13 May 2022

1969 Colombia 10 "Pesos Oro" Banknote

Paper Money-World | AC coin$

Nicely printed, this Colombian 10 Pesos banknote was rarely used in the everyday economical evolutions by citizens. Among its features, on the obverse ir brings a depiction of the San Agustín Archeological Park in the province or state of Huila, Colombia. The site was absndoned around 1350 of our era, and it was discovered by locals between the 18th and 19th centuries.The note also brings military hero General Nariño's image on its obverse. Originally was printed in a slate blue hue on the obverse combined with light gray and, light red in the reverse side combined with light gray and white delimitating tones.An interesting banknote to have in my collection.

12 May 2022

1945 Bolivia 500 Bolivianos Banknote

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The Potosí silver mines, the attraction of the Spanish conquerors until the first years of the 1800's brings a language of Bolivia's history to a bittersweet stop. Mining activity was the support of the national economy and somehow it is revered by this 500 Bolivianos banknote's reverse.The note is well preserved regardless of its circulation. The military and statesman it bears on the obverse is Colonel Germán Busch who had a shortlived presidency from 1937 to 1939. Not many Bolivianos bills of this denomination ran around for a long period of time, so having an item like the one I show here is a plus to my collection.

10 May 2022

1957 Mexico 1 Peso Banknote

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This nice banknote brings on its obverse center a depiction of the reknown Aztec or Nahua stone calendar. This archaeological item is one of the most studied museum pieces of the World. It was an attempt to organize the century in 52 years rounds or cycles. The intriguing piece is part of the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City collections.The note's reverse shows in a light red hue the Angel of Independence pillar and statue also located in the Mexican capital, a revered icon of Mexican culture and politics.The banknote I present here still has a nice texture and, its coloring and printed elements are basically intact being a bill from 1957.

09 May 2022

1987 Dominican Republic 1 Peso Oro Banknote

Paper Money-World | AC coin$

A modern nice looking banknote from a stronger Dominican period. It was within this years (1987 onwards) that this Caribbean country became a little more stable after the internal political ordeals.It bears the image of a younger Juan P. Duarte Diez, the father of the new republic and for older Dominicans the founder of political reforms.The Dominican Republic actual currency symbol is "RD$" and the regular "peso" was re-introduced in 1961. The print versions of "peso oro" have been in use since 1937 as normal currency. Recent reforms from the Dominican Ministry of Finance have established the name of "peso dominicano" as ordered since 2010.

07 May 2022

1960 Cuba 5 Pesos Banknote

Paper Money-World | AC coin$

The Cuban Peso ran alongside the Spanish and other South American currencies since the XVIth century. However, this nice item presented here belongs to the second republic period from 1958-1960.Heavy monetary reforms by the Cuban authorities in 1960 onward made adjustments on the way, purpose and requirements paper-money was used. Items with historical features like the one shown became scarce in the island as the way of life moved towards the socialism structure.Even though, a patriotic banknote like this is sought after by historians and collectors alike.*Dedicated in sympathy after recent accident event in Cuba, may God give the affected people unity and faith.

06 May 2022

1945 Bolivia 50 "Bolivianos" Banknote

Paper Money-World | AC coin$

The "first Boliviano" belongs to the period of 1864 to 1963 and it was historically tied to the Spanish Boliviano and the Real as the country moved to its independence earlier since 1825 on.

04 May 2022

1946 Haiti "Une Gourde" Banknote

Paper Money-World | AC coin$

Since its first introduction in 1813, the currency of the Republic of Haiti is the "Haitian Gourde" and its paper-money versions have gone thru changes according to the status of all financial transactions in this Caribbean sister of the Dominican Republic and the national debt against several countries.In April 1919, the Gourde was pegged to the US Dollar as a guarantor of bank transactions, however, this accords were disengaged in 1989 and the Haitian Gourde adopted a "floating value" rate against many currencies in the World. Inflation, internal/external debt and poverty with a lack of supporting resources have placed the Gourde in a low demand currency. This nicely printed banknote is nevertheless a beautiful example of my collected bills.

03 May 2022

1949 Philippines One Peso Banknote

Paper Money-World | AC coin$

The Philippines became a US territory in 1898 as part of the outcomes of the Spanish-American War. In 1902 currency was reissued within the islands as the Federal Government started organizing the administration of its territories.Earlier years, the Philippines Peso was pegged to the Islands' natural resources but after the Japanese Invasion and subsequent eviction by allied military forces in 1944-45 the US started running printed banknotes with US approval seals conditioned to the Islands' reconstruction. As part of this historical effort, the US Forces introduced the afamated Victory Peso Series 66 and a reprinted version of it circulated with the features and the Central Bank of the Philippines lettering on its reverse, its dimensions are 161.9 x 67.4 mm, quite a large print.This banknote is an issue from 1949 as the Philippines turned towards a US Commonwealth country previously granted in 1946.. However, it should be noted that by Federal Government authorization, the Victory banknote has been circulating since early 1922 in the Philippines Islands.

02 May 2022

1964 Dominican Republic 1 Peso Oro Banknote

Paper Money-World | AC coin$

The actual Dominican Republic's currency is the Dominican Peso. Within the early 50's thru 1978 the Peso Oro was in use as it was pegged to outdated gold standards from various countries.In 1962-1964, the year banknotes from the kind I show here started being issued, the Nation was trying to ascertain its political turmoil after the military "coup d'etat" of 1963. My note is a traditional bypass from historical reknown figures as presented on its obverse with the portrait of Patriot and Founder Duarte and other features on its reverse to face security issues. This was the only time (1962-64) that the "Banco Central de la República Dominicana" issued the "Un (1) Peso Oro" bill which makes this piece rather scarce.Yet, as it has been to places all around the Dominican Republic and, passed on from hand to hand and bank to bank, this bill reached my collection after being at many destinations, with the value of circulated paper-money. Enjoy.

30 Apr 2022

1951 Indonesia 1 "Satu Rupiah" Banknote

Paper Money-World | AC coin$

The currency derives its name from the Hindu Sanskrit "rupiakam" or silver. First introduced in 1946 by nationalists, its confirmed use and circulation started in 1950. The Bank of Indonesia certifies all the currency of the republic.The Rupiah is divided into 100 "sen", however, notes and coinage in sen denominations have been rendered obsolete due to inflation.The symbol for this currency is "Rp" and banknotes of high denomination starting in 100 Rp and 200 Rp are common up to 5000 Rp. 50's and 10000's are not often used.My note still has a crisp well preserved texture and coloring. Beautiful landscapes are briefly shown on each of the bill's sides.


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