Board of Governors meeting from the 2014 World’s Fair of Money

August 9, 2014 By ekr


Too busy to watch the video? Here are the highlights from the ANA’s Twitter feed

  • Board ratifies straw poll vote for plan to digitize all back issues of The Numismatist. 
  • ANA Convention Director recommends Philadelphia for the 2018 World’s Fair of Money. 
  • Convention director notes that she secured discounted hotel rates for Philly, and negotiated with unions for fewer labor restrictions. 
  • On a vote of 7-0-1, the Board chooses Philadelphia for the 2018 World’s Fair of Money.
  • Carl Wolf now making the case for Chicago Coin Club to host the 2019 World’s Fair of Money. 
  • No vote taken at this time on the 2019 World’s Fair of Money proposal from the Chicago Coin Club. 
  • Gov. Greg Lyon with the audit report: Investments are strong, and financial status of the ANA is strong. 
  • Audit accepted on a vote of 8-0. 990 report also accepted on a vote of 9-0 (VP Garrett entered the meeting between votes)
  • Board reviews library lending policy to add harsher penalties for overdue materials. Board passes new policy on vote of 9-0.
  • Board votes to pass new strategic plan on a vote of 9-0. New plan will be posted to and printed in The Numismatist.
  • YN Intern Katie Reinders is completing her six-month tenure on the board. Hannah Powell voted in as new YN intern on 9-0 vote.
  • Executive director report: 578 tables sold, for revenue of more than $800,000. 65 patrons made donations to the event. 
  • More executive director report: Silent auction raised more than $18,000 at banquet. This money goes to Robert Lecce scholarship fund. 
  • More executive director report: New website is now live. Take a look at 

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