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16 Aug 2018

What Can Happen If You Don't Take Care Of Your Coins!!

Tokens | Mike 271

Hi the other day there was a very good blog written by a very smart collector. It was based on how he takes care of his coin and tokens and medals. Below are two identical tokens now there is no date but I know P.Kempson made it in 1797. That's right over two hundred and twenty three years go. How do I know the date. Kempson only made this set in 1797. He never made another Coventry token in this set again.

08 Aug 2018

McDonald's Token? Or Abstract Art. It Says Art Not Token. Sorry

Tokens | Mike 271

Hi everyone. Well it's finally happened. NGC has found a new way to make money off you. It's called abstract art. Not even a token. That's right so when you send you hard earned money to have these graded for the value of a hamburger I'm sure it will be displayed with all your beautiful coins. NGC as an opportunity here and jumped on it. Six point five million distributed world wide. Now take the grading fees and add them up. NGC wins the seller wins you loose. The label you should see first. I doubt it will be in any price book because of what there calling it. Abstract Art. So now you have entered a new form of collecting. There very smart you need if they referred to them as token then I can send the ones I have from my car wash. Hey for a couple of hundred dollars why not. Send them but before you do try the math. Everything will be times five because t her are five in this set. Then think of what coins you could of bought with them. Who is the loser. This is a fad they come and go. If NGC was around when pet rocks were big they would of graded them.

06 Aug 2018

1796 Warwickshire Birmingham Penny D&H 25

Tokens | Mike 271

Hi everyone. Today's blog is about Thomson Wyon and his family of talented die sinkers. Now the first token the red brown as done by Thomas Wyon Senior. When I was researching I found that the whole family from father to son's were all engraver's. Now this prevents a problem. Most of the books say Thomas Wyon like the cypher on the reverse of the token. It has his initials. But the other tokens and coins they made it doesn't stipulate which is which. We know that all the Wyon's learned from there father. He taught them well. To the point were as long as it says Wyon I know I'm buying a quality token. I found a token with th father on it and if you look at six o'clock you will see the initials L.C. W. That is a son of the father. I don't own that token and I don't believe they were made for the people. I believe the family wanted one of there father. Not only did they learn from him but they went to school and all had great careers. The father was at the Royal Mint making seals for the king and anyone else who held an office be it in the Relm or military. Each had there own. They melt the wax apply the seal with pressure as it dried move it left and right and remove it. This way they knew there was not opened. One wound up at the Bank of London.

27 Jul 2018

Queen Victoria of England, Ireland and France

Tokens | Mike 271

Hi. Today I will write a short blog on Queen Victoria. She was one of the most beautiful Queens of England. She ruled from June 20, 1837 to her death January 22, 1901. She was the longest ruling sovereign at the time. She was also the Empress of India in 1858. She was born Alexandria Victoria on May 24, 1819 and her death was January 22, 1901. She was the daughter of Prince Edward Duke of Kent and had nine children. She ruled sixty three years seven months. She was one of the most beloved Queens of England. She was so striking beautiful hundred and hundreds of coins and tokens were made of her. Not only coinage but painting, sketches, and pictures. She also did a self sketch of herself. She was a talented ruler and a very fair one.

13 Jul 2018

Lothian Edienbough D&H 1 1796 Water Purifier

Tokens | Mike 271

Hi everyone. Today's token is about something we all need to live. Water. Since the beginning of mankind we have been looking for the substance to survive cook wash sanitary reasons just about everything. But the more people the more bacteria filthy water there is. It's a natural process that happens everyday. In England the famous Thames river was basically an open sewer. Most of the industries were built on the banks and dumped there waste. It goes on today still. Not on the Thames.

09 Jul 2018

Thomas Spence Middlesex D&H 1112

Tokens | Mike 271

Hi everyone. Today's token has an awful lot to say. It's about three great men who tried and in all classes succeed in making our life better. Now the token was done by Thomas Spence and Company in 1795. On the obverse is written ADVOCATES FOR THE RIGHT'S OF MEN. Very important Each one of these men took up important issues of the day that stand today. The reverse is a bull with the head of an ass. It states AM I NOT THINE ASS. Now that's a simple statement but a powerful social statement.

27 Jun 2018

Newgate Prison D&H 391 London 1795

Tokens | Mike 271

Hi everyone today's token is a famous token about a place that was hell on earth. For me to go into the living conditions of the horrible place is in human. There are pictures of some parts in the middle 1800's but they were chosen they make it look better than when it opened and the treatment that went on for hundreds of years.

15 Jun 2018

Warwickshire Birmingham Kempson D&H 20

Tokens | Mike 271

Hi everyone . Well we buy what we like. Great saying in this hobby. Well I was browsing an auction and saw the token below I was listening and it said bid on me. So I did. I was the only bidder so I won what I like. It's a token of a lion sleeping in a cave. Around it in Latin and mine is not that good after all these years I believe it says."No One Attacks Me With Impunity'. It was made by Peter Kempson one of the great die sinkers and designers of conder tokens. He was given a wonderful gift. Now it's red brown but I had to lighten it to see the lions head in his mange. When your holding it there's no problem it's clear as a bell. Look at the detail of the cave it's wonderful to look at. The reverse has a chypher of JK. Now I looked up his family tree only to find a couple of P.Kempsons born in the same area at the same time with a father name John and some with a brother named John. I spoke with my friend in England who informed me that this particular token is causing a frenzy. It's a penny and has edge writing and writing in the wreath around the chypher. The edge says I Promise to pay on demand the bearer one penny. It's uncirculated. Now they found out this penny was in the private collection of P. Kempson and the initials could be his father or brother. This could be what's causing the frenzy in England. It's not a rarity it's marked as common. However with the news the value has shot up considerably. You never know what your buying. How many this have I said that? Coins and tokens value change overtime sometimes in a day when new information is found. The words in the wreath and flowers and ribbons say promissory Token Penny. Now a token this old red and brown MS 64 to me is rare enough. But I like it. That can be a problem because I like a lot of coins and tokens,don't forget medals. I didn't think I had enough of information for you to read and men to write. But do your homework it all comes together. Hope you enjoyed this. I will keep you updated on what's going on with this in England take care and buy because you like a coin or token you never know what can happen. Have a great day . Mike. Don't forget click on the pictures! P.S. there is not a mark of any kind on this token that's why conder collectors don't care. The grading companies know this. It's in a slab only for protection. Mike.


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