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08 Oct 2019

First Graded/Certified Coin

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I have been a very casual collector; basically doing it for fun. Well, a couple weeks ago I went home and visited my parents. My mother knew I was collecting and we went thru the coin hoard that my step-grandfather had. She gave me this 1986 Gold Eagle $25 gold coin. I traveled back home and did some research, not really know much about this coin. After researching, I was shocked! Last week I sent it in to NGC. Today I received the completion email. NGC graded it at MS-68; valued at $875.00. I was hoping for MS-69 (or 70 - haha), but I will take the 68. This is my first time sending in a coin for grading and encapsulating. The process was quick, fairly inexpensive, and I'll do it again if the right coin comes around again.



Level 5

Nice coin! Be sure to thank your mom!


Level 5

Love it!


Level 6

Wow!! Nice way to start. I was the same way when I sent in my first coin. Just don't be cleaned. I too was happy with the results. I'm happy for you..Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow a MS68 is nothing to sneeze at. I am glad your first experience with a coin submission turned out well.


Level 7

Congratulations. Nice find. Great grade. Just curious why block out the cert number. First time I have seen that. Enjoy it!!


Level 6

It sounds like a good experience for you.


Level 3

I was nervous and excited in the beginning. Nervous the coin would get lost in the mail, but excited to see what NGC would grade it at.


Level 4

Nice coin you got there!


Level 3

Thanks!! I normally just collect circulated coins for my folders and proof/mint sets. First time getting something like this!

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