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02 Aug 2017

Day 2 of World's Fair of Money Vacation

World's Fair of Money | FortWorthCollector

On Tuesday I left the hotel and went to the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine tour about an hour out side of Colorado Springs near Cripple Creek. It was very exciting and informative plus they let us take samples of the gold bearing rock as a souvenir. Just up the road from the Mollie Kathleen was an operational surface mine that I got a few picks from. I then headed back to Colorado Springs to the ANA Money Museum and learned a lot of interesting things but there was no free souvenirs though. I did however pick up a book on coin photography.

31 Jul 2017

Day 1 of World's Fair of Money Vacation

World's Fair of Money | FortWorthCollector

Today was mostly just traveling from Fort Worth to Colorado Springs but I did find some time to stop and take pictures. My first photo op was in Amarillo at The big Texan Steak house (world famous for the 72oz steak challenge). My second photo op was also in Amarillo of an old steam locomotive. My third and final photo op was at the New Mexico, Colorado boarder. Tomorrow I will be going to a gold mine tour and the ANA Money Museum.

29 Jul 2017

Final Days Until the World's Fair of Money

World's Fair of Money | FortWorthCollector

Well there is just two more days until the start of the World's Fair of Money and I am making my final preparations now. I will be posting Monday night my trip to Colorado Springs and any pictures if I find something interesting along the way. So keep a look out for my trip posts and convention posts.

25 Jul 2017

MNS Coin Show 2017 in Review

Coins | user_7180

The MNS (Missouri Numismatic Society) 2017 Coin Show in review.  The show started with long lines of patrons who were eager to see the 180 tables of coins, currency, and exonumia.  The show was a mix of long time dealers and new dealers showing the strength of the hobby.  The dealers represented 19 states across the country.  There was the annual auction on Friday night with a packed catalog of nearly 1,100 items.  The auction realized $1,639,483.00.  It was a wonderful auction.  The setup, exhibits and dealers put on a great show.

25 Jun 2017

The World's Fair of Money is getting ever closer

World's Fair of Money | FortWorthCollector

So for everyone that is attending the World's Fair of Money, it is getting ever closer to being time to pack your bags and hitting the road. I of course have made my reservations months ahead of time for my hotel. I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver right across the street from the convention center. I chose the Hyatt Regency because of the location, free internet, and slightly lower parking prices than the Sheraton. I will end up paying about $209 a night but I have a king room with view and I am closer to the convention so less walking the streets and more walking the show. The ANA has their deal for $184 a night at the Sheraton or $189 a night at the Magnolia. Of course those are both good deals but do a little research and find the things that are important to you for your stay. Check out some of the travel sites and see what deals you can find. I used booking.com for my hotel free cancellation, pay at the property, no service fees, and it was easy. Post in the comments if you have found any goods deals or where you are planing on staying. Also keep your eyes peeled for my next post on some restaurants I am planning on trying.

25 Jun 2017

Texas Numismatic Association annual coin show

Coins | FortWorthCollector

The Texas Numismatic Association's annual coin show ran June 2-4 at the Arlington convention center. This years show was great, very busy and a lot of dealers showed up. I believe the show is now hitting its stride with the local coin collecting community as they become accustomed to the new show location.I was able to run into a lot of old friends and make some new ones this year. I did not do as much buying this year as I have in past years just because the Worlds Fair of Money is just around the corner and I am saving my money up for that. I did however get a very nice 1921-D MS-63 Morgan Dollar that I plan to give as a gift to someone I am meeting at the Worlds Fair of Money. I believe it will be great because of course we will be in Denver where the coin was minted and it will be the first time either one of us has been there. Interesting fact the 1921-D Morgan was the first circulating silver dollar ever minted at the Denver mint and also the last year for Morgans to be produced.

03 Jun 2017

Is this why no 2017-P Lincoln Cents have shown in circulation yet

Coins | user_7180

A friend told me about seeing a recent episode of the Coin Vault in which they BRAGGED they bought 100 Million of the 2017-P mint-marked Lincoln Cents, so they could sell them for a profit.  Is this why we cannot find them in circulation?  If private companies are intercepting new US Mint coins before they go to banks or maybe even earlier than that (before they go to the Federal Reserve Banks) should that not be considered illegal?  What gives?

29 May 2017

Coin Show!

| Coinfox441

During the first week of May, I went to my second coin show. It was fifty tables (I dont know if that is large or small for a coin show, so if you friends could tell me…) full of fun. There were also two giant jackpots ( neither of which I won). One you had to gues how many spanish coins were in the box. I guessed 376. If you won, all the coins were yours. The second one was a regular raffle for some very expensivse coins. After checking out the raffles, I walked around for about an hour. I finally came to a decision and bought a silver bullion australian kangaroo dollar. I also saw a Saint Gaudens $20!

14 May 2017

2017 World's Fair of Money Draws Ever Near

World's Fair of Money | FortWorthCollector

The 2017 World's Fair of Money is inching ever closer to its week filled with spectacular and exciting numismatic activity's. While the days count down I am very busy making final preparations for this wonderful event.  I am currently putting the finishing touches on my itinerary and just need a list of the money talks to complete the task. I have also been meeting my savings goals to help pay for some large purchases and the trip itself. So far everything is going well the hotel room is booked, new luggage ready to be packed, some new clothes for looking good, vacation request approved for work, and a new camera for sharing the event.For those of you that are interested the interactive floor map for the convention is starting to fill in with the dealers that will be attending. If you will be attending the convention as well now would be a good time to look for a hotel room as they seem to be filling up fast.


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