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16 Apr 2016

United States Fractional Gold

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In the United States, specifically California, in the 1800s while the famous Gold Rush was occurring, gold coins were often made in amounts lower than a dollar (fractional gold coins). These coins were produced privately and in three ‘periods’, Period One, Period Two and Period Three. They were used for many things, but only period one was used heavily for commerce.

16 Apr 2016

Commemorative Quarter Programs

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From the Queen Isabella Quarter Dollar to the modern Canadian Mint’s gold small animal series, quarters, while not as popular as half dollars for commemorative purposes, are still a commonly used denomination. There are many types used, from the 1800s in the United States to the modern day in Canada.

20 Feb 2016

latest things going on in collecting life


lately i'v been spending most of my free time reading up on coins and coin collecting through the use of coin books in my personal library, books and dvds from the ana library, andcoin magazines that I subscribe to (just subscribed to my 4th coin magazine) also a friend who owns the local coin shop where I do most of my coin shopping just gave me a huge stack of coin magazines andauction catalogs.also I purchased a 1964 Kennedy half dollar, a franklin half dollar, and a beautiful walking liberty half dollar with full luster all for spot. well until next time have fun with your hobby.

29 Jan 2016

NZC now in museum collections

Coins | user_5280

Hi. This is my first post. I'm a newcomer to numismatics and have created an educational "conjoined" numismatic called "NET ZERO COIN" which is now in the permanent collection of four museums: The British Museum, the National Hellenic Museum, the ANA, and the ANS. I hope you like my first foray into the industry. It's designed to teach about the fundamentals of currency value as well as stock market principles. It's very unique in that there are two separate numismatics (a coin and a minted brass card) which together form a Set with matching serial numbers. It's also the first coin to commemorate the world's oldest computer, the ancient and mysteriously complex Antikythera Mechanism (c. 205 BCE). Lastly, I've made the card portion of this numismatic Set a "charter member" card, lasting through infinity, and anyone who purchases one is automatically enrolled in the charter member program for my startup, The Sports Index Inc., an innovative company which owns the trademark to "The $ports Index," the world's first index of publicly traded companies exclusively involved in sports (E.g, Nike, Brunswick, International Speedway, etc.). We're at www.thesportsindex.com. More to come. We welcome you to join the team, and at the same time be part of history and own our history-making numismatic Set!

25 Jan 2016


Coins | Wil Chapman Jr.

First things first, I am not a writer and I don't claim to be one so please bare with me. As I roam around the bourse floor at coin shows I notice one thing, The average age of the attendees is getting older and older. The young generation just has no interest in the hobbie, but how do we get them interested? I know some here are detectorist, someone who metal detects. This of itself is a great hobbie. Not only can you find rare coins, relics, gold and silver. You also unearth the past. Things that would fade away beneath the surface and lost forever. So one way to get kids interested could be metal detecting. It also has other advantages. Gets them away from the TV, video games, and out getting some exercise. Plus its a good bonding experience, so get out there and make some memories.

25 Nov 2015

A visit to the Japan Mint Museum in Osaka

| alphaNumis

Here is the link to my blog entry - this one has 70 high resolution photos in it, my longest blog entry yet. Enjoy!

11 Nov 2015

Secrets of an old Coin Bank

Coins-United States | user_1762

Nearly fifteen years ago, my grandmother Florence gave me a simple hand-stitched suede pouch with a drawstring. What was inside would connect me to my past, help me professionally and forge the way for a hobby I now hold dear.

23 Oct 2015


Library | Longstrider

I wanted to talk about this GIANT book and am having a problem describing it without just copying the back. I'm just going to write about why I bought it and you can check it out yourself if interested. A couple of years ago I had to bite the bullet and buy the Large Print Issue. The old eyes just didn't work well anymore. Especially at auctions and on the bourse floor. Now Whitman has published this giant Red Book that I call Mega Red! I wasn't going to buy it but I kept looking at it every-time I went to the coin store I use.

01 Sep 2015

Gifts in My Collection

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_7392

Being a Young Numismatist, money is short. Because of this, gifts from family, friends, and coin dealers mean that much more. In my short time as a numismatist, I have been very lucky to know some of the nicest people that there can be. In this blog, I will go over some coins in my collection that were gifts from these people. These are some of my favorite coins, not just for the coins themselves, but more for the people and the memories behind them.

04 Aug 2015

New coins/paper money Part 1

Coins | User_3.1415926

When I was on vacation in New Jersey I stopped at 2 coin dealers and purchased the following coins: