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April 9, 2015 By ekr


Newsletter of the

Lower Cape Fear Coin Club

P.O. Box 4744, Wilmington, NC 28406

Service to the numismatic community of

Southeastern North Carolina since 1963

Host of the NC Azalea Festival Coin Show Every April


Cecil Dixon (4-15), Rick C. (4-15), Bob Neale (1-16), Gaylord Allen (3-16), Francis Ryan (3-16), Franklin Fussell (4-16)and Rich Jewell (4-16). Become a Booster by donating $10 for printing expenses.


The next meeting of the Lower Cape Fear Coin Club will be on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at the Carolina BBQ Restaurant, 1602 South College Road beginning at 6 pm. The program will be a roundtable discussion on the subject of ‘COIN GRADING’. You should find this very informative as GRADING a coin is the most important facet of the hobby.

An auction will follow the meeting so why not bring a few of your numismatic items you no longer want and see what they sell for at auction? You may set a minimum bid and enter up to ten lots.


16, March, 2015

Hello All,

By the time everyone is reading this, the Azalea Festival Coin Show will be upon us. All of our work and planning will come together to be what I believe a GREAT Show!

We have held the past several shows at the American Legion, but this year we will be holding the show at the Elks Lodge on Oleander. Being relatively new to the coin club, I was not present the last time we utilized the Elks Club Location for a show. The Elks has a little less space than we had at the American Legion and this is a concern to me. Still, the location and the other factors make the Elks Lodge a good choice for a venue.

I’d like to hear afterwards, from all individuals involved with the show, their thoughts on this location and should we continue to hold our shows here. The Board of Directors will have a lot to consider afterwards.

Overall, things are looking good for the upcoming show. We are excited to be adding the presence of a food truck to bring in folks and to offer convenience for our venders. I look forward to an enjoyable weekend to be had by everyone.

Our prayers go out to Karen Foster’s husband, Rob. I’m sure most of you know that Rob is recovering from a heart attack. I know we all look forward to seeing him with Karen at future coin club events.

Til next time, Mike


The last meeting of our Club was attended by twenty-eight members and guests. Dave Provost from the Raleigh Coin Club gave an excellent talk on North Carolina coins and medals. Of special interest were several photos of Wilmington area medals.

The Attendance Prize was won by our newest member Robert McCullough. The 50/50 drawing was won by Franklin Fussell. Our semi-junior member Ethan Dunn will be moving away from this area so now maybe Jim and Gaylord will no longer have any competition in our auctions.

Raffle tickets for our upcoming Coin Show were handed out to those in attendance. All members are asked to sell ten tickets and turn in receipts to Chris Vandall before the Sunday afternoon drawing. For every 100 tickets you sell you will receive a silver eagle.


Our Club is STILL in dire need of someone to design and maintain a new website. If you or someone you know can do this, please contact someone in the Club ASAP. We DO expect to pay for the services.


Recently a member asked a question that was sent out to several of you for an answer. The response was HUGE! Due to that experience, we will ask a question every month. If you have a numismatic-related question, let us know. Maybe someone will donate an award to the person with the best answer?

The question asked was, “How does one shop wisely at a coin show?”

The best answer came from R. F. and has been sent to LCFCC members only. The information was to the point and extremely valuable. Answers like this one will definitely be worth the $15 it costs to join our Club. Join the LCFCC and receive the answer.

This month’s question is, ‘What’s the BEST way to liquidate your collection if no one in the family has any interest in it?’ Please send your response to


PLEASE contact any officer regarding changes YOU would like to see in our C&BLs. Many of you have good ideas on this subject and a few members are forming a committee to work on this. So far, Ray Flanigan and Bob Neale have agreed to help on this committee. The first meeting of this committee will be soon after our April Coin Show. If you would like to help by being on this committee, contact any officer or board member.


The March 25 BM was held at The Carolina BBQ Restaurant. Among the many subjects discussed; The 2015 budget was set, an Azalea Festival poster was shown with our Club’s Coin Show prominently advertised, 900 raffle tickets are out to members, our meeting programs are full for the year, we STILL need an operating website, a new brochure will debut at our Coin Show and a possible souvenir card is in the works. If YOU have any ideas or suggestions for the Club, please let us know.


The next Board meeting will be held on April 22, 2015 at McAlister’s Deli at 740 South College Rd. at 6 PM. All members may attend to voice their opinions. If you want to help on committees, let someone know. Come early to eat.


April 11-12, 2015, Wilmington, NC, Elk’s Lodge, 5102 Oleander Drive, NEW LOCATION. Contact 910-520-8405.

April 17-19, Dalton, GA, Northeast Georgia Trade and Convention Center. GNA Coin Show.

April 25, Lexington, NC, YMCA, 119 W. 3rd Ave., C# 336-596-3986.

April 25-26, Myrtle Beach, SC, Springmaid Beach Resort, 3200 S. Ocean Blvd., C# 843-293-9000.

May 9-10, Raleigh, NC, State Fairgrounds, C# 919-790-8544.

May 15-16, Fayetteville, NC, Holiday Inn, 1944 Cedar Creek Rd., C# 910-497-5440.

