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06 Jan 2018

**In Bed With A Good Book**

Tokens | Kepi

I was so pleased to receive this book in the mail as I am still recovering from a broken foot and a not very pleasant surgery. My husband bought me a Civil War Token and thought while I convalesce at home I'd enjoy this book to go with it! He was right! Wow...This book is packed with information. It is The Official Red Book..."A guide Book Of Civil War Tokens" 2nd edition. By Q. David Bowers. Some of the topics include history, rarities and values. And a "how to" guide to collect these wonderful pieces with over 2,000 color photo's. It also has chapters on Civil War Store Cards, Encased Stamps and Civil War Sutler Tokens. This is a new area of collecting for me, although I have always been interested in coinage, currency and now tokens of our Civil War era. My token is even pictured on the cover! This book is a must for anyone who shares an interest in this subject. You won't be disappointed! After all it was written by the best! : ) Thank you for reading my blog. I look forward to your comments.

12 Dec 2017

Sears centennial token

Tokens | user_9894

1986, Sears celebrates its 100 years in business with a token made from copper from the Statue of Liberty. Material was from the renovation of the statue. Sear appears to be struggling to stay afloat at this time, so it may the last hurrah for them.

09 Oct 2017

Civil War Token that I Own

Tokens | user_9894

Here are images of two Civil War Tokens that I own. I have had them for quite some time. A little worse for wear but still nice.

09 Sep 2017

Be Glad You Can't Be Imprisoned for Being in Debt

Tokens | coinsbygary

This post is for Mike who recently posted a Conder Token. Mike I have several more of these that I will post periodically. Until then, enjoy this one!Gary’s March Coin of the Month (Volume 3 Number 7) features a copper NGC AU-58 1790’s ½ penny Conder Token (D&H-36D).

08 Sep 2017

Love tokens, anyone?

Tokens | CoinLady

Love tokens, anyone? Sometimes found in junk boxes or sold as "damaged," tokens engraved with names, scenes, sentiments, can make beautiful and meaningful gifts.

21 Jul 2017

Finding something new

Tokens | CoinLady

While roaming the convention floor at a major coin show, I always pick up the many premiums available, such as pens, candy, price lists, and a catalog or two.

12 Feb 2017

Happy birthday, Lincoln!

Coins-United States | CoinLady

On this day, Lincoln's birthday, it would be appropriate to mention one collector's experience in collecting Lincoln items.

29 Jan 2017

cool tokens

| Conan Barbarian

these are a few cool tokens that i have acquired throughout the years that i thought were cool. i am not that into tokens but these few are interesting and unique. (i don't know how many are around nowadays but they look old and are a great piece to add to my collection)

25 Nov 2016

Milner & Thompson Canterbury Music Depot

Coins - World | World_Coin_Nut

I supposed due to my love of large cents I have developed an interest to British Conder Tokens and similar tokens. I have found over the years that some British colonies have produced similar pieces to the Conder tokens. Recently I picked up this piece from New Zealand.


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