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05 May 2018

Ship of Gold (SS Central America Shipwreck Treasure Exhibit)

Coins-United States | FortWorthCollector

Today I went to the NRA national convention for the last chance to see the current discoveries from the SS Central America shipwreck before they are broken up and sold. I was able to meet and shake hands with bob Evans the chief scientist on the original voyage that discovered the shipwreck and is  now conserving the finds. I was also able to buy a pinch of gold which was the equivalent of 50¢ in the gold rush days and would have bought you a drink at a saloon. It was a great exhibit and I am glad I was able to catch it before it was broken up.

02 May 2018

Book Review "Confiscation: Gold as Contraband 1933-1974"

Coins | Michael Marotta

Confiscation: Gold as Contraband 1933-1974 by Kenneth R. Ferguson was a pleasure to read. Ferguson writes well. I met Ken Ferguson in person at a coin show here in Austin. He speaks as intelligently as he writes. Our time together was enlightening. 

21 Apr 2018

**A Mini Roo For You**

Coins - World | Kepi

This is the sweetest little coin I've seen in awhile so I wanted to share it with you.   And it just happens to be Gold!  And it hopped right into my collection   ; )   Nicknamed "The Mini Roo",  this is a 2018P Australia G$2 Kangaroo, First Releases.  Graded by NGC as MS 70.   The coin was issued by the Perth Mint which was founded in 1899 and is  the oldest operating mint in Australia.  Some of the specs on this coin include... Diameter 11.6 mm,  Thickness 0.70 mm,  Weight .50 grams,  Purity of gold 0.9999.   The obverse is issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965 and depicts the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the monetary denomination and the 2018 year-date.  The reverse depicts two bounding red kangaroo's and the Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark.  It was designed by Jennifer McKenna.    The Kangaroo which has become so popular over the years that it is now an unofficial emblem of Australia, appearing on various government crests, corporate logos, and, of course, coins.  I hope you enjoyed my blog!  Comments are welcomed.

23 Mar 2018

$2.50 Gold Indian set

Coins | FortWorthCollector

I have just recently decided to start a set of $2.50 Gold Indians. It is a short run of 15 coins with only one expensive key date. I think it will be a fun and rewarding short term goal set. Well short term if you define it as a couple of years but definitely a lot less time than it will take to finish my Morgan Dollar set. I have posted pictures of my first coin for the set below.

14 Feb 2018


Coins-World | Longstrider

   Today I would like to share a coin I was very lucky to find at this late date. It is a Canadian Gold 2013 Ruby Throated Hummingbird. This coin is a 25 cent denomination. It is ½ a gram of .9999 gold. Not a lot of gold but pretty pure. I should say it is 11 mm in diameter. This coin is part of the Canadian Wildlife Series, which I have a few. They may be small but every detail is present. The reverse was designed by Claudio D'Angelo. His depiction is of the hummingbird in full flight. That means 50 wing beats per second.

05 Feb 2018

Economic Affects of Numismatics?

Coins | user_55599

So I have a very different blog today. I was curious if anyone knows the economic affects, coin collecting has on silver and gold prices. Also did silver coins (90%) have an affect on the economy? If so how significant was it?

17 Nov 2017

I know it's special

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Some years ago, I attended a World's Fair of Money that featured many special exhibits. Besides the usual array of wonderful collector exhibits, some coins that weren't seen often were displayed. This was the show where the ten 1933 double eagles were shown. There were long lines to see these coins from the time I walked in the door.

09 Nov 2017

Take me back

Coins-United States | CoinLady

My interest in coins dates back over fifty years. I can remember getting Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels, Standing Liberty quarters, in change. I can also recall many lovely coins for sale that seem like such bargains now.

08 Nov 2017

Classically beautiful

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Great day downtown today. The tree is up in the Walnut Room. Delicious lunch, served by my favorite waiter. And of course, a trip to the coin shop.

31 Oct 2017

**Crazy Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt**

Exonumia | Kepi

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!    I have a crazy story about my Mom, who sometimes makes up crazy things in her mind....Don't get me wrong I love her!  : )   Well you see,  my Mom and Dad divorced years ago...It's okay...I'm over it.  But get this,  my Mom thinks that Dad has, over the years, buried treasure in my Grandparent's  place on 5 acres in the desert...and not just any old treasure,  GOLD BARS!   She's been out there digging around,  sometimes my husband plows up dirt so it looks like a fresh dig...  Ahhh   What the heck as long as she has fun!   Dad said he doesn't have any gold...or does he....  TRICK OR TREAT! How's your family doing lately?


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