* Please verify coin show dates, times and locations before going.

** We DO have Club members going to this coin show. Contact O. T. if you want to carpool. 


Karen Foster’s husband Rob continues to recover from a heart attack. As of this writing, he is recovering nicely at the NHMH Rehab Unit. Rich and Fran Jewell are also recovering from health issues. It’s good to see them back in NC from their home in Pennsylvania. Roger Persichilli attended the recent Baltimore Coin Show.


A group of ‘Short Snorters’ (Banknotes with autographs of military unit members.) was stolen following the recent Portland, Oregon ANA Coin Show. Most of these notes were of the WWII era and some were signed by famous movie stars and celebrities of the time. If you see or hear of any groups of short snorters offered please contact law enforcement immediately.

The ANA will have several items from their Money Museum on display at the coin show in Dalton, Georgia April 17-19.


These are tentative programs and could change.

April 8, 2015: ‘Coin Grading Roundtable’.

May, 2015: ‘Kennedy Half Dollars’ by Jim Savage.

June 2015: ‘Money of the Confederacy’.

July 8, 2015: Charles C.?

August 12, 2015: Club picnic at the Park.

September 9, 2015: ‘Update on Counterfeiting’ by Bob Neale.

October 14, 2015: ‘The 12 Caesars’ by J. Flanigan.

November 11, 2015: ‘Paper Money 1690 to Now’ an ANA DVD by John Wilson.

December 9, 2015: Dinner Social.

January 13, 2016: ‘Numismatic Etiquette’.

Please volunteer to give a five-minute talk on one of your interests. Contact Program Chairman Bob Neale (910-799-2024) about what YOU would like to learn or what YOU want to talk about. There are hundreds of areas in our great hobby so let us know what YOUR interests are. Remember, you don’t have to be a ‘speaker’ to give a short talk. In fact, if you bring something for ‘Show and Tell’ there are many members who might make a whole program out of it.


Our annual official North Carolina Azalea Festival Coin Show is right around the corner. The Elk’s Lodge will set up the tables and chairs for us on Friday afternoon but you are still invited to come out Friday afternoon and evening to help with other things. Armed and uniformed security will be in place and some dealers will need a hand to haul their inventories to their tables. If you have a handcart we can use please bring it with you.

The ‘Official’ ribbon cutting will take place at 10 am Saturday with a couple of Azalea Belles and two Civil War re-enactors. The gold mining crew will be setting up along with the local Civil War Roundtable. With America celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the end of the Civil War, many of the dealers will be bringing related memorabilia and our Civil War theme should encourage a record number of guests and collectors.

A two-hour shift at the door will ensure a smooth flow of visitors and all members are encouraged to volunteer at the April regular meeting. Help will also be needed with the Kid’s Korner as well as at the coffee pot.


At a recent meeting of the Jacksonville-Camp LeJeune Coin Club, a member had several Kennedy halves exhibiting doubled-die characteristics. The website below should help in identifying the many out there.


The 2015 Kennedy half-dollar is now available only on the Mint’s website. It will NOT be distributed by banks. A few P and D rolls will be available at our April meeting, first come, first served, see O. T. 4

The March of Dimes commemorative silver set is also available from the Mint’s website for $61.95.


Our Club may be in the running for hosting an NCNA Convention in the next year or two.


The Florida United Numismatists organization is a great regional coin club that is highly recommended as a source of valuable information for beginning AND advanced collectors. Along with the largest coin show in the world every January in Orlando, their website is an excellent place to search for answers to many numismatic questions. Please go to and be sure to click on ALL areas. You might even join this group of committed collectors as many of us have already done. Thanks to the FUN organization for sending us a new gavel as a membership bonus.


At one time we had two very large coffee pots and a blue banner. Please check your attics and garages for these items so we can use them at the Coin Show.


President Mike Mckinnon

Vice Pres: Bob Neale

Secretary: Bob Doleman

Treasurer: B. J. Lester (910) 389-0939

Sgt-at-arms: Jim Savage

Directors: Karen Foster

O. T. Thompson

Past Pres: Eugene Meadows


Auction: Jim Savage, Chris VanDall, B. J. Lester

Audit: OPEN

Azalea Rep: Karen Foster

ANA Rep: Ray Flanigan

Bourse: O. T. Thompson, Charles C., Mike McK.

Budget: Mike McKinnon, B. J. Lester, Karen Foster

C & BL: Bob Neale, Ray Flanigan

Editor: O. T. Thompson

Election: Bob Neale

Exhibit: Ray Flanigan

Hospitality: Karen Foster , Chris VanDall, Jim Savage

Membership: OPEN

Programs: Bob Neale

Property: Mike McKinnon

Publicity: Karen Foster, Ray Flanigan, B. J. Lester, Jim Savage

Raffle: Chris VanDall

Youth: Karen Foster, Jim Savage

ANA Club Membership number 51079

FUN Club Membership number 25857

NCNA Club Membership number


If you know someone who you think would like to receive this newsletter, please contact the editor. Conversely, if you no longer want to receive this newsletter, you may also contact the same editor. 

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