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26 Sep 2019

Coin Collection

Coins-United States | Abbott

I am into coin collecting for collecting, not investing. I search through rolls of circulated coins to fill my coin folders. Every so often I will find older (pre-1963) currency and I will buy those from the banks. I upload images from my collection on my website so I can see what I have no matter where I am at.



Level 5

That is how it starts. It is a great hobby to pass the time with


Level 4

Cool! I do the same thing and recently completed my Lincoln Cent book which is 1941-1974!


Level 6

What you are doing, is a great way to enjoy the hobby.


Level 6

I too love roll hunting Lincoln cents..

It's Mokie

Level 6

Great to have you here, Jeremy!!!!!


Level 7

Just like me. I love to collect I will not sell. I like coin rolling and checking change. A few months ago my wife brought home change and there it was . A 1931 S cent. I flipped. You have nice abums. That's the best part of this hobby. We collect what we like. Thanks keep it rolling.

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