08 Nov 2018

Withers Number 940 Davis Number 16 Penny 1812

Tokens | Mike 272

Hi everyone. This token is an old one in my collection but not in the token community. It's from 1812. One of the other blogs touched on the war of 1812. As he stated there is alot of history and the most famous picture is The White House burning to the ground. Britain was a waring country. France Then U.S. then us again. Wars cost money and it caught up to Britian with a depression. Hit hard. Tokens are still in demand

05 Nov 2018

G. Paddocks Middlesex D&H 414 Uncirculated Half Penny

Tokens | Mike 272

Hi everyone. Today's token is from a gent named G. Pidcock. Now he had a show of animals called Pidcock Menagerie. He had the best collection of animals in England. He lived from 1796- 1810. It was also known as Pidcock Exibition. If in your travels of the wonderful world of coins and tokens. Especially conder tokens with animals on them. Your best bet they were copied from Pidcocks collection. Now to correct some history. He was not a die sinker. He did not make those beautiful designs of rare animals animals with two heads animals people did not even know existed.

01 Nov 2018

Thomas Sekford ESQ. D&H 6 Woodbridge

Tokens | Mike 272

Hi everyone. In my search of Conder Tokens I would sometimes come across this obverse and it intrigued me. Who was he and why was the reverse so detailed. I mean If you look at it the detail is remarkable. The obverse said Thomas Sekford ESQ. Founded Woodbridge Alms Houses 1587. The outside ring says at whose Expence Country Maps We're First Engraved 1574. Then you have a Shield of palm branches and the motto, " Ora-Tiones ,.ET.ELEEMOS.ASCENDUNT. IN MEMORIAM. CORAM.DEO. within a beaded circle.

26 Oct 2018


Tokens | Longstrider

Today I received in the mail a great surprise from a friend I hold dear. He has taught me just about all I know on this subject. I opened my package and inside was a beautiful silver token. It was minted in England in 1812.

23 Oct 2018

George Fredrick Handel Warwickshire Coventry D&H 287 Kempson

Tokens | Mike 272

Hi everyone. Well a few months ago I had picked up this beautiful token. It's called The Barracks done by P. Kempson.. Now it's in the set of Nineteen done by Kempson but this one has the famous Handel Reverse. First a little on Handel click on his Photo I couldn't get it small enough. He was born in 1685 in Seale, Duchy, of Magdeburg, to George Handel and Dorethy Taust. In his life he wrote so many famous Opera ,Oratories, and Instamentals. But the one that was beautiful then and still today that most know is the Messiah. He played since the age of ten his father sent him to be an attorney but left that very fast and went back to his favorite , music. In 1737 he suffered a stroke but worked through it. He dubet his piece the Messiah in Dublin on April 1742. In 1750 he lost sight in his left eye and in 1752 lost all his sight. He passed in his bed in his rented house on April 14, 1759.at 25 Brook Street London. He was interned in Westminster Abby.

10 Oct 2018

Is My Long Search Over After Four Years ?

Tokens | Mike 272

Hi everyone. Well I have been putting a set together. There from Britain as a matter of fact Warwickshire Coventry. Now these tokens are called Conder Tokens. There made in Half penny's and whole penny's.. the set I have been searching for has been going on the last one has been two years now token D&H 272. Now D&H is the initials they use to direct you in the book for the token. These tokens were made by one of the best die sinkers P Kempson. There are only nineteen in the set. It takes years to find them as a matter of fact if the deal comes through it must be a MS it's over. And the only completed set in the world verified by NGC. By the way the search for the nineteen tokens is coming up on four years.The name of the token is Grey Friars Gate.

15 Sep 2018

Middlesex Sims D&H 478a David Garrick

Tokens | Mike 272

Hi everyone. Today I decided to change from buildings to a famous actor . David Garrick. . He was not just an actor but a poet, producer, and co-owner of the famous Drury Lane Theater known as the Royal Theater. He was in many famous plays. He was know for his acting in Shakespeare's Richard The III. He did many of his plays and enjoyed them so much he had a Temple built on his property at Hampton House it overlooks the famous Thames River.

12 Sep 2018

General Hospital Bath D&H 75 Scarce Uncirculated Kempson 1790's

Tokens | Mike 272

Hi everyone. Today's blog goes back to the Romans. Yes they had conquered Britian and built alot of fortifications. Bath was very important. You see Bath had something no other city had. Therapeutic waters that reached the temperature of one hundred and fifteen degrees. Hundreds used them. They were around the city proper. The Obverse of the token is the Hospital it self. At the north west end of Union Street just within the ancient walls of the city. It says "General Hospital With Open To People of All Countries, Bath Alone Excepted". The reverse is the same as the blog before. I won this in an auction so I took a picture of it. I have not received it yet. It has the Lion and the Bear. Dexter and Sinister.

10 Sep 2018

1790's D&H 74 Somersetshite Bath Kempson

Tokens | Mike 272

Hi everyone. Well I finally was able t o get my pictures up. Now this token is from Bath. There is no date but I can tell you it's probably 1794. Bath is famous for another reason and another blog. It's really interesting. This is half a penny. Twelve out of the thirteen buildings are still standing. Some go further back. Now in my research there is a seven sentence paragraph describing the reverse. I didn't understand one word. Old English. I knew what I was looking at but didn't understand it.

07 Sep 2018

1797 D&H 78 Penny Middlesex Kempson

Tokens | Mike 272

Hi everyone. Today I will be writing about Kempsons Ludgate token. I'm sorry I have no current pictures because it was taken down. Pictures help they show the detail in the Penny. Luggage gateway which was a gate into the city had a large central arch with two smaller ones on either side. The reverse says As Enlarged & c.MCCCCLIIII with Taken Down MDCCLXVI in the two lines on the bottom. It was the the principal gate of London and stood on Ludgate Hill, slightly to the east of the Old Bailey and close to St. Martin's Church. Tradition says it was named after King Ludwig, a British monarchies the Christian era.. Probably an early wooden bridge spanned the river between Ludgate Hill and Fleet Street. There's a familiar name.


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