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30 Apr 2017

How To Price Conder Tokens

Tokens | Mike Burn

Hi everyone. For those of you who don't collect Conder Tokens I will give a brief description. These tokens were designed in the late 18th century. It was the start of the British industrial age. They were made by simple people and those who knew coinage. They were like our Civil War Tokens. People needed food and clothing so this is how they compensated. However they were years ahead of us in making coinage. These tokens are works of art with such detail you can see the Windows and bricks on castles, church,hospitals and many more famous buildings and people. They have edge writing on a lot of them. This would tell you where to redeem the half penny and penny for goods. They were made mostly of copper but also brass, some silver and a few gold and let's not forget gilt. What happened to these is they were so well done people would save them and put them away. That's why today you can buy these tokens in MS 67. That's right over two hundred and twenty years and still in uncirculated condition.

27 Jan 2017

William Till Medal

Tokens | World_Coin_Nut

I recently came across this on Heritage. In addition to being a large copper piece, I’m a sucker for them, it also is an advertisement for a coin dealer in Great Britain from the early 1800’s.

30 Oct 2016


Tokens | Mike Burn

This will be a very short blog. I have been contacted by two collector's. One an expert in tokens and has some excellent credentials. He is a past grader at PCGS. He actually knows the token I had the problem with because he owned one of the five. He thought it would be impossible to get that token certified. The other two I'm sorry are here in the ANA. All three are qualified to help me write this article. The only problem I have is how do I choose and how do I go about it. The gentleman wants to publish what transpired with the conder token society. I believe that there name. He's the retiree from PCGS. I also have no problem with the other two volunteers. So if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. I didn't know what I had done had such an impact but it did. Now some collector's think this story has to be told. I received e-mails from people I didn't know and two phone calls. I didn't know this token or what happened would have such a impact. I just hope others follow what I did and if you disagree find out why your coin or token was classified the way it was. Take care. Mike. By the way I was apologizing for my mistake of three not two. I'm not sorry there here in the ANA. I'M very happy there here and offered their help.

14 Oct 2016

NGC and I Part TWO

Tokens | Mike Burn

Hi everyone! On August 27 2016 I wrote a blog concerning a problem I was having with NGC. I will not go back into that blog to rewrite the information and the blog being there doesn't make sense. Well I called NGC today and found out the decision. It was mailed out two days ago. As a MS64! That's right after three months countless phone calls three different countries and the cooperation of the British government and a member here at the ANA. It's finally over. This token had to be justified. The designer had to be justified. I was not going to let a company deny this token of Queen Victoria 1857. I spoke to the so called head of all tokens and was told to stay away from it it was trouble. He had one and couldn't sell it. Do you know why? He did not do his homework. He had no paper trail. All I needed was a start and I got that from the seller who gave it to me. I contacted the British government in Warwickshire England where they forwarded the information to a library where a couple of hard workers found the book the author the page the number of the token and the plate number not to mention the company who made it. We knew Taylor had made the token and they found most of the information I needed. So I forwarded all the information to a person I will not mention. I waited two weeks and called him he claimed he never received the information. I told him what I had and he said send the information and the token back.

27 Aug 2016


Tokens | Mike Burn

Hi everyone! I am writing this blog to inform you of an on going discussion with NGC. Many months ago a sent a British token to NGC for certification. Well it came back like none other in my twenty three years of submitting coins and token's. It came back in plastic and said ineligible type genuine. Not improperly cleaned or details. It's uncirculated and doesn't have a mark on it.

09 Jun 2016

My New Token: Auckland Licensed Victuallers Association

Tokens | Pliny The Elder

I just got a new token. It is an interesting one from New Zealand, believed to be issued in 1871. The following is by the former curator of Heritage Interpretation at Museum Victoria:

01 Jun 2016

Tokens and all that stuff...

Tokens | user_94464

Hello, Mike Burn has told me about some really cool tokens. I was wondering if I should collect tokens and medals. I like them but I do not know much about them. Does anyone know some good books about tokens? And what is theTPG policy on tokens and medals? I am a YN so is the pricing good?

30 May 2016


Tokens | Mike Burn

Hi! I have previously written a blog a while ago on these tokens. The information is based on Q.DAVID BOWERS book A GUIDE BOOK of CIVIL WAR TOKENS. Now a few of you asked me the value on these gems. Well I'll try to keep to keep it simple. Each token is assigned a rarity factor or like I like to call it mintage. These can be found on page four. I will list some to give you an idea. A rarity one means they made greater than 5000. A mintage of four would mean they made 201 to 500. A mintage of six means they made 21 to 75. And a mintage of ten means they made one.

02 Apr 2016

Two Things

Tokens | ShriekenGriffon

Ok guys. I keep on forgetting how to make a forum so i am asking you here to tell me how so I can remember. Thanks for the help.Second thing. I think what I am about to put here would be best for a forum. but from the few previous sentences, you can see that I don't know how so I will put it here: How many of the YN's here are participating in the YN Literary Awards and how many are doing the Lady National Coin Week Contest from yesterday's YN Newsletter e-mail? I know I will be in both these contests because who knows if you will win unless you try? Two years ago in 2014, I unexpectedly won 3rd place in the Literary Awards. I am not saying this to brag but to show that if I never tried I might not have won anything!Comment down below about if you are participating in the..events or if you know how to make a forum thingie. Thanks!


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