about Alexander Hamilton, she said he is not going away! So it looks like a woman will be “joining” Hamilton on “The New Ten.” The BEP and U.S. Treasury are planning some publicity through various media. I think it will be exciting to follow all the developments on this and add the new note to my collection in 2020.

14 Jun 2015

Commemoration of the Landing on the Moon

Paper Money-U.S. | $guy

I would like to propose a change in design for the reverse of the One Dollar Note. I would like to remove the large "One" from the reverse of the One and replace it with a four element change. 1. An astronaut saluting the flag. 2. The U.S. Flag used in the solar wind project on the moon. 3. Lunar Landing Module on the moon. 4. Earh rise as seen from the moon. Also the incorporation of the "In Good We Trust" as mandated by law into the design at the discretion of the engravers. To end of this idea I have contacted a former House member of the NASA Space Committee in Congress and he thinks this is a good idea and offered to help me get in touch with Brian Babin (R-TX) who is now Chairman of the NASA Space Committee and let me pitch my idea to him. Also he has offered to help get the necessary paperwork to the CRS office which helps write bills for introduction into Congress.

12 Apr 2015

Women on the 20

Paper Money-U.S. | user_6683

Sorry i have not been posting lately has I been sick but I been feeling better so I will get back this week. But today i have a question to ask a women to replace Jackson? The four are Harrient Tubman, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Wilma Mankiller. I want to know your thoughts on the matter, if you think there should be a change name who and why ,if not still why no change. No one word answers please I'm looking at you #coin lol.