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27 May 2016

2016 ANA Summer Seminar - Second Session

Summer Seminar | InGodWeTrustOurMotto

It was two years ago that I attended my first ever ANA Summer Seminar.Iam so excited about being able to return in 2016.I called in the Fall of 2015 and spoke to Amber B. She was kind enough to keepme informed, so that I could sign up as soon as was possible.The first time I attended, I was part ofthe Second Session. I was unable to attend the First Session that year, because I was running theKansas Numismatic Association's Annual Coin & Stamp Show in Wichita, KS.I was a regular board member of the KNA,then.The following year, I was doing the same, but due tomy health I was unable to attend the Summer Sessionin 2015. I am still a KNABoard Member, but this is my last term as Vice President. This year is alsomy last year running the Kansas Numismatic Association's Annual Coin & Stamp Show, so I will onlybe attending the Second Session this year.I look forward to meeting new people who share thesame interests. I am planningon driving all the way from Wichita, KS to Colorado Springs, CO. It's about an 8 hour drive, so Iam driving in a day early on Friday, June 24th. This can help me acclimate to the altitude. I am alife long Kansan, whichmeans that I'm a "flat lander". Look forwardto seeing everyone again!

28 Mar 2016

How to get the ANA Diploma in Numismatics - A Personal Journey

Summer Seminar | alphaNumis

A short story of my little journey. Click on the link below to read the full entry.

13 Aug 2015

Summer Seminar

Summer Seminar | Mark Isayev

I'm looking for more information about this like how does this work, traveling to there, place to stay at, etc.

16 Jul 2015

Summer Seminar Second Week

Summer Seminar | Longstrider

Just a real quick one. I was wondering if anyone has photos of the second week of this years ANA Summer Seminar? I haven't seen many so far. Thanks!

05 Jul 2015

Summer seminar and a “poor boy” approach to photo stacking

Summer Seminar | Ian Fenn

It's a very early Sunday morning, after a nights struggle with my body's out of sync clock. Vienna Austria is about 8-10 hours ahead of Colorado Springs so when it's time to sleep in Vienna my body, Currently on Mountain Time is telling me to wake. I only spent the second week at the summer seminar money and time did not allow me a longer visit. It was my third year in a row at Colorado Springs and perhaps my most rewarding visit so far. I wouldn't say it was the best as I plan to return if not next year, then 2017. The future I would hope would hold even better experiences. The seminar that has just finished was rewarding in no small part due to the previous years I attended.

30 Jun 2015

Kraljevich, Goldstein receive honorary ANA doctorates

Summer Seminar | ANA Official Post | Jake Sherlock

Longtime American Numismatic Association members Erik Goldstein and John Kraljevich were awarded honorary Doctor of Numismatics degrees from the Florence Schook School of Numismatics on Thursday, June 24, at the Session 1 graduation banquet for the 2015 ANA Summer Seminar.