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30 May 2016


Tokens | Mike Burn

Hi! I have previously written a blog a while ago on these tokens. The information is based on Q.DAVID BOWERS book A GUIDE BOOK of CIVIL WAR TOKENS. Now a few of you asked me the value on these gems. Well I'll try to keep to keep it simple. Each token is assigned a rarity factor or like I like to call it mintage. These can be found on page four. I will list some to give you an idea. A rarity one means they made greater than 5000. A mintage of four would mean they made 201 to 500. A mintage of six means they made 21 to 75. And a mintage of ten means they made one.

02 Apr 2016

Two Things

Tokens | ShriekenGriffon

Ok guys. I keep on forgetting how to make a forum so i am asking you here to tell me how so I can remember. Thanks for the help.Second thing. I think what I am about to put here would be best for a forum. but from the few previous sentences, you can see that I don't know how so I will put it here: How many of the YN's here are participating in the YN Literary Awards and how many are doing the Lady National Coin Week Contest  from yesterday's YN Newsletter e-mail? I know I will be in both these contests because who knows if you will win unless you try? Two years ago in 2014, I unexpectedly won 3rd place in the Literary Awards. I am not saying this to brag but to show that if I never tried I might not have won anything!Comment down below about if you are participating in the..events or if you know how to make a forum thingie. Thanks!

23 Mar 2016


Tokens | Mike Burn

Hi everyone. Well I finally got my hand's a token iv been trying to get since I saw it in a book. It's a Middlesex D& H 39. Young's penny. On the obverse it has St. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL. It was made in 1794. MR.HENRY YOUNG was a dealer in coins,and his store was located at number 18 Ludgate St.London. It was engraved by Wynn and manufactured by Kempson. Mr. Young was a jeweler and Goldsmith and delt in coins. His shop onLudgate St. Is now called Ludgate square. It's located right around the corner from St. Paul's. He could see it from his door since it was built on the highest point in London. The two architects were Christopher Wren and Lorenzo Gafa. It was built between 1675 & 1711. Construction started much earlier but ran into problems. The detailed of the front is so remarkable you can see the window's and every brick. During world war two Hitler planned to take the heart and soul out of London by burning it down during the blitz. There were hundreds of volunteers in the huge dome made of wood waiting with sand and water. Hitler sent 225 bombers to London that night and when they left St.Paul's stood. He ordered another attack but because of communication problems it never happened. This token is one of my collections that will never leave my house. It's 222 years young has luster and sharp as a razor. The reverse is harder to describe,take my word it's just as beautiful as the obverse. For some  reason my spell check will not let me put the name of the type of token it keeps changing the word. I'll try one more time conder token. There we go have a nice day. Wish I could of had a picture but my tablet won't allow it.mike. By the way it was graded by NGC. It's a ms62!I

04 Feb 2016

Conder Tokens

Tokens | Mike Burn

The 18 th century conder tokens are the most underated and underappreciated, and undervalued segment's of numismatics today. There is so much history here. It was a terrible time period, a turning point in history. The revolutionary war with Britain and the French revolution were very large on the world scene.Britain was in a time when men stood up for what was right and willing to die for it. It was the beginning of the industrial revolution. There were more counterfeits of coins made by the the people than the real coin's. So people began making their own out of copper. Thus we have the beauty's we have today. It's not often one gets to hold a coin over two hundred year's plus! Alot of these token's are uncirculated because of the details people collected them instead of using them! They are fascinating in there variety and artistic achievements in there own right. American's are starting to realize not only that beauty. But there value is on the increase. They are twice the size of American token's contain edge writing on alot of them and avalible on place's like eBay. All collection's should have diversity in them. I can't think of a better way. Check them out you just might like them.

02 Jan 2016

still collecting


i just bought about 20 tokens and medals for 50 dollars at one of the local coin shops in my town, in the mix were  some parking tokens, some game tokens,some presidential inauguratal medals,some souvenir tokens and other interesting ones. also i'v been subscribing to numismatic magazines and buying and reading more books on coins and coin collecting. well until next post thanks for reading and good luck in all your hobby pursuits.  

12 Apr 2015

Maori Tribesman Token of New Zealand

Tokens | Juno Moneta

The first coin I posted from New Zealand just had to be this gorgeous Tradesmen's Token of Milner & Thompson. The depictions of Maori tribesmen is just spectacular! The company was in Christchurch and issued a number of designs, this one being the best. Other tokens state they were "Sole Agents for Brinsmead Pianos" (anyone see the movie "The Piano"). These tokens were manufactured during a shortage of official coinage from 1857 to 1881. All of the Milner & Thompson tokens may have been minted in 1881.

15 Feb 2015


Tokens | Mr. Wheatie

Does anyone know if there is any value in this piece? I'm not sure if it would be considered a medal or a token.......If I had to say I would guess that its a token since it has a trade value of $1.00 at the 1974 World's Fair. I just don't know zilch about this sort of thing. My Dad gave it to me in a small box full of world coins and a few semi-old American coins.

12 Jan 2015

Jenny Lind token ?

Tokens | karstkri

I have this since 2008 .It is on Obv. Jenny Lind Swedish opera singer 1820-1887.The rev. look like many US coins from that time an i wonder if eney one now somthing - are it maid in US ?

05 Dec 2014

Whitman Publishing Releases New Bowers Book on Hard Times Tokens

Tokens | ANA Official Post | ANAStaff

(Atlanta, Georgia) — Whitman Publishing announces the release of A Guide Book of Hard Times Tokens, by Q. David Bowers. The 320-page softcover book (number 17 in the popular Bowers Series) will debut at the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Expo in Baltimore, March 26, 2015. In the meantime copies can be pre-ordered from booksellers and hobby shops nationwide, and online (including at www.Whitman.com), for $29.95. The book can also be borrowed for free as a benefit of membership in the American Numismatic Association, through the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library.