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25 Nov 2016

Milner & Thompson Canterbury Music Depot

Coins - World | World_Coin_Nut

I supposed due to my love of large cents I have developed an interest to British Conder Tokens and similar tokens. I have found over the years that some British colonies have produced similar pieces to the Conder tokens. Recently I picked up this piece from New Zealand.

01 Sep 2016

so-called dollar obsession

| user_3709

i have a new obsession in a fairly small area of numismatics. The tokens or medals in question are so called dollars. I have currently four so-called dollars with three being the finest or tied for finest known. The one that is not the finest is only beat by two other deep proof likes at NGC.  Does anyone else have the obsession of so-called dollars.

12 Jun 2016

Hard Times Tokens

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_8029

In the early 19th century in America, money has not always been in a good supply. In order for there to be change, there were two options, the ever unstable paper money or a privately made token. There are three categories of these tokens, the political token, the store card and the one made to resemble an actual circulating coin.

09 Jun 2016

My New Token: Auckland Licensed Victuallers Association

Tokens | Pliny The Elder

I just got a new token.  It is an interesting one from New Zealand, believed to be issued in 1871.  The following is by the former curator of Heritage Interpretation at Museum Victoria:

07 Feb 2016

new purchases

Exonumia | CASINO NUT

this post has to do with my most recent purchases. this week I purchased about 80 transportation tokens, a few amusement tokens, a car wash token,

23 Jul 2015

A Couple of Freebies

Coins | coinsbygary

With all my recent coin purchases, I had racked up quite a few E-Bay Bucks. Thus, I was able to upgrade two coins in my 7070 type set based solely on E-Bay Bucks. With the remaining balance I bought a Conder Token for my seated-imagery custom set at a 32% discount.

18 May 2015

FAO Medal Lillian Carter 1978

Exonumia | user_3992

This is a FAO silver medal issued1978.A portrait of Lillian Carter appears on the medal obverse, while the reverse shows three nurses, with the inscription: "Human kindness and caring - heal beyond any wall".The medal was sculpted by Frank Gasparro, chief engraver of the U.S. Mint, in his private capacity, and was struck at the Gori & Zucchi Mint, Arezzo.Am trying to find out how many were issued by FAO.? Any help will be appreciated.

11 May 2015

FAO Coins and Medals

Coins | user_3992

I have been collecting FAO coins and medals for last few years. I do have a small collection but now am stuck due to lack of information. Does anyone know of a good dedicated guide of FAO coins and relating to number of coins, countries issuing FAO coins, value/prices?I have done some research online, there's not much on these, may be couple of website and blogs and as for guide books there's probably none.Any help will be really appreciated.

02 May 2015

Encyclopedia of Mexican Money - Volume I

Library | Juno Moneta

Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money - Volume I is an overview and history of Mexican coinage and currency. The first volume in this four-volume encyclopedia is a richly illustrated introduction to Mexican numismatics, from pre-Columbian money to the colonial era, independence, revolutions, modern coinage reforms, commemorative programs, bullion medals, and paper money.