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03 May 2017

Rarities I have known, Part 3

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Collectors wishing to see the 1870-S $3 gold must make a special trip. This unique coin is housed at the ANA's Money Museum. It's on display with a wonderful collection of $3 gold pieces, the Bass Collection. The coins are mounted so it's easy to examine each one.

28 Apr 2017

Uplifting story

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Last night, a lovely proof double eagle was sold at auction for over half a million dollars. The proceeds will be used to keep a church in business.

25 Apr 2017

Little gems

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During a visit to my favorite coin shop today, I spotted a lovely little coin. The U.S. Grant gold dollar is an underpublicized and underrated coins, but is special. It features President Grant, Civil War general, who also appeared on the Presidential dollar and a silver commemorative half dollar. The gold dollar and the half dollar feature the same design--Grant on the obverse and his log cabin birthplace on the reverse. This may be the only examples of the same design on two different US coins. The coin was MS-65, golden and lustrous.

18 Apr 2017

The color of gold

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There's nothing like the color of gold, a precious metal that has always meant wealth. Gold does not tarnish all that much, so gold coins look good even after some circulation.

05 Apr 2017

A golden collection

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Some years ago, I visited Dahlonega, Georgia, once the home of a US Mint. Besides a tour of the grounds--which included going down into a gold mine--I checked out the museum and saw a complete set of Dahlonega gold coins.

13 Mar 2017

First the holder, then the coins

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Custom made holders are available for any coin sets a collector can dream of. There are holders for complete sets, date sets, proof sets, World War II coins, and silver dollars minted at Carson City. I've seen a lovely set of Morgan dollars housed in a holder shaped like the state of Nevada.

06 Feb 2017

Football coins 2.0

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The day after the Super Bowl, I recall the new football coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. Struck in .999 silver and .999 gold, the coins are shaped like footballs. The silver has a face value of $25 and the gold, $200. Coins are dated 2017. They are attractive looking and certainly look like prolate spheroids!

09 Dec 2016

Gift ideas

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Not sure what to get someone, a special person or the one who's hard to buy for? Consider a numismatic gift.


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