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13 Mar 2017

First the holder, then the coins

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Custom made holders are available for any coin sets a collector can dream of. There are holders for complete sets, date sets, proof sets, World War II coins, and silver dollars minted at Carson City. I've seen a lovely set of Morgan dollars housed in a holder shaped like the state of Nevada.

06 Feb 2017

Football coins 2.0

Coins | CoinLady

The day after the Super Bowl, I recall the new football coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. Struck in .999 silver and .999 gold, the coins are shaped like footballs. The silver has a face value of $25 and the gold, $200. Coins are dated 2017. They are attractive looking and certainly look like prolate spheroids!

09 Dec 2016

Gift ideas

Coins | CoinLady

Not sure what to get someone, a special person or the one who's hard to buy for? Consider a numismatic gift.

27 Aug 2016

The Three Dollar Gold Piece

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_8029

In the history of United States coinage, many odd denominations have been made for one reason or another. The three dollar gold coin is one of these denominations. It was created for a similar reason as the three cent coin, for use in buying postage stamps, but overall was not well received by the public. This denomination, however unsuccessful at the time, has become a sought-after series, and has multiple major rarities within it.

16 Apr 2016

United States Fractional Gold

| user_8029

In the United States, specifically California, in the 1800s while the famous Gold Rush was occurring, gold coins were often made in amounts lower than a dollar (fractional gold coins). These coins were produced privately and in three ‘periods’, Period One, Period Two and Period Three. They were used for many things, but only period one was used heavily for commerce.

27 Feb 2016

Encapsulation New Zealand style

Coins-World | Ian Fenn

In 2004, when the coin this blog is focused on was issued, I was regularly buying NCLT from New Zealand( New Zealand post). When I saw this coin and its method of encapsulation I had to have it.The coin is a 40 gram silver dollar sized gold piece of 22 Kt gold. It is in a traditional Maori treasure box called a Wakahuia. When I received the advertisement for the coin I jumped at the chance to own such an unusual type of NCLT. I submitted my order with credit card details and waited and waited. What I and many other weren't aware of was NZ post had underestimated demand for the 300 coins( for an expensive NZ$1500 in 2004) on the official issue date they had had only had 150 struck and the wooden boxes were taking longer than anticipated. It took them nearly 4 further months to fulfill my order. The delay was such that I was almost going to cancel my order for the coin when I received the latest NZ catalog. That catalog had the coin valued at NZ$500.00 more than the issue price. Behind the production was negotiations with the Ngati Whakaue sub tribe to whom Pukaki, the person the carving represents, was a venerated ancestor. There is much more behind the story; but with indigenous peoples rights and the chance of offending through my ignorance I will not venture here to tell the full story as I understand it. What I can report is that 30 of the 300 coins were given to the tribe and a further 75(or so), unlikely to ever come to market again, were also purchased by tribe members. This of course means the coin will remain a rarity. It is certainly one I treasure. I prefer this form of encapsulation but I don't see PCGS or NGC adopting the method.

28 Dec 2015

DUPO Illinois Coin Show - January 3, 2016

Coins | user_7180

If you are in the Collinsville Illinois area on Sunday January 3, 2016 be sure to stop by the Collinsville American Legion Hall for one of the new year's first coin shows of the year. The annual DUPO show is one of the best for 57 years and still going!

04 Dec 2015

Silver and Gold - November 2015 - Platinum Extra!

Stocks & Bonds | CMCC

Okay, here we are for November, and boy, did it drop!


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