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13 Oct 2016

The American Eagle Program

Young Numismatists Exchange | The Silver Half Dollar

The American Eagle Program contains gold, silver, and platinum coins. American Eagle coins provide investments, beautiful coins, and a way to easily own precious metals. American Eagle coins are not the same as the quarter-eagles ($2.50), half-eagles ($5.00), eagles ($10), and double-eagles ($20). Even though these coins are legal-tender they typically sell at a high premium above their melt and face value combined.

09 May 2015


Coins | Longstrider

Here I have a coin that I originally bought as an investment coin. I have since fallen in love with it and hope to keep it. As you can see, it's 2008 W Silver Eagle with a Reverse of 2007. It also happens to be a MS 70 Early Release. It has a very limited run. It's estimated that only 47,000 made their way out of the mint before the mistake was discovered. The difference being the reverse dies of 2007 and earlier have a plain U in UNITED. Modified dies of 2008 and later have a small serif at the bottom right of the U. It stands out if you know what you are looking for but you have to be looking for it.

13 Jan 2015

Almost 3 million American Silver Eagles Sold on first day

Coins-United States | user_68636

Last year, the US Mint sold 44 million bullion Silver Eagles which was a record.It sold just under 3 million 2015 bullion Silver Eagles yesterday to kick off 2015. The highest sales for the month of January was in 2013 when the Mint sold 7.5 million bullion Silver Eagles.

27 Jul 2014

Which design do you recommend for the reverse of the $1 American Silver Eagle?

Coins-United States | leandro819

This month’s issue of The Numismatist (July 2014) featured the article “Proposed design changes takes flight” in which the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) recommends a new motif to replace the heraldic eagle on the reverse of the $1 American Silver Eagle.  

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